Tycoon part of the game

First of all I have to say I am so exited to see this game !!! After years of waiting for a car tycoon this looks like a release to me , well done !!!
I played car tycoon, a low budget game released under different names around europe, the concept was great but old.

Here are some question and ideas about your tycoon part. I am new in the forum, maybe some has already addressed , maybe not ?

1.) Will there be a part of car exhebition as a kind of chalange , like in the game “the movies”. My idea is to have a yearly event to vote for the best car with the best features as a game reward ? Mega cool if this could be done online and all members could vote for the best cars

2.) Will there be a kind of test report after car is finished. Like a in game magazine giving the player the feeling his car was reviewed by a car magazine and rewarded ?

3.) In a global point of view it would be very cool if you could develope your own engines and parts and sale them to other companies or players, like engine subcontractor. In the game you could specialized to be a general car manufacture or specialized as a company developing chassi only for example and sale it to community or computer

4.) I would love to see a szenario for race cars, like formula cars or touring cars you build to take part on race events to polish up your brand name.

5.) Are there any parts of inventing safty features like airbag and future developements like hybrite

6.) As a German I have to say did you ever contact BMW, Porsche or Mercedes, I am sure they have a intressed on your game and could bring in lots of money to push the project, and could help to support with technical input !

Best regards


Hey and welcome to the forums!
Good questions you ask there, but unfortunately, you aren’t the first to ask some of these almost exact the same questions.
Read through the forums next time before you have any questions.

Though, I can answer a couple of them which I know the answer to and seen the developers respond to with their view for the game

  1. Im not sure about this. But imagina online and you got a couple of friends in the same online game. They will all vote for their eachothers cars and probably not yours. So Im not sure how balanced this could be, eventhough I like the idea somewhat

  2. The devs said there will be something to check performance of the car and get grades for your car. The magazine part has been talked through in another topic, but this is a bit uncertain still. Devs would come back later to it when they are developing that part of the game.

  3. Subcontracts are being looked into. Heck, police cars and taxi contracts will most likely be part of the game if I understood well. Making only bodies or engines has already been discussed before and will be taken into consideration from what I’ve read, but still to be decided.

  4. The game will first focus on making public cars, and probably later on race contracts etc. as DLC. Yet again, from what I’ve understood reading through a lot of forumposts

  5. Interior wont be editable like the body is currently, but checking boxes like airbags, seatbelts, ABS, Traction Control and other safety features will most likely be included.

  6. I heard/read some rumors about a brand looking into the game and supporting but thats all I know to be honest. It’s somewhere deep down in the forum and been quite a while since I read about this.

Hope this answers most of your questions. Im just a regular (maybe even addicted) visitor to the forums and kind of read everything and this what I’ve read and thus know so far.

  1. I would like to see that DLC :slight_smile:. like, you can build f1 engines and gain some sort of commercial gain more then maybe financial gain. Or do something like Mclaren did, first a f1 team, then a car manufacturer :smiley:.

The cool thing about this game is that it’s inspiring to come up with new stuff to upgrade it, and make the gameplay different. :slight_smile:. But like you said, maybe in some future DLC.