Tyres and setting

Will there be any way, in the future, for having mismatched tyres/rims for cars? This would have an effect on the look of muscle cars.

Secondly, would we be able to see the cars off the ramp in a different setting, like on a road?



We already do have the ability to give cars different size wheels

I think he means different sized rims

Different diameter between the front and the back, that is. Which is, as far as I’m aware, not common practice in production cars.

I know we are switching forums, but could you please stop taking part in the derailing of threads?

On a more serious note, there are in fact cars with mismatched wheel diameters, the Lotus Elise being one example.

Let’s imagine that for a moment…

Back on topic, different size in rims is uncommon, but it’s used in some production cars, specially those (but not limited to) RWD cars with high power output, like the porshe carrera gt (19" Front, 20" rear).

It’s getting more common.

Very common on high performance vehicles, generally with rear rims one inch larger in diameter than the fronts.

We may be doing another tire revamp at some point in the future where this may become an option. It is low on the list of priorities at the moment though.


And some not so high performance cars, Brabus Smart, 225/35 17 rears, 175/50 16 fronts, 100 raging German horsepower in the back to turn them :slight_smile:

The wider rear tires and the brabus symbol add 25000 to the price.

Well now I stand corrected, in part. If it does come in I’ll quite likely be using that feature…