Variable displacement

Sorry if it’s already been brought up, i did a quick search with a few terms and found nothing here.

Are there any plans to include or thoughts as to whether or not variable displacement (displacement on demand, active fuel management, multi-displacement, variable cylinder management) will be included?

I imagine it would be a b*tch to properly code and implement but it appears to be growing in popularity with manufacturers, seeing as the game goes to 2024(?) it seems like a realistic feature to include.

here’s the wiki if anyone wants to do some research

Engine designer is pretty much on lockdown until the cardesigner and tycoonpart of the game are finished.
After that, (read: releasing the first game-ready version of the game) the devs will probably focus on getting some more important stuff, like diesels, Inline 5, wankels, V6, etc. ready to buy as DLC or get as free upgrade with the game.

My best shot would be a loooong way down the road, if it even ever gets implemented, as it is a Car Tycoon game, and not an Engine Simulation game.

I like the idea of those dynamic displacement engines though. Very interesting!

Even if this is planned i dont expect it to be a high priority, just a fun feature if time/funds allow. If the tycoon portion of the game intends to simulate a real auto market then I imagine it would have it’s own oil crisis’s(sp) during which consumers would look for more fuel efficient vehicles, which would a be great time for this technology.

If, then I’d rather seek ways in getting my engines Economy better, manufacturing smaller engines and getting Electrical or Hybrid engines in the game over this. Those options offer a lot more variety to the gameplay and are more common used than dynamic displacement engines have been, according to your Wiki page. From my point of view developing-wise, it is also extremely hard to program. It would cost more time than the game eventually would benefit from it, compared to getting electric engines into the game.