Various Engine Sounds

i havent heard of such topics(if there is such just give me a link)but can you atleast make engine sound different depending on what setting they have…Ex.a Ferrari f12 berlinetta’s V12 make one sound and a pagani zonda’s V12 produces a sound different than the ferrari

Simple answer: no.

Medium-length answer: The engine sounds in game depend on engine configuration, cam profile, intake choice, and exhaust/muffler choice. That alone is already very complex and expensive, so further differentiation probably will not happen.

Long answer: has been given more than once, also on these forums :slight_smile:

and as the game is very open to modding, somebody will come along and add sounds anyway

Err… With the way the synthesised engine noises are, this might be harder than you’d imagine.

IIRC it is not setup to be moddable right now and I doubt it will ever be.

It would be a very complicated and time-consuming project to mod different engine sounds into the game, but I guess if anyone here is a talented sound engineer, it could theoretically be possible. I wouldn’t expect it to ever be done though.

The only extra sounds would be recording daffy weeping in the back room, or just hire this