Various interesting cars I have photographed

Bertone X1/9 (in Ontario)

Ford Gran Torino (in Michigan) - sorry for the shit picture

Various cars in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Honda Accord (nicely modded though)

Lexus ISF

Acura NSX

Toyota Celica Supra A60

Nissan 300ZX Z31

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Mercedes 300D Estate W124 (in Europe)


I dont wanna make a new thread for the same type of thread, sorry…

I’ve got a few to add.

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Nice. Hudsons are probably the most stylish US cars of the late 40s/early 50s. Nicknamed the “breadloaf Hudson” in Sweden, maybe for a good reason.


Beautiful indeed. I couldnt believe I seen it out on the road moving in as great condition it was. I thought it belonged in a museum. Theres a dark blue one, deep in a carport at a building I work at…surrounded by like 50 other collectibles!!

The only 2 I’ve ever seen in person.


If people at your company have Hudsons and you have a mid-2000s V6 Pontiac, you need to get paid more.


Lmao!!! Nah bruh…Im a plumber and its in one of the the buildings we service.

At the very bottom theres a parking garage and its FILLED with the owner of the buildings car collection.

And since I’ve started (2yrs ago) pay has been climbing at an amazing rate since…so, I definitely would like to have another vehicle. I really want like an '03 Black or white gmc yukon denali.

Oh yea, and I love older vehicles.

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That’s probably #2 on my dream car list, just a notch below the 300SL :flushed:


Apologies if Im bumping this thread, but here are some I found

1981 Corvette

1956 Ford Fairlane

1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt

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It’s rare to spot a 3000GT/Stealth out in the wild nowadays, but you did just that. I don’t think it’s the range-topping VR-4, though - that one had the twin-turbo V6 and AWD, and you may have found a lesser normally aspirated trim.

You know sometimes I like seeing lower trim versions of iconic vehicles. I guess it makes them feel more like actual production cars that people actually bought back in the day.

Is it? I see one in my area all the time. Pretty it’s their daily driver.

Cadillac Allanté. First time ever seeing one I think.


oOH! I have some too! Random spots from 2017 to 2022, not in any sort of order.

A sweet looking CV2

These three fellas were parked illegally on a pedestrian street!

Nothing special, just a green Corolla

E46 M3

A Nissan Qashqai

And a magnificent looking Peugeot!


The riced out peugeot in it’s natural habitat at the ABC… wrong time of day though.

Ah, youngsters have moved away from KE70 Corollas to Peugeots now?

It was also illegally parked in front of K-supermarket

206s have an absurd amount of cheap aftermarket parts available and an unmodded 206 is probably the cheapest used car so at least round here Northern Europe, absolutely

@Hilbert Ah, as is tradition

Where do you live?