Vee/engine angle, balance shafts and ignition

I understand it isn’t much of a priority right now, but once things get to a point where we’re actually building cars, I’d really like to have the ability to not only manipulate the vee angle between the cylinder banks of an engine, but also change the angle of the engine itself - most cars with inline engines have the engine tilted at an angle to some degree, so that you can lower the hood line for better aerodynamics and (now) crashworthiness. Beyond that, changing the angle between the cylinder banks can have a dramatic effect on the center of gravity of both car and engine, as well as an effect (good and bad) on how smooth an engine runs. Which brings me to another addition that would have to come with it; balance shafts!

Also, I would like to be able to specify ignition types; nothing too complicated, but something where I could pick coil-on-plug, distributor (vacuum or electronic) and the like.

Finally, I would also like to see the rev limit raised; who wouldn’t like to try their hand at building a 20,000 rpm V8! On that note (and I know it isn’t all that appropriate for this subforum), I noticed that the engine sound for the inline-4 changes pretty dramatically at about 11700 rpm; it’s a little bit jarring, but nothing major.

I can’t think of anything more; keep up the good work!

V angle is horribly difficult to do from an art point of view.

Ignition types make a small enough difference that they’re changed with fuel systems and are considered part of the gains of swapping fuel system.

The 12,000rpm limit is very much hard coded into the way everything works, and the way we get sounds generated also works poorly above 12k. We chose this limit as its rare that a road car will use more than 12,000rpm.

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On the ignition front, my Saab 9000 has Direct Ignition which can lean and advance the engine as required, ie; just cruising it’ll lean the engine giving great fuel economy, when you are thrashing along it advances to just before it knocks giving great power, just wondered if it’s something that may come along? This system is very useful in Turbo applications, in fact, I believe the current M5 uses it. Keep up the great work guys, very excited at this game.

You’re getting two different systems confused there.

Necromancy time! Is this a record for this site? 10 1/4 years?!

So anyway, seems a decade ago the answer would’ve been no, though the way some newer sliders like intake, header and intercooler operate now suggest this idea might be better received now.

Also a twist on the idea which is what I was going to suggest until prompted this thread was a fixed angles slider as in a slider with settings like 0 (Inline), 15 (proposed for VR configuration engines like some by Audi and Volks Wagon) 60, 72 (proposed for natural V10s like by Audi again), 90, 120 (proposed for natural yet rare V6 angle) and 180.

Would be awesome to have even more like the Ferrari Dino 65 degree angle etc, making it perhaps better to suggest the full range angle slider as originally proposed, but I feel a fixed angle one would still do wonders.

First, don’t resurrect decade-old threads, it’s seriously bad form to do this on any forum.

Second, the answer is still an emphatic no to custom bank angles, and that will never change.