Vehicle Body suggestions

Considering the proportions of those body sets, a mid-engined variant is unlikely.

That equates to ~2.5m, but there should also be body sets with 2.6m and 2.8m wheelbases as well.

Also, a larger variant of the 1990 348/F355-esque body (preferably with a 2.6m wheelbase) would be very much appreciated, as would a mid-sized version of the 2000 12C body, in this case with a 2.5m wheelbase. In both cases, this would allow the fitment of larger engines (such as a high-displacement V10 or V12, particularly for the former) in the longitudinal configuration.


yes please, and maybe something like a hyundai i10 1st gen for later :slight_smile:

I want something similar to the Borgward P100 / Opel Kapitän P1-P2 / Fintail Mercedes Benz.


Volvo 144/142/145, a very generic shape that would be useful for 2, maybe even 3 decades, and the shape would work well on all kinds of wheelbases (compact car, executive car, luxury car even)


And, if you have a morph to extend and lean the front end, it would easily morph into a 240, maybe a bonnet and fender morph for a 164 as well (OK, I know they are longer wheelbase but still)


The '98 Stradale body set should also come in a 2.48m wheelbase (thereby filling a gap between the smallest version, with its 2.33m wheelbase, and the second-largest version, whose wheelbase is 2.64m), and all sizes of the pony car body set that unlocks in the same year (not just the two largest ones) should support a maximum of 3 full-size rear seats (the smallest such body 2.7m wheelbase can only accommodate +2 rear seating at most).

There’s almost 0 10’s compact / medium cars. it would be nice!
(examples: VW polo 2022 / peugeot 408 2014)


the peugeot 107/c1/aygo body was removed from the game despite no rework being planned, and other bodies that would probably also need to be removed due to them not exactly aging well were kept, i ask for that body to be returned


An intermediate-sized version of the NSX-esque mid-engined body (with a wheelbase of ~2.5m) would be nice, as would a larger version of the E31 coupe body (with a ~2.9m wheelbase and the ability to accomodate up to 3 full-sized seats in the rearmost row).

Also, we need another set of 4-door sedan/5-door wagon bodies in various wheelbases for the early 2000s to complement the '94 Lancer body sets.


body was removed from the game despite no rework being planned, and other bodies that would probably also need to be removed due to them not exactly aging well were kept, i ask for that body to be returned


@abg7 , That is only dreams, But in practice they are unlikely to appear, and it is apparently that I will stop sculpting bodies here, because they go completely against my ideology, to create a cool, angular and simultaneously sleek cars, what annoys me. As you may have guessed I’m annoyed by absurd vanilla bodies, so, I will have to abandon this game. And even I won’t be deterred by the cool chassis innovations that the developers unfriendly maded, not to mention the fact that I had to upgrade to the Win10 system under the new year.

Peugeot 107 body was removed.


So… what you’re saying is you’re going to stop playing a game that is advertised as trying to reflect common, mass-market production vehicles because it expects you to build common, mass-market production vehicles? And, even though there are mods available that mimic much rarer, high-performance cars, you’re upset that you can’t make rarer, high-performance cars?

Might I suggest looking at brands like Gryphon Gear? (I’m a fan of that guy’s stuff).


Well, I didn’t find such a user on our website.
Yeah, you said it right: I like cool, angular and streamline cars. I saw them as mods a while back in version 4.24.
Building grey and boring cars is not for me.
I didn’t start our factory in Las Vegas for nothing - everything you can appreciate about anything is embodied in our cars. There are so many interesting bodies in the world, but they are never represented in the game. Plus, they’re not so rare that they couldn’t be shown in a list of boring grey cars for the mass market. The same Volkswagen Beetle is not represented here.
And you get it right, our company likes to produce only flashy and unusual cars if possible, so we’ll have to wait a few years for the mountains of mods to arrive here. Not such a long time for an Automation site.


Now that we’re in 4.2, the 2009 Mako body (which replaces the 2000 12C body - a holdover dating all the way back to the Kee era) still lacks a version with a ~2.5m wheelbase. Ditto for the '94 CCX-esque body - and give that one a bigger engine bay for good measure.

On the subject of mid-engined bodies, the E90 Corolla-like body has at least one separate mid-engined body set that brings to mind the AW11 MR2 - why not give the '88 S14/S15 body set similar treatment? With some adjustment of the proportions, the result could easily resemble an SW20 MR2 more closely than the NA1/NA2 NSX bodies can.

As for the 1969 Mobula body set, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine an even larger version with a ~2.9m wheelbase, as well as additional versions with wheelbases of ~2.4m, ~2.6m and ~2.8m.

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I think this replaced it recently


To elaborate: The '95 Egg body set now comes in a variety of wheelbases, and its morphing zones now allow for many more possibilities - some of the larger variants can even be made to look like (or even be) a mini-MPV, something that wasn’t possible in 4.1.

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I think a proper late 90s - early 2000s midsize will work as a new body or an extension of a current one. Heck, the current ones (Lancer and Audi) doesn’t have a proper midsize variant, and the new W204 C-Class body doesn’t really work well for that era.


To be specific, both of them should have an extra body set with a wheelbase of ~2.75m, give or take a few hundredths.

@Aruna there is a huge gap between the wheelbases of the small (2.28m) and large (2.82m) versions of your '00 Exige mod body. A mid-sized version of it, with a wheelbase of around ~2.5 to 2.6 meters, could fill that void.

As for the '98 Stradale body, there may be room for another set with a wheelbase of around 2.48m, which would place it between the SWB (2.33m wheelbase) and regular (2.64m wheelbase) sets.


Exige body will get a complete ground up redo some day I think, potential to go vanilla with it.

As for Stradale, I didn’t really find any sports/supercar size of 2.5-ish wheelbase when doing it.


an excellent replacement - didn’t know there was going to be a replacement as was informed there wasn’t by others
pretty happy with the end result, but not with my silly complaining