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In 1959, with the Fiat 600 flourishing in demand, engineer Beniamino Velocità found himself in a critical financial situation and urgently needed some form of investment to keep himself and his family fed and happy. The Fiat 600’s high demand was a great investment opportunity for Beniamino, so he scraped up as much money as he could to buy one of Fiat’s factories and obtain as much money as he could while the sales grew.

July 1960, Beniamino met with one of his employees, Agostino Criscione, who predicted that the Fiat 600 would decline in later years, and proposed that it would be best to repurpose the factory for different cars on the Fiat 600 platform, making an independent factory producing the first ever Velocità, the 1961 Vagare. It took 7 months to engineer the car, and the results were outstanding, the Velocità Vagare took over the Italian people’s car market by 1963, which phased out the Fiat 600’s production entirely and marked the beginning of Beniamino Velocità’s massively successful career. this is not historically accurate

Current Lineup

-2020 Celestiale GT
-2020 Prosperare (40)
-2021 Superficiale
-2020 Conviviale (PH40)

-2020 Conviviale (PH300 / PH500)

Luxury cars
-2020 Celestiale (MDE300 / MDE500)

1961 Vagare

The little knock off Fiat 600 that could

Small 20hp engine, a top speed of 102km/h and a ‘wonderful’ smile. The Vagare marked the beginning of Velocità, and set the company on a smooth sail towards becoming one of the most successful motor vehicle companies on earth.

Only about 300 are left in working order to this day, due to lack of reliability and use on today’s roads, even after 1.4 million of them being produced.

With the news articles and company archives left behind from what seems a lifetime ago, the actual purpose of the Vagare is unknown. But Velocità deem it to be a small city car to navigate
the narrow roads of Italy, hence why it was never made in any other country.


1963 S160

Kinda fast and really windy when you drop the top

0-60 in 10.39 seconds, only one variant and a fast enough 100hp straight 4 for it to be considered a sports car, the S160 started a design trend in Velocità that lead to a series of small, cheap sports cars.

Racing was never really something Velocità was good at, Especially with the racing team at the time. It was as cheap and dysfunctional as the cars they raced, leading to usually unsuccessful races and not the best reputation for said races.

However, The S160 was produced overseas from Italy and is the reason for the 4.5 million of them being produced, with approximately 12,000 registered and functioning in Italy, America
and Germany combined.


1972 Calgary 660

An S160 but new and cool or whatever

0-60 in 6.91 seconds, yet again only one variant, and an underwhelming 184hp 2.6 litre V8, The Calgary is a little sporty sports car that does sports or something.

Speaking of sports, it made a pretty decent rally car, and surprisingly enough looked almost good in the process. Completely ignoring the clashing bodywork and odd styling.

Overall, a nice looking car, kinda weird and basic but it’s pretty cool.

Reserve slot
Reserve slot
2020 Prosperare

Prosperare 40 in White

Purely Outstanding

Engineered to create the best overall performance factor

With the 4.0 L M177 Mercedes-AMG Biturbo V8, the perfect balance between raw power and
the ultimate driving experience is created.

Prosperare 40 in Persian Red

Prosperare 40 in White

Excellent comfort paired with the ultimate sporty touch

Black leather interior with “damascus style brushed aluminum” centre console

Designed to be as comfortable as it is nimble

Making a time of 1:17.19 on the Automation Airfield, a whole 10 seconds faster than the
previous generation, the Prosperare proves to be the unsurpassed leader in price to
performance ratio.

Fuel Economy (mpg)
Prosperare 40 - 24.6mpg

Electrically locked RWD differential

A seven speed Sequential gearbox combined with professionally formulated sports suspension, including dynamic springs and shock absorbers, provide the utmost enjoyable driving experience alongside top of the line performance.

Prosperare 40 in Persian Red

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours, available on any Velocità*
*Subject to change, only available in some countries

Signature Colours

Prosperare 40 in Black

Prosperare 40 in White

Prosperare 40 in Cello Blue

Prosperare 40 in Persian Indigo

Prosperare 40 in Grey-Asparigus

Prosperare 40 in Falu Red

Prosperare 40 in Persian Red


Prosperare 40 - ~$163,800*
*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.


Prosperare 40 in White

Prosperare 40 in White

Prosperare 40 in Persian Red

.car File (152.6 KB)

Old VGT version

Velocità Prosperare NS | Vision Gran Turismo

Car Description

Engineered by the greatest Velocitàs design and engineering team, the Prosperare NS is the pinnacle Velocitàs Grand Touring sports cars.

Aerodynamic design made for optimal engine cooling and downforce control, the Prosperare makes an incredible time of 1:20.34 on the Automation Airfield. For a 493hp RWD masterpiece of engineering, that’s a pretty impressive time.

With the new official Velocità design trend, the Prosperare features taillights and a front bumper design resembling the Celestiale, with some design differences to separate the two from fast luxury GT and faster luxury GT.

Made to compete with the incredible Mercedes Benz AMG C63S, the Prosperare has the Velocità standard hand made leather interior with full HUD and panoramic Infotainment system spanning across the majority dashboard. Velocità ensures the maximum balance between performance and comfort, creating the ultimate GT car.

As the Prosperare is Velocitàs idea of the perfect Grand Touring vehicle, available in Tran Gurismo Sport, players will understand what Velocità believes is the ultimate Grand Tourer.


reserve slot


2020 Conviviale

Conviviale PH40 in White

Luxury meets hatchback

Practical and sporty

Using the 493hp 40 Class V8, the PH40 is the fastest hatchback Velocità has to offer in 2020. The PH has the variants, the 300, 500 and 40. All of which provide top of the line performance and fuel efficiency.

Conviviale PH40 in Persian Red

Conviviale PH300 in Beige

Ergonomic interior design with a HUD and top of the line infotainment system

Hand made Black interior trim

Absolute comfort and speed for the perfect hatchback

Designed for the best driving experience a hatchback can offer, the Conviviale 40 has a track time of 1:23.61 on the Automation Airfield.

Fuel Economy (mpg)
Conviviale 300 - 30.5mpg
Conviviale 500 - 29.1mpg
Conviviale 40 - 26.5mpg

Advanced AWD and FWD systems

With Geared LSD or Open differential options for the 300, 500 and 40 and suspension designed for absolute comfort and performance balance, the Conviviale provides the perfect driving experience. Alongside DCT 5, 6 and 7 speed gearbox options, the Conviviale has a combination for every individual.

Conviviale PH40 in Persian Indigo

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours*, available on any Velocità**
*Excluding Mystic Blue, which is a Conviviale exclusive
**Subject to change, only available in some countries

Signature Colours.

Conviviale PH300 in Black

Conviviale PH300 in White

Conviviale PH300 in Cello Blue

Conviviale PH300 in Persian Indigo

Conviviale PH300 in Grey-asparigus

Conviviale PH300 in Falu Red

Conviviale PH300 in Persian Red

Conviviale PH300 in Beige

Conviviale Exclusive Colours

Conviviale PH40 in Mystic Blue


Conviviale PH300 - ~ $71,900*
Conviviale PH500 - ~ $119,800*
Conviviale PH40 - ~ $173,700*

*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.


Conviviale PH300 in Cello Blue

Conviviale PH40 in Black

Conviviale PH500 in Persian Red

Conviviale PH40 in White


That is most definitely an incredibly quick time; however; how can anything with full carbon construction weigh 1504 kg and still claim to be a lightweight? I guess it’s because of its AWD system, which definitely adds weight compared to a RWD-only setup. And I suspect that hand-made interior and luxury infotainment system is also partly to blame - although this makes it better at the grand touring role. Finally, five-valve heads in 2020 seem like overkill - in real life, back in the 90s they were quite common, but nobody has used them on a real engine since 2006. Even so, the Superficiale easily remains your best work yet - it looks ace in any colour, especially in Persian Indigo or the even more lustrous Persian Red.

Falu red? I see what you did there…

Thanks, I really appreciate the criticism and complimets. I’m probably going to update it in the future as it’s not exactly my most favorite, it lacks detail to say the least. It’s based off the AMG GT which weighs usually around 1600kg.

2020 Celestiale

Luxury meets thrill.

Sleek design and outstanding performance

With options between the excellent 500hp v10 or the fuel efficient 350hp V8, the choice is yours.

Celestiale GT in Beige

Celestiale MDE300 in White

Absolute luxury, improved and renewed

Hand made Red interior trim

Engineered for optimal performance and a perfectly balanced driving experience

Enough power and torque to make a time of 1:27.51 seconds on the Automation Airfield, the Celestiale GT is a swift way to admire the most beautiful countries.

Celestiale GT

Celestiale MDE300/500

Fuel Economy (mpg)
Celestiale GT - 19.4mpg
Celestiale MDE300/500 - 26.3mpg

Advanced All Wheel Drive system

With a Geared LSD differential and finely tuned sport suspension, the Celestiale is designed to take you where you need to go with a near perfect balance between comfort and a quality driving experience. Pair that with an Advanced Automatic 8 speed gearbox, and you’ve got yourself a Grand Touring car that’s one with the driver.

Celestiale GT in Persian Indigo

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours, available on any Velocità*
*Subject to change, only available in some countries

Signature Colours.

Celestiale GT in black

Celestiale GT in white

Celestiale GT in Cello Blue

Celestiale GT in Persian Indigo

Celestiale GT in Grey-asparigus

Celestiale GT in Falu Red

Celestiale GT in Persian Red

Celestiale GT in Beige


Celestiale GT - ~$1,265,400*
Celestiale MDE500 - ~$833,800*
Celestiale MDE300 - ~$724,300*
*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.


Celestiale MDE500 with Persian Indigo

Celestiale MDE500 with Persian Red

Celestiale MDE300 with Persian Red

Hello, so I'm sure many of you would have noticed by now that this is very similar to the Quezon Princesa, and if you have made that observation you are correct. My forum page and the three variants of the Celestiale wouldn't have been the way they are without @variationofvariables help and advice, so a huge thanks goes out to them, and I reccomend visiting their forum page and having a read, there is a lot of great work done there and some of the best made cars I have personally ever seen.

2021 Superficiale

Velocità’s finest in automotive racing

Made for the true racing enthusiast
With a lightweight 623hp V8, the Superficiale is at the top of the line. Especially with Velocità standard quality and performance.

Made as much for the driver as it is for the track

With a wide variety of options, the Superficiale features an all LCD dashboard, gauge cluster and centre console.

For the greatest performance Velocità has to offer, the Superficiale delivers.

Lightweight and quick, the Superficiale makes an incredible time of 1:12.35 seconds on the Automation Airfield.

Advanced All Wheel Drive system

With an Electric LSD differential and finely tuned racing suspension, the Superficiale Concept can handle the track like a race car with all of Velocità’s standardized luxuries. Pair that with DCT 7 speed gearbox and the Superficiale outshines the competition.


Superficiale - $324,420
Superficiale performance package - $369,380


I like it, the design sort of harks back to the most beautiful supercars of the 60s while it still looks futuristic. Timeless maybe? One could just hope that it will be put in production even if watered down a bit.

whoops, left out a big part in the name. this is the production version, the old one from last year was the concept because I was never too sure of it’s design after it was finished, but I was too lazy to redesign it until now. Overall I had a lot of fun making it, I could only pump out a few miliseconds in terms of shorter lap times, but in the end I reckon it actually is top of the line for velocita.


Well, Velocita was fun over the years, but the design is getting cluttered and confusing and I think I should just lay it to rest for now. Maybe I’ll make a new forum for it some other time. Probably not.

Can I have someone lock the thread please?