Veso Motors

Veso Motor Corporation is an Italian company founded by Matthew Veso in 1996. Since then Veso Motors has made several types of cars for several markets.

The All-new 2022 Veso Monkey
Built from the ground-up as a hatchback off-roader. Ready for off-roading at an extremely affordable price.

Variants & Pricing

(ex-showroom prices)
L Variant- $10,700
S Variant- $11,600

Features & Highlights

All-LED lights including fog lamps. Along with Smart Ring Turn Signals™.

Side mirror-mounted turn signals.

Dual exhaust pipes.

13-inch full Black alloy rims.*

Engine & Transmission

The car has our new i311C Engine:
(799cc 3 cylinder turbo DOHC-5V)
Power- 109bhp @6500rpm
Torque- 123nm @5800rpm
Max rpm- Redline @7200rpm
Compression- 6.0:1
Crank/Conrods- Cast Iron/Cast
Pistons- Hypereutectic Cast

The engine is paired with a 5-speed Manual Transmission:
Ratios- 5
Final drive- 6.94:1
Transferase- 4x4
Differentials- Manually lockable differentials


Wheelbase / Length / Width- 2.14m / 3.44m / 1.77m
Drivetrain- Front Longitudinal 4x4, 5 gear manual
Suspension (F) / (R)- MacPherson Strut / Solid Axle Coil
Weight- 1329kg
Fuel economy- 12L/100km to 7L/100km

L Variant (F) / (R)
Tires- (175/70R14 98Q) / (175/70R14 98Q)
Brakes- (275mm 2LS Drum Brakes) / (275mm SLS Drum Brakes)
Brake pads- (Sport Brake Pads) / (Sport Brake Pads)
Rims- 14-inch Steel rims

S Variant (F) / R)
Tires- (175/75R13 98Q) / (175/75R13 98Q)
Brakes- (245mm 2LS Drum Brakes) / (245mm SLS Drum Brakes)
Brake pads- (Full Sport Brake Pads) / (Full Sport Brake Pads)
Rims- 13-inch Alloy rims


Advanced 4x4 system
Manually lockable differentials
Low-Range gearbox
251mm Ground clearance
Thick side-wall tires
Off-road undertray
Electronic-variable power steering
Off-road Stability Control
Hydropneumatic springs
Off-road sway bars
Corrosion-resistant Steel chassis
Skid plates
Roof rails
Tow hook


Explorer Yellow

Unforgettable Red

Dirt Brown

*Only available on “S” Variant.


Really nice, but could have better MPGs. Really cool design, the engine combined with the longitudinal F4 and rear solid axle make for a very unique car.

In general the engine is the main questionable point. Its specs hint at it having quite high turbo pressure, and a bit too large turbo (late max torque, low compression). Though the turbo might be limited by the unusually small size of the engine (especially considering it’s 4x4 and not as light as a typical car of this size). Also front drum brakes :thinking: I know they’re better for offroad, but I don’t know any modern car (offered in Europe at least) with those.

I like the overall idea, resembling the Panda 4x4, the chassis design seems to be well suited for offroad, I just think there’s some room for improvements :slight_smile:

Psst… I wanna know what that “C” in the engine designation stands for :grin:

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You’re right on point. It’s supposed to go against the Fiat Panda (hint: the name)
Yes, the engine is kind of questionable, the turbo is weird yes. But it actually does pretty good off-road
About the drum brakes, yeah even I don’t know any cars with front drum brakes these days. But hey, they are better off-road and also cost-cutting

About the engine letters, I’ll probably make a different short little post explaining that
But the “C” in the end is a sort of overall classification of the engine based on quality, smoothness, reliability, torque curve, etc.

It is indeed very unique. The MPGs, yeah it could be much better. But I had to do really heavy tuning to get 109hp from a 799cc 3 cylinder with -15 quality so lost some efficiency in the process

Oh damn, why?

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cost, likely. 109hp could actually be overkill. I’d suggest using a lower power tune on the surrent engine for base, with a torquier and more efficient tune, and then cloning the engine family and popping another cylinder in for higher trim.

why do i sound like abg right now

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Another questionable aspect of the design is that it uses a body that is available as early as 1995 - one of the smaller '08 Tezda bodies in a hatchback body style would be more fitting for 2022.

I think that the Tezda’s don’t really work with this kind of car (it doesn’t look right with such high profile tire/wheel size combos), and the body gives it a quirky look.


In that case the small 1-series-esque body would be a better choice in my opinion - as I’ve stated before the choice of body (and also the headlight fixtures and wing mirrors) makes it look outdated and more appropriate for something made in the late '90s/early '00s.

Ha, cost cutting
How else do ya think it’s $10700

The engine bay of this body is super tiny
Also I will work on the engine when making a facelift.

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I was looking for something very compact, like the Fiat Panda
The tezda bodies seem too big to me


I do agree that it looks pretty dated. But looks isn’t really the thing here. It’s all about a full off-road package for cheap

2022 Veso Magna- Coming Soon


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The new 2022 Veso Rex

The perfect mix of everything. We have improved a lot over the previous generation Rex. With rising fuel prices, owning and maintaining a car has become more expensive than ever before. This is why we have made the new Rex as fuel-efficient as possible. The Rex is the most fuel-efficient car in its class achieving 6L/100km (39.2mpg or 16.7km/l)*. Along with the advantage in fuel efficiency, it also offers great performance with two punchy engine options on offer. A quick-shifting DCT gearbox comes as standard. Semi adaptive dampers also come as standard, making it very luxurious at the back seat. The cabin is well-insulated to prevent road, tyre and engine noise as much as possible. When you put your foot down, the bypass valves open up so you can hear that amazing engine pulling you through the air! It is, really the best of everything. Here is everything you need to know:

Pricing & Variants

FS: $47,710
FS: $52,860
LQ: $61,750
XS: $61,950
XQ: $67,870
Belissimo: $72,700 (Look at next post)


Platform: M310-GS-DD-FL (Xsoul+ platform)

The new Rex is based on our recently updated Xsoul+ platform. The Xsoul+ platform now has a longitudinally-mounted engine as opposed to the transverse-mounted engine on the Xsoul platform.

Wheelbase: 3.10m
Chassis type: Monocoque
Chassis material: Galvanised Steel
Suspension (F/R): Double Wishbone/Double Wishbone
Engine placement: Front Longitudinal

Engine Options

Eco-Quad i427R Engine
A punchy 4-cylinder engine with mind-blowing efficiency!
Type: Inline 4 DOHC-5V
Capacity: 2000cc
Crank/Conrods: Cast iron/Cast
Pistons: Low Friction Cast
Aspiration: Ball bearing single turbocharger
Compression ratio: 8.0:1
Fuel System: Petrol Single Direct Injection with performance intake
Power: 200BHP (149KW) @6800RPM
Torque: 265NM (195LB-FT) @3100RPM
Redline: Max RPM @8500RPM
Weight: 174KG (384LB)
Economy: 31.55%

Eco-Hex v645T Engine
A sporty 6-cylinder engine with a lot of performance!
Type: 60° V6 DOHC-5V
Capacity: 2301cc
Crank/Conrods: Cast iron/Cast
Pistons: Low Friction Cast
Aspiration: Ball bearing twin turbocharger
Compression ratio: 7.6:1
Fuel System: Petrol Single Direct Injection with performance intake
Power: 320BHP (239KW) @6900RPM
Torque: 400NM (205LB-FT) @5200RPM
Redline: Max RPM @9000RPM
Weight: 194KG (428LB)
Economy: 26.90%


If you would like to know any other specifications, you can ask below!

Available Colours

Snow White:

Prestigious Grey:

Just Black:

Unforgettable Red:

Playful Orange:

Rewarding Blue:

More Images

As always, if you want to know anything else, write it down below :slight_smile:
Keep the feedback coming!
*Fuel economy of the FS variant shown


Founded in 1996?(!)

Hmmm, that could make for some interesting lore.

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Yup! I still need to edit that post and add a lore there. For now I’ve just kept it at founded in 1996 by Matthew (I’m gonna change his name)