VVL sounds missing in UE version

I remember back in the day, when we had the Kee version of the game, that VVL had the switchover noise working. In the UE4 version, it’s no longer there. This makes me sad. I liked my VTEC V8 engine noises.

Are we gonna see the return of the VVL switchover sound changes?


We’ll have a look at that for one of the next major updates, either 4.1 or latest 4.2 :slight_smile:


While we’re on VVL, I think it would be helpful to customize what RPM the cams roll over at. Not a big issue, but just something to smooth out torque curves.

Disagreed, why would you ever want to switch over at RPMs other than the optimal one? Outside of meme builds that is… meme builds don’t warrant us revising the UI :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if this sounds like being impatient, but are there any developments with the VVL sound?


They will be fixed for LCV4.2 where we do the turbo revamp and all kinds of engine changes.


Like VVL, I believe that bypass valves also would have a sound change, in this case being muffled to louder. Any chance that would come back too?

It would not be like VVL at all, because the full engine dyno test is run at full load, i.e. open exhaust valves.