(What if) A.I. car art game

Don’t think anyone has done anything similar here so here goes.


  1. State a what if scenario concerning a car model or brand
  2. Use an AI image generator to create the car design as per the scenario
    you can use the following or others

I’ll go first. What if the Romanian Dacia car brand existed prior to the 60’s in a non communist country and the Duster model had evolved since the 1940s








Interesting how many similarities the 50s and 60s models have to the Renault 4.

I usually use Craiyon for stuff like this, is there any better service out there that is free and unlimited?

I have generated a lot of images, some of the other 50s models look less like Renault models, but I thought this would be more feeting with the roots of the brand. Some of the other 70s models look like offroad muscle cars.

I wrote them above:
you can use the following or others

  • playgroundai.com 1000 free pictures/day has the most things to tweak and more features like image2image, inpainting and prompt based modifications that works semi well.
  • instantart.io it’s free and unlimited and you can use many models of stable diffusion, but you have few settings to control and it can take a long time to generate
  • bluewillow.ai it’s free and unlimited right now and works in discord like Midjourney

Thanks, yeah, it was a little more info about them (or others) I wanted, it was kind of sparse with information on the pages themselves and I am skeptical to join things on the internet sometimes when it seems shady :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

You could also use the ones that use credits that regenerate daily or monthly like Lexica.art (200 images monthly), https://dreamlike.art/ (50 credits max regenerated hourly 1 by 1) and Log In | Deep Dream Generator (20 credits max daily) These also make more polished generations with less fiddling.

90s Duster, in lexica

70s Duster, in Dreamlike

60s Duster, in Deepdreamgenerator

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OK. Some people still haven’t forgiven Volvo for finally ending production of the Duett in 1969. A design from the 40s that wasn’t going to cope with the upcoming regulations, so like all good stories it had to come to an end, but no car ever took on its unmatched ruggedness and practicality. So. What if the Duett had actually gotten a real replacement in 1970, and kept the same 16 year lifecycles as the original?

1970. Surprisingly SAAB-like but at least it has the sturdy roof rack that the Duett was famous for. Four doors added some practicality even though the cargo compartment looks smaller. Ground clearance probably even better than the original, and a surprisingly fresh looking front end that no other Volvo would have matched in 1970.

1986. I got some curious looking stuff, like something looking like a Saab 900 with Mercedes 190 headlights and an Austin Allegro estate rear end. In the end, this is the one that feels closest to the concept of the original, surprisingly enough it also still keeps some Saab 900-esque styling but I think there is also quite a lot of Fiat in it? But still, compact, boxy wagon with lots of ground clearance, maybe moving away a bit from its roots but still could have been a good entry level wagon for people liking it simple and rugged.

2002. Wow, baby XC90 but with a way more boxy approach! Not sure if I like the hood bra though, but other than that, this is really how a modern Duett should have looked without falling victim to the retro fad. 10/10 would drive.

(I just have to show you that one of the suggestions for 2002 was a triple decker bus. Go home AI, you’re drunk. Also, who wants to put new wiper blades on this thing?)

2018. Unfortunately, like all suggestions, this is just an XC60. Game over.


Nice, I’m diggin the triple decker bus haha.
Yeah, I don’t know why, depending on the car model (probably the training data is lacking ) you get pretty inconsistent results with reimagining’s like this for some time periods, especially before 1950s and after 2000s and future versions.

From what I’ve seen, it appears that cars that don’t change too much externally over the decades lend themselves best to this kind of AI art.

AI will just use all this information against us one day so I hesitate to even bother, but I would be curious what if Ford never dropped the Torino, and used the 1970 GT as it’s muse.

Also related I’d like to see a what if crossovers and SUV’s never took off and instead wagons became preferred, in general. In an era where mpg matters so damn much it’s quite the dichotomy to see all these tall boys which are definitely not as efficient.

Without trying to start an argument, you’re technically right. However, it is already in use all the time, the question is only how aware you’re about it at the moment. All your electronic devices are more or less spying at you and collecting information all the time, so I have realized that either you give up or you need to go offgrid. But since I can hardly pay my bills without needing to involve my stupidphone nowadays, the later is a really challenging alternative nowadays.

But absolutely, I have had an interest in artificial intelligence since I was first reading about it in the mid 90s, and as interesting as it is as a subject, the more I know about it, the more I realize that the times when I had to load programmes from tape on the Commodore 64 probably had way less troubles to worry about…so true, it is not a subject that should always be taken lightly.

These current AIs while impressive, are quite limited in scope, they’re like bits and pieces of a brain that do a certain task really well, using them now or not will have no impact on the “singularity”. We don’t even have a general purpose AI yet and going from that to sentience is stil a while off. Honestly, I don’t fear the AIs. I wish the AI revolution to come soon and make most jobs very easy to do so we can have more time to enjoy our limited time on this planet.

Well, I this is what I got.

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That is how I think the Torino could have looked had it remained in production up until the late 1980s.

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Well damn, that last one is at least as beautiful as the new Challenger concept.

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Is it just me, or is the top one a bit similar in style to this car I made earlier?

Well I believe strongly that all consciousness is connected so it would make sense.

On another note maybe Porsche has been using AI all this time to slowly evolve their 911.

A little bit. I guess that kind of shape and styling cues were popular in the late 70s early 80s.

Nah, they were too conservative.You can get some wild variations with AI. I used it on some of my old renders and you can get from different minor details to a different design in the same color and comosition.

Maybe you have to add the statement “and make it teutonic”


Ive tried reworking the Escalade into a wagon, but whatever I do it just keeps it as an SUV unless I make it into a 70s version.

finally got something close

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