What is the status for the wankel?

@Killrob is there any chance to see it by the end of 2017 ? or at the beginning of 2018

also here is a video of a wankel doing 10500 RPM

I think the estimation for the possible presence of Wankels in Automation are impossible to do, because there are a lot of more important things to do before them.

In my personal belief, I think Automation will never have Wankel engines, nor even in DLC.


oh nooo. its time for steam refund :C :C :C

What’sthe status for the wankel?
Dead, as in real life.


Jeez why so harsh bro

I am part of the camp who believe Automation will never have wankels, but the wankel is like Ozzy, they refuses to die despite everything, and there’s alot of strange lunatics who still want them to live on.

I am one of said lunatics tho :laughing:


Hahaha I sounded more harsh than I wanted. I personally don’t like wankels. I did, when I was young and belive in a good a just world, but as I fade into the weights of the adulthood the wankel engine lost its magic :stuck_out_tongue:

If we ever get to choose the next DLC, I will prefer diesels, electric hybrids, Atkinson cycle, and finally wankels, next to turbines or nuclear powered cars (I’m just being dramatic, don’t take it seriously).


also mazda too, we will have rx9 with 400 hp

you forgot 5 stroke engines too

about the wankel, if developers won’t make them, the community will. it could be a steam workshop mod

Mmmm, I don’t think so, maybe, but just look at how much time it took the devs to build the engine designer. And also mods don’t work that way (now).
But it’s worth dreaming about it, because it would open the door to other types of engines :slight_smile:

Gee, good luck to whoever wants to take the trouble of decoding the very game engine and coding all the additional calculations needed.

It’s really not that simple dude. If you knew anything about wankels, you’d know at the core they share absolutely zero components with piston engines.

So now to accommodate the wankel, devs will have to completely overhaul the way the game calculates things, the way the game handles engines, because in a wankel, there is no piston, no conrods, no crank, no bore and stroke, no cams, no valves.

Might as well make a fuckin new game then.

Do you now see why it won’t work?


I cant remember Wankels ever being advertised… will make your refund kinda pointless.
Wankels are so far off, they are not even considered being a part of a DLC or Automation 2.0. In order to have Wankels the whole engine designer has to be redone. New art-assets, new sounds, new calculations - basically new everything.

Actually you can consider Diesels as DLC content, as they just need new sounds and calcs - the art assets can almost completely taken from the petrol engines.

Have fun. See you in 10-15 years when you are done. Maybe. I had that discussion with someone already, and it will end in “If you think having the skills required in doing this, do a working prototype and pitch it to the developers. If its any good and viable, they’ll maybe use it”

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Well, that also applies for electric engines. And even though nowadays (an all-time-average on this would be interesting) they have (sadly) a higher market share than wankels, I’d still much prefer wankels since I dislike electric cars.

So obviously diesel comes first but if it’s the decision between wankel and hybrid/electric → definitely go wankel! :slight_smile:

(And yes, I’m also one of said lunatics :wink: )

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I personally would go for electric engines… DC/AC Motors dont have a big difference in design, you just scale them up for having a bigger one. You just have one million types of DC and AC-Motors, that need their own calculation (but they are quite simple, rough torque-curves already exist of all the important ones. I have them in my book i used for my electronics apparenticeship)

Aircooled engines and timing chain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shouldn’t be a huge redesign on the assets side. The main difference should be the engine block. The internals, cams, heads, fuel systems and exhaust can stay the same (looking at the Citroen GS engine, seems that the head of the aircooled engines can looks like the same from the watercooled ones)
More effort are probably spent on the calculation side.

Timing Chain
Changing the texture of the timing belt with one that have transparence on alpha channel: this could give a the impression of a decently looks timing chain.
The pulleys can have an optional addition of sproket on their side, when the chain option is activated.


The Wankel has : Radius, width, exenter offset and number of discs.

Mazda 13b: 105mm, 80mm, 15mm and 2.

So a Wankel has 4 numbers, Otto engines has 3.
And the Wankel has ports like a 2-stroke engine.

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I’d like to see the number of main bearings being part of the engine family make up
more bearings = increased reliability and smoothness but with increased cost, weight, size, etc.


Jupp, like the video linked in the FAQ points out: not going to happen, and the reasoning in the video is still perfectly valid.

Thing is: people competent enough to make a Wankel mod for Automation would be competent enough to make their own whole game, it that would probably take just as long :stuck_out_tongue: its like with game ideas: don’t worry about people stealing your ideas, because people competent enough to make those ideas reality have no lack of ideas themselves. :smiley:


at least we will have flat engines, that is cool too

The only thing i can really wish to be changed (with no idea of the complcations involved) is allowing us to move the intercooler and to a lesser extent the radiator itself. And when superchargers come down the track in a perfect world we could decide what side of the engine or direct drive centrifugal superchargers but i doubt it lol


Since Build1362 we have both Diesel AND Wankel as a Mod.