What updates should the devs make?

Suggestions down here I

A new map for Automation.

Most important countries:

Ofma: The world´s biggest oil producer and the second-richest country. Consist mostly of desert. Real life counterparts: Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt
Ceandria: A huge country with low taxes, tons of people and industries Real life counterparts: China
Matic: A small country with only a couple of cities, but very rich citizens. Real life counterparts: Monaco, UAE
Ticar: A big jungle country with a warm climate, rough terrain and strict emission standards. Real life counterparts: Congo
Alcama: A winter wonderland with lots of snow, ice and everything nice (except warmth, but who needs that). Real life counterparts: Greenland, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Siberia

Ideas for career mode:

Contracts: Being able to produce and sell engines or bodies for other companies to earn money.
Emergency services: Being able to sell cars for police departments, fire departments or militaries.
Racing: Being able to make race versions of your cars and entering them into rally, track or baja races.

More coming soon

Hey, here are my thoughts on your suggestions:

The Automation light campaign is set in the Camshaft Software Universe, just like their other game, The Cyclist: Tactics. A new fictional “map” or game world does not make sense, as the world for the light campaign has the markets in those countries balanced about what you can expect from the real world, also it has some cool lore about it. For the light campaign that we have now it is perfeclty reasonable to keep this world as it is a good testbed to test new features and balances. I dont know if it will ever be possible to mod in new worlds/countries/markets, thats up to the devs.
However, the grand campaign will be set in the real world with all the countries in existence. Maybe they group some countries together, like BeNeLux. (I guess Vatican City will not be its own market either) Also how they will handle big historic events like decolonisation of Africa and the fall of the eastern block is not known yet, but I think Killrob will come up with a solution for that.

should be coming, at least for engines - also being able to buy them directly from a contractor

Mostly covered by passenger fleet demography, remember that those vehicles will be modified by another company that buys the vehicles from your company. E.g. Mercedes does not sell the fully equipped ambulance to the fire departments, there are expert companies for that. AFAIK Automation will only be focussed on civilian vehicles, so no military vehicles.

I personally would love to see that, but I dont think it will be coming. Maybe some touring cars?

Also, I can recommend you the YouTube channel, their little dev updates are always informative and you can see what they are actually currently up to.


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Thanks for the info! Didn´t know there was lore

I think they should add engine sound configuration, because I honestly think that the V10s and V12s don’t sound throaty or growly enough. I also would like to see 4-wheel steering, and more modern bodies. Also, Manual Rack and Pinion steering needs to be adjusted. It isn’t THAT bad.


An update we need is to be able to color the chassis as you can see in the image it tends to be a nuisance by showing the silver metal and I cant clip it properly to make it look right.