What were your lowest points on the forum?

Hey guys, the infamous user here. I just wanted to post a random thread to ask you guys about your lowest points on this forum? I’ll start. I think it is very obvious what my lowest point was. It was joining while I was still in a phase where I was so full of myself and just so childish and kinda retarded, and I mean like I can’t think about being like that now. I remembered that crayon thing from the Antarctica CSR and how it made me so mad in Feb 2019, but now it makes me crack up and makes me want to punch myself now in Jan 2020. I feel like I’ve had a major turn around and hope to not be hated by the ones caught by me in that phase (i.e the entire forum (and CorsicaUnknown)). Now that I’ve vented to you all I’d like to know…what was your lowest point on the forum?


I’m not sure how this thread will go. Maybe it’ll be useful and cathartic. Maybe it’ll be a :wastebasket::fire:. I won’t judge yet.

I joined this forum in 2014. Actually I just wanted to play the game and make cars but I’m actually intensely competitive if I don’t hold myself back, so the moment I saw a laptime leaderboard I was all over it. Then I made my company thread and oh god was I obnoxious. Honestly my investment in this game was partially because my real life wasn’t going great at the time and I was pretty unhappy, but that just meant locking horns with other users of a similar disposition.

Long story short I got into some beef with another hyper-competitive user and the whole thing was really stupid. I realised how stupid it was when I asked that user: well what do you want out of being on these forums and they said “I want to win 100% of the challenges I enter.” Seeing as that user had already placed not first in a couple of challenges I think that was a bit delusional, but that did drive home to me just how petty we were all getting and I just had to calm the fuck down.

Now I only win 100% of the challenges that I really try to win, like a true scrub :sunglasses:


Lowest point?

Definitely my rant about another user. On Narfy’s CSR, I ranted about a particular user who kinda pushed my buttons and was just being overly verbose at times when it was not needed. Long story short, got the forums quite mad at me, post was flagged and it definitely didn’t turn out the way I wanted.


I hit rock bottom when I created my alt’s and despite being given second chance I just trew it in the wind. For my currient chance I had to negotiate a lot with admins.

Community and myself are still in recovery from it. So theoretically I am still at the rock bottom but some progress has been made, I hope. Until little bit of trust is restored.

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If I had to confess, I wouldn’t want to mention that moment.


I hit rock bottom way back in the Kee era, during CSR17 after getting over-enthusiastic about my actual entry (along with a proposal that I ultimately did not submit) - and feeling deflated after it was eliminated from contention so soon, before getting salty in trying to defend it. It took me some time to recover, but I now know that very few (if any) people will tolerate such childish behavior.


I have had 2 instances where my IRL car knowledge and experience have overshadowed my understanding that this is a game, not a sim. Had an argument (not really heated, but petty) with a forum member, and a developer over it.

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Oooooh boy. What do I go with?

To be fair, most of my shittiness is from the Discord, where I seem to only go perpetually lower, but yeah, here will probably have to be the whole Keika thing where I went between giving my company to someone else then deciding that I don’t actually want to make anything but Keikas, so I made a new company that was basically using Keikas but with a new lore. Because logic.

Fun times. Can’t wait to hit a new low here in a few months or whatever, because that’ll happen. It always does.


Lowest moment I probably had was when I lost my first CSR (CSR 87) hosted by Chips. Chips was really honest with what I did wrong (Damn, who would have guessed?) when he binned me and I got really salty at him.

Looking back, it was a good learning experience in that I didn’t know nearly as much about engineering cars as I thought, and a lesson in being able to admit mistakes and ignorance. I was just really immature about it and I’d like to think I’ve responded better to criticism since then.

Shoutouts to Chips for dealing with my BS back then and having the patience to help me learn from it.


My lowest point?

CSR 100

´nuff said


I posted such a bad quote on the quotes thread that strop made a reply telling people not to post such garbage there


Lowest points?
Posting teaser ad’s in auto shows…and not actually revealing the contents (it’s pretty embarrassing, and disrespectful).

But the lowest (for me) point was not being so active, especially in the forums and the Discord server. In the past, I stood very low, and went lowkey. Only submitting entries to challenges, and watching over people without saying anything.

I am really grateful for having joined the Discord community last year. It’s has totally changed me in many ways (cliche answer, but really true). Having many feedbacks to listen to for car designs, many cool cars for inspiration, a̶ ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶p̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶n̶e̶l̶, and most of all, the wonderful people over in Discord and Automation


Yeah I agree in many ways that the Discord server helped and that I also had the not being being active thing…too bad I got banned from the Discord. Your post by far has made me feel better as I kinda thought it was just me, but I’m not alone. Seeing everyone’s lowest point stories has given me a sort of comfort, and it’s really helped. Just wanted to thank you and everyone who posted their lowest point stories and hope you all a good decade to come.


sorry bro while that time it was you, it really isn’t just you, that was a PSA :joy:


I gotta say i like how this thread is going so far.

I’ve let a few people frustrate me too much in the past but I’m usually the type to internalize everything healthy or not. So technically I’d say my lowest point was the first couple posts I ever posted. I was trying too hard to be a memelord before I got gud enough to do a legit car company thread and the result is a trypophobic driving pizza monstrosity. (Look up Marrow if you want to, I’ll spare people the link or pics)


I mean you made a 18K pound car I wouldn’t say that’s low. I’d just say that’s brilliant.

oh not that one, the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

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ah, i see

Somehow breaking a rule on the summer auction every time I placed a bid and getting disqualified for the 2nd year running

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My massive absence in the forums since BRC76, I’ve been playing this game since well before steam release but never discovered the forums till partway through testing for BRC76, I immediately joined and had a great time, I even finished in the top ten. Only problem was the BRC set the bar so high for competitions that I never entered anything else and just kept checking in to see if there was any update, up till several months ago entering my first CSR (where Mr Chips did not hold back on my lazy design). I really regret all the competitions I’ve missed and the community has grown massively since then.