Wheelbase listed for saved designs

I didn’t find this using search function, so thought I’d ask it here.

I know the wheelbases and trackwidth specs are listed on the body selection screen, but how about including them somewhere in the final design/save screens? There are a few bodies which appear very similar and you can’t go back to the body selection screen to remember which one was actually chosen. I find myself having to rebuild my car to remember which one was used. Perhaps it could be included in the tire selection screen if there’s no room on the save screen. Just an idea. I could write them down, but most people (including me) aren’t going to remember to do this.

Maybe if every body had a unique name then that name could be displayed on the car design info panel…

The panel of info I mean is when you first enter the sandbox there is a list of your saved designs; the preview box could also have another line that says, for example, “Body used: 1955_Sedan_Small”. Then you wouldn’t even have to load up the car, you’d know straight away which design was which :slight_smile:

Maybe as a tooltip poppup? That way it wouldn’t clutter up the list.