Why two identical engine families with identical variants sound different in BeamNG

It baffles me that V6s are already 60º sometimes sound like 90º ones and vice versa. With each variant, Automation changes the sounds as it pleases, I want them to sound like the 60º and 90º V6s of 4.24 assuming that it is the sound of the 90º V6s but it gives me the sounds of the 4.27 60º V6s . Can someone help me!?

In the advanced trim settings there is a slider for sportiness and intake noises, the backfire one doesn’t export to beam but the other two do, this will help change up the sound you hear in beam. This has come up multiple times and the devs can’t please everyone with the sounds they have.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try.

If its in two different cars it would kinda make sense. From what I know (very little lol) a car could sound different because of how close it is the the bonnet and stuffs

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You could be right. But it goes further, it usually happens to me in the case of a car with a V6 90º in the front longitudinal position, and another car with a totally different base but with the same position of the engine in the engine compartment and obviously the same engine, it sounds like if it were the V6 60º. It does not make any sense.