Wishes and review of the game

My wishes, requests, and review of the automation game are from an experienced player, which is at the top of my most favorite games list.

I have gone through and reviewed all phases of this game, and have accumulated my wishes and expectations for this game.

As a finished product it is great and optimized, but as the game evolves, I feel that some developer and player agreements should be kept unbreakable.

What the trade-offs are:

  1. Developers shouldn’t go from one version of Unreal Engine to another frequently, because it makes all the mods that worked before inoperable and forces the extra work of re-releasing mods for the new version. I don’t know what the reason is for wanting to constantly jump to new versions, but this move always has big implications for the Automation community.

  2. On the other hand, players won’t be asking for constantly proliferating new features from the game, and will settle for everything in the product as is.

But even with that compromise, if the game is still in development, I would like to ask for a number of elementary and advanced needs from this great game.

The elementary needs are:

  1. In view of the well-developed interior modeling feature, it would be very reasonable to continue this work, and create a range of comfort conditions to improve the player work.

  2. It is necessary to make centering of the camera for any object that is on the car and the environment - optional.

  3. Give the player a hotkey to call the toolbar and the ability to change the angle of view camera - this is very useful when you are inside the car - cabin.

  4. The same should be done for the free camera.

  5. Add a backspace button to quickly return to the root folder when working with details - fixtures.

  6. Enlarge the details selection window to make it easier for the player to select the necessary fixture.

  7. Provide a hotkey to minimize the bottom detail panel, for better visibility. I know there’s an F10 button, but it’s a long way to reach.

Advanced needs:

  1. Since the game positions itself as customization and modeling, we need to add more variety of options for selecting the technologies used and elements for design that are important for modelers - fixtures. Never mind that they may not all fit in the panel, you could add a scroll bar. I don’t think anyone would be intimidated by this abundance of freedom of choice.

  2. The distance between the wheels - the rut - should be variable in value to build a more accurate model. This would allow you to be put on base even more wider wheels.

  3. The size of front and rear rims should be changeable - it makes a matter in BeamNG.

  4. I would like to get information about cars in text format, - for easy comparison of cars between players. That is, allow the player to save statistics in a text file, where values can be easily copied.

  5. Work physics of motors is imperfect - when you build a motor, you always get the same stereotype, in which all the power of the motor hits on high revs, when in life, motors usually give their greatest values at the beginning and middle revs. This makes it difficult to get a more accurate model for the player who decides to copy a certain car. And this feature of the game should be taken under special control - because this feature of the game is very important and it is of great importance in BeamNG.

  6. It is necessary to enlarge values bore and stroke and also to provide an extended slider of the ratio of compression of the combustible mixture, in order to give the player the opportunity to produce trucks. Well, we should also provide us several forms of truck bodies, so that also to give opportunity for mod developers build tri-axle trucks.

  7. Photo scene is very strongly spins up the computer and video card - maybe you should first put a simplified processing of graphics, and only on a hotkey to turn it on full blast, so as not to overload the computer?

  8. Add twin wheels - to create pickups and trucks - optional.

  9. Raise the production year in the game from 2020 to 2021 and 2022.

  10. Improve the glow of headlights - in BeamNG this glow degraded and turned into a white light. So that the player can full extent enjoyed the beautiful view of the car.

  11. Add information about the count of mounted parts and the amount of time it took to create a car - so that the player could analyze himself more.

  12. Add more interactivity from the finished model, so that it would be like a scenario in which a car captured several market niches of consumers and some achievement or event occurred.

  13. Clarify the pricing process for materials and for the finished model so that quality sliders don’t raise the price so much.

  14. Change the name of Production Units to hours and clarify the Engineering Time parameter so that there is no discrepancy with Challenges.

  15. Eliminate the large discrepancy between suspension clearance values and actual visual representations.

  16. Artificially reduce the size of the V16 engine, because it almost does not fit in any body.

  17. The evaluated parameters should be connected to the physical values, including the parameter of harmful emissions, to make it clear what is being built.

  18. Add a car test - quarter mile and one kilometer.

  19. Improve the graspable of parts - fixtures and pay special attention to the design process for the car to improve the modeling process.

  20. It is necessary to make the metallic paint more realistic, without excessive shine and glare. You can add color to the existing kind of paint - steel, which remains silver for now.

I seem to have listed all the important problems of this game, with which it will take on an even more perfect view.

Most of this is a lot of work, and unrealistic or straight up wrong. If you’ve been reading the FAQ and keeping up with the LDU videos some of this is actually coming to the game next update.


a lot of this is i game

Wish 1:

I wish that all the special mod fixtures under the question mark said exactly what they were instead of having to guess

Wish 2:

I wish there were tutorials that showed you how to use all those cool little shapes in the the body molding tab.


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The devs don’t make the decision to jump engine versions lightly, because it’s a HUGE amount of work on their end to get things working properly. Usually it’s done because there is something game-breaking or unfixable that they’ve found on their end.

At the expense of being a bit blunt - you want more hotkeys for things, but the existing hotkeys are too far for you to reach? What’s already in the game is reasonably functional as it is, so I don’t think it needs to be changed.

Interior modeling as you desire basically increases the complexity of Automation by a full order of magnitude. Sure it would be nice, but it would also be nice that the game comes out while any of us are still alive…

The way that Automation bodies are modelled right now, this is impossible unfortunately, without literally starting over. Not possible in this version of the game.

This is already coming in an upcoming version.

This doesn’t add much to the game, to be honest, and if you really want you can just screenshot your stats, or punch them into a spreadsheet - which, if you’re comparing cars, you’re probably doing anyway.

No. basically all real-life engines produce maximum power at or very close to redline.

Automation: The CAR Company Tycoon Game. Medium/heavy duty vehicles have never been part of the plan, please refer to the FAQ.

To what end? Your computer never “overloads”, it will run to the maximum of its capability and no more.

Adds nothing to gameplay, and besides that, see above comment regarding medium/heavy-duty vehicles.

The devs have been adament that 2020 is the end of the game, no matter what.

Materials are constantly being tweaked and upgraded, so this might come in time.

What does this add to the gameplay?

I’m honestly glad that - for the moment at least - there are no achievements in Automation. I can’t be alone in this sentiment either.

This doesn’t make much sense; the units don’t matter for either of these numbers - the only thing that matters is the number itself.

Artificially enhancing one engine would make it unbalanced against the others, don’t you think?

This already exists in the game, check in the Test Track page.

This is being worked upon already.

Metallic paint is pretty realistic as it is, but you can’t just go cranking the sliders to 100 for flake and whatnot, since that makes ridiculous results.