World Market Campaign

World Market Opinion

  • Have the full managing of production, resources, and sales?
  • Definitely have a world market but exclude production and resources (they would involve some micro managing)?
  • Just show world sales and regional interests in certain vehicles?
  • No world market?

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I haven’t played anything but the demo yet, and I haven’t read much on what their campaign will be, but I think it would be fantastic for them to have the campaign be a full world market, where you also manage your business production region, resource purchases, and sales regions. This would allow you to fully control your company and generate a realistic sales market for your designs. I’m not sure how they plan on generating a sales analysis on the vehicles and by making this campaign it would add an all new variable of appealing to different regions. This would be an awesome way to add to the tycoon aspect of the game. This would also add a new pressure of time taking to design vehicles for areas. If you haven’t released a new version of your models every year, sales might drop, and time you take on designing the engine is also money being spent on paying for the design. There is also the fact that we could have the history of economics be on here, generating a different cost function and buy/sell rate in each region as shown in the past.

As a side note to my above statement on generating an appeal rate of vehicles, you could have people generate online ratings of the vehicle. Then you can take that region and use their scores to show what the sales rate would be. Just an idea.

What would you guys think of playing this as the campaign? Or would it be too much micro managing, because I can see that being a bit irritating at times. Although they could always have this be a different campaign type from what they already have going. And is there anything else you would add on?

^Uhhh, you pretty much described exactly how the full game will work :smiley:

Oh really? I haven’t been able to find any description of their full game. Where can I find more information on that?

Eeeh, there isn’t much description in detail besides what’s on the about page, as its not 100% decided how it will exactly work, but what you’ve said is fairly close to the current plan