Would different engine cycles be possible? (Otto vs Atkinson vs Budack)

I was curious if it would be possible or worth it to implement different types of engine cycles in game. Engineering Explained has some good videos talking about the pros and cons of each cycle type. Some modern engines can even switch between different cycles on the fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjM14JBPdBI

Engine power is (as best I can tell) based on a simulation of thermodynamic law. Modifying to anything other than the Otto-cycle would require an almost ground up rework of the (game) engine. The most possible would be Atkinson since it is just a short stroke intake, and a regular power (several hybrids use valve timing based Atkinson). I wouldn’t hold out too much though, the community has been harping on this (and especially diesels) for a long time. The devs are pretty happy with the building aspects as is (and rightfully so), and are focusing on the tycoon part of the game for now. Other cycles may be added after launch (the game is technically a beta right now), but I’m not counting on it.

Anything new engine-related (apart from revamped forced induction after they finish the campaign mode in approx. 1776 years) isn’t coming until after the official release. Maybe.

a bit late on that 4th of july reference, but even with the forced induction update I doubt they would add stuff like the atkinson cycle might just be a bit too much work and as mcp928 says, would require a massive rework of the games mechanics/calculations.


I would never expect new engine cycles, (maybe they should’ve put that on the AuToMaTiOn 2 sUgGeStIoN tHrEaD) but I meant anything engine related, new cycles included. New layouts, new features, etc.