Zero Expectations Racing Cup (Round 4/6)

Both are AWD with 100% rear bias?

That’s the weight distribution, and also a bug.

Makes more sense



LEGO McLaren Senna


Exceeds the loudness limit by a whopping, absolutely massive 0.1. This is such an unforgivable sin and it deserves punishment. Shame because it was a quite creative build even if not original.

I could have let this slide, but then I found out it was terrible to drive in Beam and an invisible part of the jbeam kept scraping on the ground no matter the speed.
The only thing sliding now is the car into the unholy flames to crumble BRICK. BY. BRICK.

Kate RR


This is paying the consequences for the sins of not following the naming convention, being $2,600 overbudget for the Road Rage class, and having a gearbox reliability of 2.2%, which wouldn’t even be legal for the race class.

And what a huge relief, since this contraption has brakes and handling that it would probably crash and explode in a huge blaze even if it wasn’t sentenced to bin hell.

Road Rage and Track Attack

(those are their actual names, very creative)


These two share the same unbelievable fuckup, but first up the “Road Rage”, which is the definitely not road legal rally raid SUV thing, is only WES 7 compliant as a 2020 car and has 1.8 comfort, while the “Track Attack”, the dark green thing, doesn’t have a safety option selected.

Then the rule both cars break is by being overbudget by costing $64,000 each, even though they’re both in different classes. Seriously, how the hell did you think that was the budget? I’ve checked every single stat and I can’t even can’t even come up with a reasonable explanation.

The ZERCers

Now, here’s the list of all the surviving entries sorted by their performance index with their notable stats included. In total, there are 50 entries, consisting of 21 Road Rage cars and 29 Track Attack cars. Keep in mind a higher PI won’t automatically mean the car is faster in every way, especially those which struggle to even put such high power down. Plus, the track each car goes on could make a significant difference as well.

Google Sheets Version

And then finally, track #1 is…

Yeah, a rainy version of Hirochi Raceway. It was the ONLY damn rainy map I included and just happened to get selected. I have no idea how Automation’s racing slicks will even handle the rain, but maybe the one single car with inters could really excel here.

Anyways, in case you want to set a lap yourself, here is the link to the map. If you can beat the time I set with your car, it’ll count. You’re also free to do so even after we move on to the next track. The descent into madness officially begins now.


You missed the opportunity to put in a “may its creator forever step on its remaining bricks” on the lego car. :rofl:


Good thing is the binned one is the trash one
The others one is a F1 killer deathtrap

Me Mentioned! (Torilla Tavataan!)

How does my road car have more perf index than my racecar…? when the listed bits are worse?

Haha… Im through…
Have fun :green_circle:

Yaay happy my style score improved :slight_smile:

Make sure to put the Rhania into 4x4 :smiling_imp:

it’s because it’s not some really complicated equation, it’s literally just power to weight 3 decimal places up
hence why the death trap that’s horrible in every way except top speed is the 4th highest


I am mildly surprised that I am not the only one thinking that a FWD race car would be a good idea. :joy:

It can be a good idea - since I came 4th in PAIN with a FWD 3-cylinder (and trolled everyone below in the process) I figured, why not try again. :smiley:

Sub 1:30 with 295 Performance index. Im likin this!

Round 1 Results

ok so racing slicks in the rain aren't as bad as i thought apparently
  • The Pingu Zorg used an open wheel body, and I forgot to tell the creator to fix it, so I transferred it to the 70s esprit body myself. It gained around 800 pounds trying to make it rules compliant while still optimizing it, but it’s still an absolute weapon, and even drives better in my opinion.
  • The DCMW’s wheelbase was expanded with ATS, but this made it’s front suspension completely collapse after a minute in Beam. The only way I knew how to fix this was by exporting it with no ATS wheelbase extension, nor fixtures just to be safe.

Google Sheets Version

I really don’t think racing slicks are affected any more than any other automation tire, which I found surprising. Still, there were quite a few cars that struggled a bit, most notably those with too much power to put down on a rainy course.

But damn, the Goober is so cracked, it managed first place with slicks and RWD even on a track like this. It was so exhilarating, that it made me nauseous and gave my skin blisters! I’m sure it’s nothing serious and not at all the fault of the Fucking Block of Radioactive Plutonium™.

As a reminder, you’re still free to drive your cars for yourself, and if you can beat the time I set with it, your lap will count. I’ll roll the second track once I upload the videos from this track.


Please RNG, please give my truck an off-road map with plenty of mud and hills as well as many sharp rocks to eat :yum: :pray:

Round 1 Playlist:

Round 2

MBWR Alps Map

time trial is included

A map that comes straight from a 2 decade old game which I know nothing about, but what I do know is that I can finally get a relief from that suffering in the rain, in exchange for some occasional snowy patches on the road. I’d say it decreases grip around 25%, but at least there are some long straights for the powerful cars to finally stretch their legs. This could be quite interesting.



I can get nowhere close. Damn both of mine really struggle in the rain (not unexpected) hahaha

Love how the Maschinist was driven in 3rd gear all around the circuit. That massive crossplane sound is just music.