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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show


In fact there’s one more detail to get from that teaser, which tells what exactly will that “Spider” be… :wink:


@DeusExMackia Thank you for the outstanding comments and critiques! Just a little technical stuff: From the way you worded it [quote=“DeusExMackia, post:45, topic:20868”]
who were showing off the Rursus and Latissme. The latter is an i6 powered 2 door coupe

is saying that the Latissime is the I6 powered 2 door coupe wherein the Rursus is the I6 powered 2 door coupe. Just a minor correction. Again, thanks for your wonderful comments and critiques!


Dammit, Gavin muddled his words up again. Thanks for pointing that out! :smiley:


awesome commentary as usual bro.


Zast has revealed the three spectrums of what can be a car with many possibilities.In the Teaser was revealed on what the Renegade looked like,

but now is the time to fully reveal the car.

##The City trim ©
The City trim is basically a basic/low end trim that can be bought for $18,270.Even though it is a low end trim,It comes standard with Infotainment and Safety Equipment,basically saying that you bought this version because of its more economical engine of the pack which helps it make 50.9 MPG(UK).To help distinguish the City trim from the other two trims,It is designed with a simpler front end with a smaller lower grille

##The Highway Cruiser Trim (HC)

This trim is the more fun and casual spectrum of this car.The interior hasnt changed all together and has just been slapped in a more powerful variant of the same engine of the City trim,However the changes are in the chassis as the car has a more stiffer active suspension with adaptive dampers to make the ride smoother.Economy on this car is not bad either because it will do 46.6 MPG(UK).

#The Midnight Racing trim
This is where the Renegade starts to get serious.The car is advertised to be a highway racer,keeping a culture of highway racing.But obviously it would be illegal to race in a highway going more than 300 km/h,so it come to be a trackday hatchback with more than 500 hp and AWD to keep under control while having a little bit less comfort than the two trims.What makes the car so powerful is a 3.9 L V6 that was driven to mostly the rear wheels but it can send it to the front wheel when grip is needed.

##General Overview

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Trims Drivetrain Standard Equipment Price
(C)ity 1.8 L Inline-4 Rear Wheel Drive
(152 hp)
6'in Touchscreen,ABS
Power Steering,Traction Control,
(H)ighway (C)ruiser 2.2 L Inline-4 All-Wheel Drive
(261 hp)
(Specifed in Standard Equipment
In City Trim)
(M)idnight (R)acing 3.9 L V6 All-Wheel Drive
Radio,Power Steering,ABS,Launch

_Truly yours from Zast Automobiles_


Welcome to the AL Autos Booth!

AL Autos is proud to bring a wide variety of cars with us to AIMS! The vehicles we have with us at AIMS are bound to appeal to all audiences from small but practical compact cars, to sporty sports cars, to luxurious vehicles. So without further a do, let’s do our next few reveals!

The AL Autos Irev (Trim Shown: 211 C)

The Purpose

The Irev is meant to be a comfortable and practical daily that can still be quite fun to chuck around a track, mountain road, or any sort of curvy tarmac. This is thanks to it’s peppy little engine, clever suspension, and eye catching body design.

The Engine

The Irev features a peppy 1.7 L Turbocharged I4 producing 211 HP towards the front wheels. This is enough to send the Irev from 0-62 MPH in 7.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 127.0 MPH (204.4 KPH). Not bad for a small little engine. However performance is not the main highlight of this engine. The main thing is that the Irev gets a average 27 MPG and is super reliable.

The Practicality

Probably the main highlight of the car, the Irev is super practical. The total length of this car is 14’ 2" so it’s easy park and maneuver even though tight streets. Inside, you have enough space to move about in your seat and enough space in the trunk to put the many things you’ll need for whatever adventure you’re on.

The AL Autos Omnia (Tim Shown: 333 S)

The Purpose

The Omnia is another one of our corner loving sports cars: built to tackle any mountain tarmac while also being a smooth cruiser for those city streets.

The Performance

The Omnia features an all new 2.0 L Turbocharged I4 sending 333 HP to all 4 wheels through a sophisticated Longitudinal AWD system (40F/60R). Couple that to a 6 speed manual transmission, geared LSD, 235F/245R AL sports compound tires, and active double wishbone suspension and you’ve got a car that can go 0-62 MPH in 5.1 seconds, achieve a top speed of 150.0 MPH (241.4 KPH), corner at 1.12g-1.15g, and set a lap time of 1:25.0 on the top gear test track.

The Tech

The Omnia features AL’s ALConnect infotainment system: 8 speaker Bose sound system, USB capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more! The Omnia will also be the first to feature a new system called ALDrivingProfile. This allows the driver to choose or customize how they want the car to perform. There are 3 modes already pre-loaded into the system: normal, sport, and track. If none of these suit the driver’s needs, the driver can customize their own profiles and save it as a custom preset.

The AL Autos Pacto (Trim Shown: 249 S)

The Body

The Pacto is probably one of the smaller, if not, smallest vehicle in our booth at the moment, boasting a total length of about 11’ 5". This small little body + chassis made from Aluminum allows the Pacto to be decently light, weighing in at 2510.7 lbs (1138.8 kgs). This not only helps fuel economy, but also lessens the load that the engine and suspension bits need to lug around. This leads to better and longer fun in the corners.

The Performance and Economy

The Pacto features another mighty AL 2.0 L Turbocharged I4 designed specifically for this car producing 249 HP that is sent to the rear wheels of the car. Couple this with a fun 5 speed manual, an electric LSD, AL 215 F+R road tires and you’ve got a car that can go from 0-62 MPH in 5.3 seconds, achieve a top speed of 151.2 MPH (243.3 KPH), corner at 1.12 g, and set a time of 1:24.3 on the top gear test track. Best part of all this is, the engine is super reliable and you get 35 MPG average. The Pacto will save you time and money at the pump and in a lap of a track.

The Fun Factor :sunglasses:

The Pacto is one heck of a car to drive. Stamp on the throttle in any gear at any speed and you get immediate power (no lag); Throw the Pacto into a corner and you’ll be pretty confident you’ll come out the other side unscathed and smiling :smiley: .


AL Autos Irev
Top Range Model (Shown): $32,417
Base Model: $23,616

AL Autos Omnia
Top Range Model (Shown): $43,929
Base Model: $30,210

AL Autos Pacto
Top Range Model (Shown): $29,805
Base Model: $21,877

Visit your local AL Autos dealership for more information!

AL Autos would like to thank you for joining us at this presentation! Look forward to the reveal of the rest of our wonderful machines as AIMS continues!

AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!

@DeusExMackia In addition sorry about the confusion. The AL Autos Auto Show Department forgot to include pricing for the models in the blurbs. The changes have been applied and will be included in future releases! Again sorry for the confusion and delay!


2018 C.A.C. Sprinter 250 R

It’s time to bring the the hot hatch madness to the Asian Peninsula. After much success of the former 200 R released in 2017 after it’s debut in Geneva, we decided to expand to markets where surveys show that there is a high demand for such a car. So we gave it a new engine and a facelift, the same engine was shown yesterday in the new Avalore, making parts easier to source and potentially more affordable in the long run for our models in the region.

The Sprinter should have all the necessary wants that any petrol head would want from a car, including sport bucket inspired seating designs, 300+ horsepower, 0-100 in 4.5 seconds, all wheel drive for the winter with a 60/40 split electric diff with 60 percent of power going to the rear wheels, standard safety and infotainment, and all the necessary driving aids with the option to turn them all off…completely off for purists.
MSRP should start at around $44000.


Bonham Cars is proud to showcase for the first time

#The 2018 Bonham Chaucer Estate

Photoshop made by @titleguy1

After the recent launch of the latest generation small executive sedan from Bonham, now comes the more practical and family friendly estate version. The same handling capacity, British elegance, interior quality, now with space for the dogs.

Along with the launch of the new body style, the range will be complemented by the launch of the mid-range naturally aspirated 3.0 engine, slotting between theentry-level 2.0 and top-spec S 3.0 turbocharged units.

Pricing and full specs to be released soon.


##Vinson Dynamics Press Releases.

Maybe a bit of fitting music.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Antiyita, my name is Ash Vinson, CEO of Vinson Dynamics. I am pleased to present to you three vehicles. Two were teased on our social medias, the Update to the Gen 6 Pilot, and the ‘Ferrari Killer Wagon.’”

Ash moves off toward the side of the stage, as a covered car is wheeled onto the stage

“We present to you this years Concept. A mash of ideas and insanity. With a top speed of 385km/h, this wagon has a higher top-speed than every Ferrari in current production. We present to you, the Devotion Concept.”

The Cover is removed from the car, revealing the Devotion wagon

“The Vinson Dynamics X-55 Devotion Sportback Concept. 835hp V12. 7.0L in size. Naturally Aspirated. We made this to see the true limits of a Wagon. We gave the R&D department a blank cheque. They came back with this. Our Test driver, Viper, has said that this is the most mental wagon he’s driven. We welcome press staff to take the Devotion for a test drive. The design of this model also showcases the basis for our new designs. A theme you will see with the next two cars.”

Some More music.

“Next, we have the Facelift of the Generation 6 Pilot. The model we are showing here is the HyE6, the Hybrid model of the Pilot. Boasting a fuel economy of 7L/100km, and an extremely low emissions rating, the new HyE6 is a premium contender for the Hybrid markets. A possible Electric version is in the Works.”

“The HyE6 will be going on sale in Q1 of 2018 for US$30,000 adjusted to local currency worldwide, with the other trims expected in Q2.”

Final Bit of Music.

“We Finish our presentation with a car we never mentioned. The new Stryder ARES. The ARES is the Final new spec being added to the Stryder line-up, before it’s end in 2019. However, all models are getting the New Language Facelift. The ARES is a Turbo Charged Inline 4, mounted to an AWD system. all 250hp goes to all wheels, allowing for some rather fun times.”

“The ARES is the Specially tuned version of the SN-T model, adding a more sporty interior, and build. The ARES goes on sale in Q3 of this year, for US$30,000 locally adjusted.”

“Thank you all for your time. We hope you’ve had a wonderful time here in Antiyita, and have enjoyed everyone Else’s presentations. I have been Ash Vinson, and I thank you all.”


##2017 Antiyita International Motor Show Dimension Motors Exhibit

With the recent boom in Antiyita’s economy since the markets opened up, Dimension Motors seeks to strengthen it’s market position in the Asia region. While having a strong foothold since the post war days in Japan and Korea, and participating in Chinese and Antiyita government vehicle projects, our brand image have been perceived as rather plebian and unsporting. With the emergence of wealthier clients, Dimension hopes to significantly lift its brand image in hopes of being able to tackle brands such as Erin and Bonham head on.

The center piece of the show is the all new 2017 Dimension Yatagarasu, the first true American exotic. The succesor to the Boson GT almost 10 years prior, the Yatagarasu is 100% handbuilt to the finest standards and details, and attempts to shed the “kit car” image American supercars tend to be associated with.

New Exhibits

##2017 Dimension Yatagarasu

Yatagarasu represents the apex of Dimension’s engineering expertise and ultimate expression of its engineer’s passions. It does not aim to be the fastest, it simply aims to be best road car we can build, though it certainly is very fast. Named after the legendary 3 legged crow of Japanese mythology, this example finished in the exclusive Tengu Feather Black Pearl is the first one to be delivered to a customer, a high profile Antiyitan diplomat. The vehicle features 4 active aerodynamic flaps to aid cornering and braking for incredible turn in response at high speeds, and the flaps in motion are a sight to behold. Dimension claims that the vehicle uses absolutely no steel in its construction beyond the sub frame; everything else is made out of carbon fiber and billet aluminum, with titanium as interior trim. Each example is also hand built by a specific team of highly skilled American craftsmen from start to finish, and their signatures and car production number can be found in the glovebox.

##Technical Data


Code: RG61DITT
Configuration: 6.1 liter 120 degree V12 Magnesium
Heads: Aluminum Alloy 4 valve SOHC with VVT
Aspiration: Twin Turbo with Air to air intercooler
Fueling: Bosch Direct Injection with Independent Throttle Bodies
Recommended fuel: 98 octane
Redline: 7500 RPM
Power: 894 hp @ 6600 RPM
Torque: 1132 Nm @ 3700 RPM
Transmission: 7 speed manual with electric differential
Engine weight: 237 kg

Body: Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Carbon Fiber panels
Suspension: F Pushrod R Pushrod with semi active dampers and active sway bars
Brakes: F 2 piston 300mm Carbon Ceramic discs R 2 piston 335mm Carbon Ceramic discs with ABS
Tires: F 315mm R21 R 385 mm R21 Toyo Proxes R-888
Curb Weight: 1303 kg
Safety: Driver, passenger and side air bag with standard impact bracing
Steering: Electrically assisted
Electronic Aids: TCS, ECS and Launch Control

Seats: Connolly Leather Bucket Seat with 6 point leather harness and drilled titanium seatbelts.
Dash: Brushed titanium trim with Leather backed dashboard
Infotainment: Clarion Digital Gauge with In Car Entertainment integration. (Car features no head unit, navigation and media are entirely displayed on the digital gauge when called for. Dimension believes this minimizes driver distraction, and the GPS is capable of turning into a racing aid for track use.)
Seating: 2

Power to weight: 687 HP per tonne
0-60 sprint: 2.3
1/4 mile: 9.42 @ 155 mph
Top Speed: 220+ mph
250m cornering test: 1.81 G @ 149 mph
60-0: 83 ft
Nordeschleife: 6:48.06
MRLS: 1:27.89
Automation TT: 1:51.23

800 units planned for production, each going on sale for US $800,000 including road taxes (additional taxes may apply for foreign nations)

##2017 Dimension Supernova SSP 30th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating 30 years of the Supernova and the SSP tuning arm is a very special edition Supernova. Featuring a radically re-designed rear end and a high mounted center exhaust, the Supernova 30th anniversary is capable of really fighting with even the high end super cars now. With less regard on staying affordable (the standard Supernova attempts to be the cheapest carbon bodied sports car on the market), the Supernova is now fitted with R compound tires and a reworked turbocharged 4 cylinder that now produces 480 HP in a car that weighs under 1200 kg. Just 520 units will be produced. Will you be one of the lucky few? 10 are planned to be shipped to Antiyitan market.

##Technical Data


Code:LX20DTI - Silver top
Configuration: 2.1 liter Inline 4 aluminum alloy
Heads: Aluminum alloy Twin Cam 20V with VVT
Aspiration: Turbo with air to air intercooler
Fueling: Bosch Direct Injection with Independent Throttle Bodies
Recommended fuel: 98 octane
Redline: 9000 RPM
Power: 480 hp @ 7900 RPM
Torque: 485 Nm @ 5600 RPM
Transmission: 7 speed manual with mechanical differential
Engine weight: 126 kg

Body: Aluminum monocoque with carbon fiber body panels
Suspension: F Pushrod R Pushrod with semi active dampers and active sway bars
Brakes: F 1 piston 325mm vented steel discs R 2 piston 280mm vented steel discs with ABS
Tires: F 265mm R 19 R 335mm R 19 Toyo Proxes R-888 R Compound Tires
Curb Weight: 1122 kg
Safety: Driver, passenger and side air bag with 6 point SCCA approved racing harness
Steering: Unassisted
Electronic aids: TCS, ECS and Launch Control

Seats: Recaro leather bucket seats with exterior color matched stitching and 30th anniversary stitching
Dash: Vinyl dash with carbon fiber and aluminum trim with exterior color matched pieces
Infotainment: Clarion basic head unit with 2 speaker set up
Seating: 2

Power to weight: 432 hp per tonne
0-60 sprint: 3.0
Top Speed: 175 mph
250m cornering test: 1.73 G @ 145.6 mph
60-0: 83 ft
Nordeschleife: 7:17
MRLS: 1:33.20
Automation TT: 1:58.93

Each one of the 520 are sold at a MSRP of $75,000. To avoid dealer overcharge and speculation, the cars are only sold through Dimensions’ most trusted dealers, and in most cases you can pick the vehicle off the factory floor.

##2017 Dimension Andromeda 2.1 Turbo

Dimension’s Andromeda lines have been selling very well in China due to it’s American luxury image. The next generation Andromeda features significantly more premium styling and interior while featuring a new 2.1 liter turbocharged engine, essentially a detuned version of the engine found in the SSP Dimension Rift. It is expected to be Dimension’s volume seller in Asian markets and to complement the RWD Hadron in the mid size sedans market for the average commuter, while the Hadron remains for the sportier buyer.

##Technical Data


Code: LV21DTEI
Configuration: 2.1 liter Cast Iron Inline 4
Heads: Aluminum 24 valve DOHC with VVT and VVL
Aspiration: Turbo with air to air intercooler
Fueling: Bosch Direct Injection with single throttle bodies
Recommended Fuel: 91 octane
Redline: 7000 RPM
Power: 242 HP @ 6400 RPM
Torque: 286 NM @ 5300 RPM
Transmission: 6 speed automatic with viscous diff
Engine Weight: 160 KG


Code: MRL22
Body: Advanced Steel Monocoque with Aluminum bodywork
Tires: F 225mm R 225mm R18 Touring Tires
Suspension: F MacPherson Strut R Multilink with progressive springs and gas dampers
Brakes: F 325mm 3 piston vented disc R 260mm 1 piston disc with ABS
Curb Weight: 1445 KG
Safety: Multipoint airbags with lane departure sensors
Steering: Electric Assist
Driver Aids: Traction Control and Stability Control


Seats: Faux leather seats with faux leather door trims
Dash: Soft plastic dash with faux steel and chrome trim
Radio: LCD screen with satnav/Android Integration and climate control with 10 speaker unit
Seating: 4

The vehicle is expected to go for the equivalent of US $25,000

The Rest of the Dimension Family

Dimension Hypero V12

640 Horsepower V12 sent to the rear wheels with a 7 speed manual gearbox, the Gran Tourer done perfectly.

Dimension Rift SSP Turbo 4WD

Sports car destroying performance in a practical body. The Rift SSP is the ultimate compact sports hatchback.

Dimension Rift 1.8 FT

A new compact for a new generation. With space and utility rivaling that of a crossover and sports car like dynamics, the Rift is the sensible choice for the commuter and the emotional choice for the driver

Dimension Hadron 2.6

The executive mid size sedan, featuring key features such as a buttery smooth Inline 6 and rear wheel drive. The Hadron is definitely a future classic for enthusiasts.

Dimension Hadron Spec R

A return to the true sports sedan with a massive emphasis on driving dynamics and pleasure over acceleration or lap time numbers. Something that is sadly missing today.

Dimension Axino 2.6

On road civility and performance meets incredible offroad prowess. Tackle any sort of terrain in absolute comfort and refinement.

Dimension Axino SSP 7.0

Unlimited opulence, performance, and practicality. It won’t do off road trails that well anymore, but few cars can claim to be able to pull a trailer at 120 MPH.

Dimension Symmetry 3.1

The end word in American luxury. Experience refinement, civility and luxury on a different level.

Dimension aSymmetry 7.0 SSP

Ultimate performance, Ultimate luxury, Ultimate class.

Dimension Tau GT31

Look like 200, drive like 100, go like 60, sell for 40.


There’s never a dull moment in the whole Dimension range… You nailed it with the presentation of your lineup!


Maesima along with our luxury division Sachiuri is proud to be representing the great nation of Anikatia and to do so we will be bringing you show-stopping presentation in Antiyita unveiling a host of new production vehicles along with massive display showcasing all current and refreshed models in addition we will be displaying a number of fan favourite concepts and historic racing legends from the companies history.

Sachiuri will also be offering free self-directed sightseeing tours in the long-awaited all-new RWD sports car. The naturally aspirated version of Sagitta will be provided for a select number automotive journalists to test drive around the beautiful Yekkwae mountains that overlook capital. These twisty drivers roads will allow journalists to really test our vehicles handling prowess while taking in some of the best views of the vibrant metropolis of Antiyita.

The Antiyita International Motor Show will also mark the debut of all-new models. The first ever Chinese market only Maesima MQX-2 compact crossover SUV is a bold and innovative new segment-defying vehicle.

While Sachiuri will be displaying the all-new sL100x compact crossover for the US and select global markets including China.

But one of the most striking debuts will be the first ever Maesima MQX-3 the global compact crossover SUV is exactly what you want from Maesima! Listening to our customers who were wowed by our innovative HX-R concept car debuted last year in Paris. It’s stunning design and hot hatch performance was a real show stunner.

Now we introduce this family friendly MQX-3 the newest in our MQX family crossovers that bring a new level of style and innovation to active lifestyles. The new MQX-3 takes inspiration from our HX-R concept car with its hot hatch heritage and reimagines it into a taller more active and family-friendly form.

Despite this, it retains the hot hatch looks while utilising our critically claimed MCA-engine family along with our ActivTrac-X all-wheel drive system optional on the two highest grades making sure you can tackle any adventure with secure and safety.

Maesima will be showcasing the refreshed Devina, Reveho, Prova and MRZ-3 range along with the current Avellca, MQX-4, MQX-5, MQX-6, and Levitas models.

Sachiuri will be showcasing the naturally aspirated version of the Sagitta (Which will be badged and known as the Maesima MRZ-9 within select markets in which the Sachiuri brand has not yet entered.) with a hybrid variant jointly developed with Saminda expected later in this year. The all-new top of line sL1000 full-size luxury sedan will be unveiled and showcased along with the sL100x and current sL200 range.

The planned sL800 sedan has been delayed due to unforeseen design and production issues. A further four luxury sports activity crossover type vehicles are expected within the next few years to be based on the platforms of current Maesima crossovers and SUVs.

List of major exhibits

Maesima exhibits

Sachirui exhibits

Full details to follow on main threads released soon.


Coolness overkill, brain system shutting down :astonished:

BTW, I’d love to see a comparison test of the sL1000, IMP L8, Erin Aventa and Zavir Squalo :slight_smile:


Of course Cavallera gets left out :unamused:
Just kidding. Freakin Karakaze is like 180k, these cars aren’t.



I wouldn’t be so sure if you were generous enough while completing your Squalo order :wink: IIRC the Sportivo costs similar money, and the top luxury variants… far more :smile:


The L8 costs $275k firm so I guess you’re right after all.


@szafirowy01 @ramthecowy @Awildgermanappears Like with many, many cars on this forum, there needs to be a showdown for them. And I’m down to get down in such a showdown.

Ok, on with the show!

#Press-Only Day 2
We’re back at Antiyita once more to see what Thursday brought us, and the answer is: a lot! We’re not expecting many more announcements after this, but it does mean I now have a chance to actually drive some of these new cars. So, if any companies would like to receive a road test or special feature, please get in touch immediately.

OOC: I’d like it if everyone only sends me one car per company to begin with, just so everyone can get a chance and so that I don’t get bogged down in writing them. Cheers :smiley:

Monolith started the day with two new luxury trims of their Artisan and M161 off roaders. The Artsian L12 is, as they put it, “the most expensive pick-up truck ever”, and we’ve no doubt that they’re right; the price tag is $172k. We’re not sure why anyone would pay that much for such a vehicle, but they seem to be confident that there is a market for such a vehicle. The M161 V12 Turbo, however, does warrant its $183k price tag; its one of the most opulent SUVs I’ve ever seen, with a stunning interior and mountains of power. The 1% has just found its new road barge.

Zast has launched the Renegade compact, which really does push the limit for how simple a car can look. It looks far from modern, and the grey plastic door handles really did make me question why such a car has such a high price tag. Weirder still is that its a rear-wheel drive hatchback, meaning space in the back is rather limited, and the apparent lack of a 5 door model will certainly put off some buyers. Speed freaks, however, will be satisfied in that the $26k ‘Midnight Racing’ trim packs a 3.9l, 598 hp V6. What even. I’d love to be able to tell you what that feels like but sadly they haven’t released any further specs nor offered a test drive.

AL Autos revealed some new compact and lower budget models, which makes for a nice change from their high end market vehicles. The Irev is a fairly handsome 5 door hatchback which sadly falls flat on efficiency, managing a quoted 27 mpg, but is quite nippy with is 211hp engine. The slightly bemused looks of the Omnia should not put you off given that there’s a rather fast trim with a 333 hp Turbo i4 sending power to all 4 wheels (aptly named the 333 S), which at $43k could turn out to be a particularly sweet deal for a budget sports car. Rounding off today’s offering was the tiny Pacto mini-coupe, which actually turns out to be very fast for its size and also very light. The looks did not work for us, however, and there are better offerings in this market from other companies.

Some hot hatch news for you, Cornaldie have had a crack and introduced the 250R version of the Sprinter. We were impressed by the 200R model launched at Geneva, but this 250R is one made to compete with the top end of the hot-hatch market. 326hp, 0-60 in a blistering 4.5 seconds and a seriously impressive weight balance for such a car, it’s a marvelous little thing. And, very very good looking; we’re getting a slight previous-gen Subaru Impreza vibe from the front end, but it feels modern and fresh. I was particularly stunned by how nice it was to drive; not fidgety despite the low weight, not scary despite all that power. In fact it was really rather pleasant.
So what’s the drawback you ask? It’s the price. $44k! That’s a very, very tough ask, especially with the C2000R just around the corner.

Bonham introduced its midsize premium sedan, the Chaucer, to Anikatia today, and revealed the upcoming estate version of the car too. Little in the way of specs, though we expect it to be much the same as the standard car. We have to admit though, it really does look good in wagon form, with a low roofline and gently curving windows. Mmmmm.

Vinson Dynamics (who I wrongly called “Vision Dynamics” earlier, apologies!) gave us an energtic display of their new lineup, to some rather fitting music. First up was the murky orange coloured Devotion wagon. Bit of an odd name given that it sounds like the name some hippy has given to their VW Camper, but its quite the menacing looking thing. And apparently their own test driver says it’s mental, whoever this “Viper” is. Little in the way of specs other than that its very powerful and will top out at 385 km/h.

The 6th gen Pilot then followed, more specifically a hybrid variant of the car, capable of some excellent fuel economy for such a vehicle and starting at a low price for such a vehicle. It could be quite a good catch when it arrives next year, if you can deal with their grey plastic addition. It was followed by a rather good looking hot hatch called the ARES, which packs 250 hp and an AWD system. That certainly ticks all the modern hot-hatch boxes. We’ll have more on that when it’s released and we get to drive it.

Dimension unveiled its current Anikatian lineup, which now encompasses almost all of its vehicles, as well as its new Yatagarsu hypercar. This is the car that is expected to be front and centre of Forza Motorsport 7, and really is stunning to behold. Finely detailed, not too shouty, yet also exciting. And incredibly, they’ve made grey look like a good colour choice. Nice! The specs are everything you’d expect from such a car, the best detail of all being that its a V12 hypercar (a biturbo V12 at that). However, that very low weight should make it absolutely bonkers to drive, coming in noticeably lighter than many of its rivals.

A special edition of the Supernova was also revealed, certainly being the most menacing looking of them yet, as well as an updated version of the Andromeda sedan. The rest of their eclectic range was on display too, and there’s no denying that they now boast one the strongest performance car lineups in the world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Anikatian show without some home pride courtesy of Maesima and Sachiuri showing use some of the highlights from their lineup, with the biggest highlight of course being the Sagitta, which at long last is almost here (yes please, I would very much like a test drive given that I came within half a metre of having one at Geneva!). Chinese-only market models like the MQX-2 and a new “global compact crossover” called the MQX-3 were revealed by Maesima while another new SUV/CUV thing was launched by Sachiuri. Called the sL100x, it’s most likely going to be competing with the Shromet Parvus among others.

And now back to the Sagitta; now in final version form, this elegant, edgy and all-round stunning sports coupe is living up to the hyper. Still no word on specs, though I’m fairly sure I heard a V8 under the bonnet during my roadtest with it (as in near it, not in it…) back at Geneva. Though with any luck, I’ll be able to confirm this when I get behind the wheel. The only question left for this car is where Saminda’s version is. There was also version of the sL1000 on display, not quite ready to launch yet and far from having any definitive specs released for it, but I can confirm that it is quite the looker.

And that’s that for the press days! As I said before, we’re expecting a few more announcements and updates, but now it’s really time to get into testing some of these new cars.

-Gavin Anderson


The Skywarp has been a consistent sales success for LaVache since the 1980s, and the fourth generation is no exception.

Now in its sixth year of production, the car is every bit as stylish and competent as you’d expect. And with age comes maturity. The Skywarp has been in the Top 10 of Engineering Spotlight’s yearly customer satisfaction index since 2015. For 2018 it gains an updated infotainment system, the 6-speed DCT is now standard equipment on all models except the Skywarp R’s and has been recalibrated for more refinement and efficiency and the 3.1L EcoDiesel gains a 20hp bump to 280hp. Another addition is the 4.4L V6 from the 2018 Ramjet which is now available as an option on the X’s AWD trim. Just like the Ramjet it produces 420hp and 444Nm of torque.

2018 Skywarp X’s AWD 4.4:
4.4L DOHC V6, 420hp, 444Nm, 6-speed DCT, AWD, 1991kg, 25mpg combined, $48,950

2018 Skywarp G’s EcoDiesel:
3.1L DOHC V6 Turbodiesel, 280hp, 610Nm, 6-speed DCT, AWD, 1825kg, 35mpg combined, $42,685


##Assoluto and Himmel in talks with Antiyitan Motorsports Committee on reviving the Ridge Racer Grand Prix in Antiyita

The legendary and sorely missed Ridge Racer GP racing series made its last and grandest GP in Ridge State 10 years ago, however future events were cancelled due to a lack of interest and problems with organizers. While Assoluto’s Racing Team Solvalou and Himmel’s Phantomile Racing have moved on to FIA GT1 and GT3 for motorsports, there is a strong desire to return to the Ridge Racer GP from both the engineer and the higher ups. To redraw intrest back into the series, Assoluto and Himmel presented the modern E.O and Fatalita donned in classic Ridge Racer GP schemes and branding. The board hopes that many other manufacturers will be interested in joining the potentially revived nitrous packed racing series.

Photoshop done by @titleguy1