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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


Thanks for all the lovely lore, it’s a joy to read!


New York International Auto Show, 1954

Motor Press Release

Today marks a bold new direction for Ardent Motors. John Case, lead designer for the Cincinnati-based manufacturing titan, today passes the baton to his protege, Stanton Glass. Case and Glass teamed together to design a new model. And today, we found out just how big of a revolution it will be for Ardent.

Ardent has just unveiled a small car called the “Wren”, squarely aimed at the tastes of European buyers, as well as entry-level buyers Stateside who are looking for an even bigger bargain than the ever-popular Starlight series.

But this new car is a massive departure from Ardent’s existing engineering. Eschewing a traditional frame, Case and Glass have come up with a single-unit body that provides a unique level of rigidity, while keeping the car’s weight low.

Production is already in progress, and Ardent officials tell us that the first Wren models will be in dealerships starting in October.

Price shown is for Ardent Wren 100 Special. Model submitted, as well as model shown, is the Wren 120 Sport in Sunshine Yellow with Ink Black roof, which has a price tag of $999 in 1955 dollars.


Can I please enter with the car I posted here and senthere?


British International Motor Show, October 1954

Bogliq Automotive Stand

Proudly presenting the re-defined Bogliq Bastion Deluxe!

  • 69Kw of straight six power
  • Six adult seats, with seatbelts!
  • Smooth shifting Three speed manual gearbox
  • 157 Km/h top speed!
  • Annual service costs of only $63!

Price to you, driveaway… $853!!! (7917 AU’s)

And for the BIG reveal!!!

The ALL NEW Bogliq Buttress Engage!!!

The best value small car in Europe. Period.

  • 31Kw of power
  • Seats 4 adults
  • 112 KM/h top speed
  • Annual service cost of $29!!!

And all this for a miniscule $570 driveaway! (5295 AU’s)

With value this sharp you’d be a fool to purchase anything else!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq

Inflation website used

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@DukeOFhazards I said you could lol


sorry i just cant see the company in the list


We at Wasp are greatly confused by the things Europeans consider “cars”, but when in Rome… well we aren’t in Rome, we’re in South Hampton UK, and we’ve built a car SPECIFICALLY for Europe!


Never heard of South Hampton before, Southampton yes. Only joking lol


The car name is actually the LLA 300s. I realised pretty much as soon as I uploaded the image and CBA to change it.


I fear I’m going to have to skip 1955 - getting a new kitchen installed, so things are a bit chaotic over here atm.


I was looking at the Wren, and it looked like it was sleepy. I was wondering how you did that, and then I realized it was just how the scene was reflecting off the glass. awesome.


Manufacturer Name: Uspekh
Origin: USSR
Car Model Name: 100
Cost in 1955: $630

Advertisement appears in newspapers without prior warning:


Round closes in 3.5 hours (12 GMT)


wait wait i just noticed…

i totally thought it’s tomorrow.

but then i realised… the 29th isn’t on wednesday…



Will begin analysing tomorrow. Will hopefully get the next round started on saterday

I’ll probably never like mini’s again after this round


LOL. I thought to work with a mini base, but then thought that it would be very unAmerican :smiley:


The LMC Benevo Sport, so compact you can store it in your house. More room for Minis


I was waiting for 65 to unveil our Mini-esque vehicle because Front trans only opens in 62.


Longitudinal FWD m8… YIIP