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Another Design Challenge [ROUND 1 - Judging Published]


Remember CSC, this is him now, feel old yet?
Well, even being so much challenges right now at the Forum, for me, a only designer(and not good one too, but better then engineering), there is only few about it. The CSC, CSR demands too much of Engineering and etc etc. So this is it. A pure design challenge. I love judging others cars, its quite funny, as i made on CSC27, if you liked my judging, that was rushed but yeah, let me know.
So here is some rules:

  • The winner of each round, should judge the next round.
  • A user can submit a max of 2 entries.
  • A round can have subrounds: A european supercar of round x subround 1 and a GT3 version of it in round x subround 2 for example.
  • You need to post a Photo of your entry for each round

And i think thats it

And for round 1:
ADC#1 -> 90’ JDM Sport Cars

  • Model year need to be between 1990-1999
  • Only coupes or 3-door hatchbacks
  • “family” cars but in a special sport version(as type-R) are accepted
  • Keep it real
  • Dont go too “after”, its a production model after all
  • JDM are pretty special and “easy” to see type of cars, so uh, dont submit a USA one.
  • Even detail being appreciated as much, its not a win-thing. You can make pretty nice cars dont being detailist, but 4-fixture memes are not that good cars, put effort on it pl0x, i really like to see the good things in people cars and will love to say some advices to help.
  • See the inspiration, and follow it, im not asking for supercars with superthings, im asking for a sport one.
  • I will judge it by the look and that includes era correctness and “realism” et al, so yeah, the wheels and even the color(s) will be considerated, take that in mind, search before doing something.



Well, any complain, 24 hours to say, then i will open submissions. It will be open from 3/3/2020 till 10/3/2020, and thats it

Naming Convention:
Model name: ADC1 - @youruser
Trim name: Your car and brand name
Engine name and trim make what you want

Another Design Challenge [ROUND 2 - Waiting For Stable LCV4]

Uh, if anyone has interest in it pls let me know


In that regard, I think each design submitted should be period-accurate, right down to wheel shape and size as well as exterior color choice.


This is a great Idea but realism will require it to have some level of time accurate engineering to it. It wouldn’t be the deciding factor but it would stop people from making memes.

100% agreed. This is a good way to learn how to design cars of this period.


I think engineering it doesnt really matter. It wouldnt change anything about memes and its easy to say what is a meme, what is a low-effort entry(a meme too) and someone that its just not that “good” at designing, someone wanting to send a meme will do it in the same way, the person will be just losing time, cuz well, i will not lose mine.
btw, i will add that thing to the rules, @abg7, its a “detail” but yeah, its pretty important too.


i am really interested in making something for this challenge if it is open soon, are there any other technical perameters et/pu for stuff etc etc? @Arvok1


I already have a little something for this challenge. I may yet refine it a bit more, though.


No, its Just about design and putting effort on It, making a era correct and beautiful design, not any engineering


So as long as it isnt memey we have free reign engineering wise?


I’m going to assume engineering has no effect on the car’s looks so it won’t matter… that is, except for wheel size, tire dimensions, and ride height. Those things will need to look period correct (even if they don’t work so well).


Yep, exactly what GassTiresAndOil said.
I will not be aggresive about pretty basic designs, but it will not have a chance here, prolly, but well, i can still do advices about it. So, try your best, and i will love to see.


Hitobito Motor Company

Hitobito Muramasa GT

The Muramasa GT is made to be the most advance sports car in Japan. It has a twin turbo 3.1L V6, which produces 370bhp, that drives all four wheels through a 5-speed manual and an advance AWD system. The car is fitted with tonnes of state of the art technology, like traction control, adaptive air suspension, viscous limited slip differentials and active aerodynamics.

The Muramasa GT is made to be the best which Hitobito can offer, however all this technology and performance comes at a cost of £50,000.

More Pictures

Hitobito Muramasa GT - Download Link: Hitobito_-_Muramasa_GT.car (34.9 KB)

Car by @Valiant_Chord


So uh yeah… Impreza 22b rival.


Made by Volvo. lol


oh, i had to solve some rl problems so i forgot about open the submissions, so, submissions is open, the deadline is 11/03/2020, to stay with the 7 days time, good luck you ALL and dont forget to post a Photo of your entry in this thread
I really forgot about the Photo thing, but It really helps in early judging and First impressions, sorry about that


1995 Oktopus Stage1 RSX

Rally Spec eXperimental, the most extreme version of a car design for the rally stages. Equiped with AWD, 5 speed Manual and a 2 liters turbo 4 cylinder boxer producing 260hp and 291nm of torque, the Stage1 RSX do 0-100 km/h in 6.4 seconds (tested on Beam) and cost $22.600.


Ninomiya Vitras LX


1999 Atera Shiomi VS-T


Does this mean we can submit a convertible version as well? My submission in lore has a Targa-top version.


1998 Coyota Kushige 2.0 RS

Powered by a turbocharged 2.0L inline 4 engine making 254 hp @6500rpm with an AWD system coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. It does 0 to 62 mph in 5.8 seconds and has a top speed of 150 mph