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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca



LOL, that hits close to home :smiley:

Edit - dont’ want to double post…so…
I will have to work on it to lose extra 500 bucks, but somehow keep the weight and power of the kee version (900-ish and 145-ish)… But other than that… The somehow crowd favourite KHT of all time is now unrealized


Where are the bullet holes from certain incident? :wink:


The one that has bullet holes was a “Tsukuba R”, this one is basic, not even an “S”, those two versions are WAY too expensive to be legal for this competition. Besides, the colour closer matches the one that failed at touge :wink:
So far Tsukubas have been seen in a Touge challenge, Cross country race and a time attack challenge. This is really the most popular KHT since it fits almost everywhere, and isn’t too expensive. Sad though, cause I really like Adelaide and Sepang platform a lot more.

I think I will be selling it on basic tires, with steel wheels, it’s used car after all, and tuners can add those if they so desire. Will experiment a bit later on, now at work.


Anhultz Mimas Turbo for sale; 132k Miles (213k Kilometres)

(original manufacturer picture)

This thing has served me really well for 15 years since it was new. But time is taking it´s tolls on it now and i have to get a more modern car to keep up with all the useful comfort features they nowadays have…

It has an Inline 6 engine with stock turbo and 170hp sitting in the front of the car, sending it´s power to the rear wheels.

If you are interested, call [Number] and get it for only 9900$

Anhultz Nereid for sale; 23k Miles (38k Kilometres)

sorry about the color stains on the pic…

I bought this car as a trackday project to have some fun on the track at the weekends while also daily-driving it for some time. It has done a fantastic job at going fast, especially on tighter, twistier roads and tracks. But i do not need it anymore since i made my dream come true. I am now participating in a rookie championship and hope to become a real racing driver (like ASCAR or something).

Anyway, the rev-happy 210hp V6 is in the middle of the car, sending it´s power to the rear, ensuring good traction when accelerating as well as weight distribution for the :b:est handling. At 9999$ this cornering beast in perfect condition can be yours!

Race Team entry will follow as an edit to this post.


1990 Hermes Rallex RS

Price: 9109$
Drive type: AWD
Engine: Inline-4 Turbo
Horsepower: 227 hp
Gearbox: 5 Speed Manual
Color: incomprehensible red or orange, idk, should’ve picked another color, I guess
Body type: Sedan (very schport)

Official Hermes car brochure cover:

Hermes’ rally car turned into a street legal one
with Hermes’ own EATASS system (Engineered for Advanced Traction on All Surfaces System).

I’ve been using it for trackday purposes, so I didn’t drove it that much. It’s completely stock, except I had to change tyres everytime I go to a trackday. It’s also practical, I’ve been driving it to tracks with no problems. It doesn’t eat that much of a fuel for a sporty car.

The handling is great. AWD eats corners for breakfast like it’s nothing. It got great grip through the corners and it lets to accelerate from the corner earlier than its RWD competitors. The acceleration feels like it’s instant.

I’m sure with a bit of tuning and weight reduction it can go even faster, but I felt like leaving it stock.

The price is fixed.
Contact me: 1-800-872-9100 or BigBillHellChallengePissing32@gmail.com

Some photos from a parking lot with removed number plates:


TEAM RANT 13 are joining the Automation Sunday Cup Melee

The team leader will be Cruz Endsley and the driver will be Richard Cooper





We’ll see which one will get approved, but yeah, both under 10k!

Now if somebody were kind enough to send me a good VPN server address in Norway so I can do this off my laptop due to ships captain dns blocking everything including automation forums…


Indicating engine volume and more specific information (except horsepower, engine type and so on) is kinda not allowed >_>


So, I can’t state the useless headlight mods and the cc of a car I first presented about 2 years ago and everybody knows the stats of after a brief search of the forum.


Your ads are good, not too revealing. I’d like engine sizes left out but some cars have appeared elsewhere in the forums and there’s no hiding them. Some other rules like showing laptimes I would be more inclined to disqualify for.


Team “Cat eye”

Consisting of Team Leader “Bob O’Merry” and driver “Tina Whitestone”



While I cannot build a car for the initial phase of this, I am in like skin for the next phase of this challenge.

Team Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory and their driver, Rusty Kuntz, are browsing the classifieds now…


Offering #1:


Rare 1973 Bogliq Zealot Enthuse for sale!!!

Up for regretful sale is my '73 Zealot Enthuse. I’ve owned this l’il blue hornet since 1993 and in the last five years it hasn’t skipped a beat. The 130Hp engine still pulls strong, the gearbox still cycles like a rifle bolt and the power is sent to the rears, just like every good sports car should.

I’ve gotta sell because I’m looking to buy a matching numbers '69 Coyote 700AE and I need the extra cash (and driveway space! Hahaha).

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!!!

First to see will buy, priced to sell but I won’t go under so don’t bother to lowball me…

$7,752 Firm.


Offering #2:

Selling a rare personal import that I brought with me when I moved over from the UK. This car is in absolutely pristine condition, as I have basically babied her since new. She only has 20,000kms on the odometer, most of it highway driving. Never tracked and always kept garaged. Unfortunately I’ve got to let her go, as my wife is forcing my hand to try to get a deposit for a home.

If you know anything about this car, you’d know how much of a future classic it will be! Released in 1997 as a homologation special for Epoch’s entry into the Automation Rally Championship, it features a completely reworked turbo engine exclusive to this model. This AWD rocket will put many “sports” cars to shame, both in a straight line and around the twisties! A proper British alternative to the Evo and WRX!

Selling it for $9,991.
I’m not in any rush to sell so please no stupid offers.

Trafikjournalen (No cars needed at the moment)