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Automation Sunday Cup - Stage 2 (CLOSED FOR ENTRIES)



Year: 1996
Transmission: Manual 5 speeds
Price: 9998$

I sell a (wonderful?) Cabart-Danneville Tania with the turbo “6 cylinders”. The last owner said it has “an active sport suspension, only the I6 Turbo has this”, but I don’t know what is it. He also said it’s a FWD, I don’t know what does it change either…
But this car is very comfortable and fast ( I made 140 km/h on the highway, then my wife shouted at me: " I’M PREGNANT JASON, CALM DOWN OR I DIVORCE), and the cream colored leather interior is like it’s brand new.
I don’t know what to say more about this car, this is comfortable yeah…It sounds cool… But my wife said the engine is too loud and she also said she will divorce if the car isn’t more quieter.

Oh and yes, I have it since 2 weeks only, I sell it because I didn’t see nothing is aligned or centred on this car, I think the designer was a doggo who has autism.

Please buy, my wife want to divorce since she saw the front grill…
And yeah, womens doesn’t like it.


Well we might as well get this in now.

Team ‘Southend Or Bust’…Circa 1998

That’s right, it’s an alternative universe version of the boys made famous in The (Kinda) Grand Your and other such challenges from VicVictory.

  • James Hurley - 20 year old actually named after the Twin Peaks character by his mother, and not even for a joke. He’s still trying to wrap his head around the series, despite watching it on VHS for the third time. In this AU, he’s a dedicated lover of Oasis, Kate Moss and Stellar Artois cans, in roughly that order.

  • Seb Anitolo - 19 year old Spanish guy from Guadalajara studying abroad via this new thing called ERASMUS, provided courtesy of the “European Union” which he’s still trying to get his head around. He’s got his Reebok’s, bootcut jeans and his fringe has curtains, because while he hates to admit it, Leonardo DiCaprio in Bax Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet is his idol.

  • Martin Deenham - 20 year old with a not-so-secret love of this weird band from near Oxford called ‘Radiohead’. His friends think he’s mad for going on about computers being the end of us all, but he’s throughly convinced. On a more political note, he’s a proper “Things Can Only Get Better” New Labour supporter, repping that Blarite support wherever he can. Because it’s 1998 and all.


I thought police arrested him for his karma


'95 Hanson Harrier II Plus for sale

The Hanson Harrier II Plus is a mid-engined sports car capable of slicing through twisty roads with ease and launching itself out of corners like a jackrabbit.




Wait a minute…since this will affect RPing a lot…is this set in 1998?



It’s set in 1999, but since its all used cars, the cars go up to 1998.


Albatross Motors presents, more evidence that our engineers are just bonkers: The Albatross 570 ‘Sport.’ This incredible piece of engineering took one of our best Malaise Barges and souped it up to an insane degree. It’s powered by a perfectly adequately sized V8 engine producing 255 horsepower, with power going through the front wheels. The suspension has also been upgraded, allowing it to… well, not rip up a track, but close enough. If you are insane enough to want to buy this, please leave $9,173 in an unmarked envelope underneath the third chair from the door in the Albatross Motors Used Car Department. Someone will contact you using a withheld number.


Extremely Astounding and Totally Super Highly Intelligent Team

  • Matthew Donahaugh : 24yo british bloke that just wants to have some feckin awesome time
  • Scott Loughey : 23yo irish chap that met Matthew a few years back and shares the same passion for stupidity

Sale! 1985 Grehet Emotion GSi


first. the stats you need to know
1985 model year. the first year for this model.

Seats : 2
Fuel Eco : 11.8km/l*
Fuel : 91RON (but i fill it up with 95 occasionally)
Odo : 138,532 Km
2nd owner (first was my cousin)
Trans : 5 speed manual


Fuel Conversion

(my calculator still works just fine)

this is the infamous “let’s go fast but not too fast” of the time for people that wants to go all out, anywhere, anytime, without breaking anything. not the car, not the bank, not even the speed limit. and since it’s so cheap and has limitless potential, the original engine is often found gone, but not with this one. it’s still in there. the screaming DOHC powerhouse is still in there and in absolutely perfect condition. barely any mods ever touched it.

Asking price : $ 6,481


OK, good to know, has to make some changes then I guess.


Team Super Special - TSS
Fastest bois alive since 1969

  • Aki Agregaatti - The most special driver in Finland. Due to unfortunate events involving Aki’s mother and a faulty lawnmower, Aki was born literally with gasoline in his veins. Aki’s hobbies include Sunday driving and complaining about things. Beginner alcoholic.

  • Mauri Maanvaiva - Self proclaimed manager of the team. His actual duties include mopping the garage floor and checking the tire pressure. Professional alcoholic.

  • Masa Mainio - Master mechanic, he can repair virtually anything, except his broken marriage. Has been able to build a car from a sewing machine, roller skates and a milk jug. Amateur alcoholic.


Are you from Finland? Because I live close to the border and all of that sounds realistic and reasonable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes am of finlands


Team “AWNB”

A team of acrobatics pilots and avid petrolheads, Team AWNB are members of the “Acrobatic Wing of North Belfast” hence the team name.

Team Members

  • Lawrence Faulkner
    Former Mercernary pilot during the Yugoslav Wars, however was disgusted by the nature of the border conflict and thus left the force shortly after. He would later return to his home in Belfast becoming an acrobatic pilot.

  • Patrick J. Crow
    While recently joining “AWNB”, Patrick is one of the more skilled rookies, being able to keep up with Charles and Lawrence. During training and shows, his callsign is DJ due to his love for music.

  • Charles Y. Fera
    A former RAF Pilot, Charles flew under the callsign “Cypher” during Desert Storm. There he would become known as the “شيطان” by the Iraq forces. After the conflict, he would retire from the air force to join the “Acrobatic Wing of North Belfast”


Team Sunday Strikers

A group of former test drivers and racing team employees, now working freelance as amateur racers and mechanics.

Walter Thompson - Competed in the 1995 Great Automation Run and now seeks to prove his mettle against other drivers in the legal discipline of endurance racing.

Henry Norwell - Master mechanic from Oxfordshire who went on to found Norwell Performance Systems in 2000 after working in the British GT Championship for several seasons.

Pat Kingston - Team manager who has experience in the WRC but only turned his attention to circuit racing recently. Known to ponder the consequences of each tactical and strategic decision for minutes on end before choosing the one which works best for him… Most of the time.


Selling two Aeros vehicles:

1. 1989 Aeros Router GT
From the second year after the refresh that got rid of the bizarre pop-up headlights. Engine works reasonably well for what it is, a factory 3.7L DOHC V8 that was issued as a performance option (that, weirdly, got similar fuel economy to the base engine according to some).

2. 1997 Aeros Remex
Made in large part with Aeros’ Japanese partner (I forget the name), apparently to compete with all the other sports cars coming out of Japan these days. Unlike them, Aeros chose to market it on “value” above all else so it lacks many of the same creature comforts as its competitors (which is why I’m getting rid of it). The 3.6L SOHC V6 is a decent motor though.


1988 Armada Motors EVO RC Homologation Special - 9827$A

this is your chance to get your hands on the legend that never was. made to fit group b requirements, only never got to race. didn’t stop Armada from selling thousands of these absolute stonkers, bless them.

comes with a little Italian v8 for god knows what reason, updated with EFI for emissions regs. good for 243hp. revs to the moon, goes like stink. this one doesn’t have all the offroad doodads on it, even if the drivetrain is all rally underneath, but definitely potential. or could be turned into a real street machine. would defs blow away those Erin fanboys.

selling because moving back to 'straya and the buggers don’t allow LHD! call on +44 01632 ****** between 9am and 9pm. serious offers only, no trades.


Team "The Drunken Dragons"

One poor alcohol-induced decision at the pub later, a group of 3 fellas decided to use some savings to enter in the Automation Sunday Cup

Patrick Williams - the main driver

Nina McPherson - The mechanic / backup driver

Billy Put - The race engineer / manager


Just a heads up, the deadline is under 12 hours away for entering cars and race teams. Don’t worry if you already entered and don’t see you name on the list yet.