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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


@Leonardo9613 Cheers, I’ve updated the entry sheets now.

And just to add to the discussion on power and weight, heaviest car was around 1410kg, lightest around 1160 kg.


The test car I made for this season - which I ultimately didn’t enter - weighed 1181.5 kg - not quite the lightest, but close. Unfortunately, that meant I had to make do with only 240-ish horsepower for eligibility’s sake… And so I immediately began having doubts over its competitiveness in practice.


My one weighs 1144 kg, so I guess that is the lightest :slight_smile:


My car weighs 1091.9 KG so I guess that I am the lightest




The computers at the r & d department were stuck. There were some financial problems (too much spend on burned race oil and engine parts). The engine management caused a lot of engine failures. Not last but least, all test drivers were injured during tests.

This results in SPE Racing Team NL not participating this season.
Next season, SPE is trying to be the starting line!


I’m smack in the middle of that range with 1302 kg :slight_smile: (a little higher than mid-pack, but mid-pack anyways)


@stm316 Ok so I may forgotten some of the cars :sweat_smile:


i’m mid lower then. 1249.8kg. just cheating that 200 grams down. 260hp

because 1249.8kg * 0.208 = 259.95 forgiveable right? :joy: i spent a bit too much fine tuning the weight.


That why we have LSD’s :wink:
Drivability is around 41 I think… And weight is on the limit as allways.
I’m not counting on anything major this round as it was a superfast build but damn top 5 is a must :smiley:


I think my car will do a very poor championship. It’s a shame we can’t review the car during the season, like a large number of championships. But it’s motorsport baby!


I’m guessing i’m going to make mid-pack as usual.


264hp. Drivability 48ish?


I am so hoping for some good racing, but probably not from me.

Actually it’s the 2.4 liter Merna de-bored :wink: I felt like basing my build off your trim would be cheating on my part.

Also I completely missed the fact that I could build an engine from scratch :smiley: , so I tuned the Erin unit. Wouldn’t make much sense lore wise anyways, unless I could slot in a de-turbo’ed unit from the Adelaide… better not think about it. Too late now :smiley:

I think that a most of people would be running somewhere about 280-310 hp. It just makes sense to push the engines hard.

… because… it is nice… to get the family together from time to time? :smiley:

I do not think you are now realizing that I am the heaviest on the grid Also I think I’ve found my direct competitor


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to create a decent ATCC car to enter, as I was building engines in the UE4 version of automation, but hopefully if there’s a second ATCC season I will probably compete in that!


Not sure how competitive mine is. We’ll just have to wait and see the how the first race pans out. Though I was pushing out 300 hp and had to detune the engine to meet restrictions. Won’t know what that means until we see some lap times. Actually running on 257 hp now.


Let’s just say the Erin marketing executives would like it named a certain way :wink:


I’m crushed not to have been able to make the deadline. This is exactly the kind of thing Armada would have signed up for. It’s actually kind of a lore travesty I couldn’t make it.

But there’ll surely be other opportunities so I’ll be ready next time! Here’s to some raciiiiiiiing


Oh… KHT has fired most of those ever since the Schwarzwald disaster in mid 2000s’. We are now using a random idea generator made out of a pool of manatees and huge cirus balls with words on them.


Hopefully my weight can make up a near 70hp deficit