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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


Hopefully tomorrow’s race won’t go as bad… drivers need to git gud.


@squidhead Thanks!

Just need to confirm that I have tomorrow’s race all written up and ready to go, but I’m currently away for the weekend so I’m doing everything by mobile and hence won’t have a chance to clean up the spreadsheets, sorry about this. Bare with, it will get better!


Howler got away once more…damn you :slight_smile: nice work deus, looking forward to the next one!

Wohoo best sportines in FWD car :smiley:


#Race Report
Please bare with the crappy presentation, I haven’t been able to change it, will be sorted out for the following races!

Our round at Sachsenring saw another Howler victory, though they didn’t pull out the same kind of lead they did at Brands Hatch. 2nd and 3rd once again went to the JET-Racing tuned Scarab Flare and the Chullu RS of Smooth Racing. Erin’s Harry Vincent went to toe to toe with Andre Vaillancourt of Z Motorsport, the American-Italian team’s new driver being noticeably tidier than the British team’s weathered touring car racer.

Infinity and Komodo finished close behind, with the latter almost coming off the track one time but keeping things in check. KHT came a close 8th having pulled out a 5 second lead over Sachiuri and JHW, who battled it out throughout the duration of the race and had a photo finish. François Jabouille brought home his Quasar RS to finish 11th after a very tidy race, tailed by the Cornaldie and Merciel.

Riley Stephenson in the IDH Carthage had a number of run-ins with Yasmin Rodrigues’s Gamma Havoc, his rear bumper coming loose after some contact on lap 12. Bamtech’s Tueton Turbotorc chased them with all its might, but couldn’t quite make it into the points. The Maesima and STF were in a similar position, coming 17th and 18th overall.

Kimura had quite a tough run in this race; despite managing to hold everything together, they couldn’t catch-up to the rest of the mid-field. Loan Fierar of Bogliq had a similarly tough time, having a few tricky moments and being bugged by Shinjiro Ikeda in the Zenshi throughout.

The Vinson-Ares team were falling behind by the halfway point, as were EcaMobile, though they did manage to finish slightly better than at Brands Hatch. Meanwhile, right at the back, Sabre and Contendiente had a close race, but were simply outpaced on this fast, speed-favouring track.

The championship standings after Race 2 are as follows.


Oh yeah, it goes very nice :smile: And I didn’t write it before, but I like the wirting - simple yet interesting :slight_smile:


Up into 9th, there we go! Let’s hope the almighty RNG remains in our favour :sweat_smile:


@szafirowy01 Cheers! Just wanted to add something to spice it up a little.


Grrrrr lost 2nd because of error… Mr. Fetus will hear about this.


Meep meep. :slight_smile:

I made a livery because who needs sleep. Sponsors in good fun of course.

Deus, great writeup again. :slight_smile:


I will have to give Eric a raise, seeing as he made an almost flawless race and managed to keep ahead of Smooth :slight_smile:

@HowlerAutomotive Is that the 2.8m wheelbase? Nice livery, btw :+1:


Penizoil :joy:


Moved up to 10th. Satisfactory performance from Cranked Up Dummies.


Well, ok, it’s not as hopeless as I thought. Can’t wait for the next race


Looks like Merciel arent doing too good. Probably going to have to do more tests next season to see if we can improve it.


It’s a case of deja vu, what with all the podium finishers from the previous race occupying the top three spots (and in the same positions to boot). If I needed proof that the smaller version of the not-A7 body was somehow the best choice for this series, here it is. By the way, is the Effigy ATCC front- or rear-drive? At least I understand why it has a wing up front - it couldn’t turn in so quickly otherwise.

In fact, I have a hunch that the not-A7 body was chosen for its superior aerodynamic efficiency, even in its smaller size.

Also, at Sachsenring, this was a top priority for the contenders:

As such, with 240-odd bhp, I would have feared that my ZV2 would most likely struggle to get a good result at this track… had I actually entered it.

And now that I know that the Effigy is built on a front-drive platform, I fully understand why its wing is up front instead of at the back: it keeps the front tires firmly stuck to the ground.


right. so it’s now my driver that’s making 13 mistakes… let’s see if this trend continues. and see if there’s something weird going on in the background



FWD, alu-body to get weight to the limit. This was my fastest/most-developed test car from when the challenge was first posted. I was pretty sure it could put up a good fight, though its dominance so far is a very pleasant surprise.


Nonsense, unless you’d tune it poorly. Luna has just 238 hp and did well here.


And what’s wrong with tuning cars poorly? I’ve found I’m a natural at it. :laughing:


Nothing, my ABL entries weren’t that good too (even though I’m not a beginner…). Just that power doesn’t mean much here, as the cars have more or less equal power to weight ratio.