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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Montes Urban MK6: https://www.beamng.com/resources/montes-urban-mk6.4372/

Montes Zender MK2: https://www.beamng.com/resources/montes-zender-mk2.4316/

(Note. Both mods includes all trims).


The FAAL Tetra and Coupe were a lot of fun to drive! Would you mind sharing the original .car files to play around with?


1978 Malamute
Malamute - 4x4 Pickup.car (32.3 KB)

Intended to be a Diesel manual off roader, obviously it doesn’t behave at all like a Diesel, yet its weird engine power curve and dynamics makes it quite fun to drive on off road situations. I recommend you try it on this map.
IMPORTANT after you spawn it, please click the “recover vehicule” key, so it loads again with the intended torque curve and power.

Original thread here.


Retro-Age Motors - '70 Sidewinder GS.car (41.2 KB)

Left, 1970 Sidewinder GS. On the right, 1969 Sidewinder GTX.

For the 1970 model year, air conditioning is now standard equipment. The 440-3C v8 engine produces enough power to run the A/C and propel this car to a top speed of 119 mph. You didn’t hear this from me …but my brother-in law, Cid. He owns Tuned For Street. That shop over on Harper ave., next to the market. He’ll take that auto trans out and put in a sweet shifting 4-speed. I hear this car will hit close to 130 mph just like last years model. Tell’em I sent you and he’ll cut you a deal …!


I’m happy to announce that…

…my Subaru Impreza WRX STi inspired car, 2019 Cellia Fidelia GRS is now available to download! Here’s the thread link if you wanna know the details:

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Cellia Fidelia - GRS (BX).car (51.6 KB)


The Rivera Mondello, a pre Malaise American compact, is available to be downloaded in the assorted cars thread!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


(Hi, and welcome again… To my garage of junk!)

(1985 HTA KF-T S-Turbo)

750kgs, and 200HP from a Turbo 1.6L I3. Who said FWD is for "suckers" ?

KF-T - S-Turbo.car (28.2 KB)

(1987 HTA SHT V10)

It’s a Huge truck. Heavy, Reliable, With nothing fancy. Just 370HP from a 8.0L V10 to answer any questions.

'87 SHT - V10.car (23.9 KB)

(2019 HTA XMT GT-R)

This IS the definition of a Track car. With 550HP, Extreme weight reduction and Improved aero. Even the ladies like it too.

'19 XMTn - GT-R.car (29.0 KB)


Your car surprised me. I thought it would be hard to control without a game pad device, but it handled like a dream on my keyboard. It was smooth controlling the car and the car was quiet, a feature I really like since I live on a street were folks do a lot of car testing on the weekend.

Holt …your Suro- Base was a wonder to drive. It handled like a mid-sized car instead of a full sized SUV.
Thank you both for the upload!


Don’t double post. Please edit your previous ones, tagging each user please. Thank you


CSR 74 - Nicking HC - CSM Hibiki RS.car (35.5 KB)

My first entry to pass CSR’s demanding first round, a mid-engined V6 track machine. Maybe have been inspired by the Mitsubishi 3000GT, although there is a lack of girth and double turbos.
Some say it’s a bit sketchy on its limit, but what’s life without a little danger, right…?

Competition H - Nicking HC.car (34.3 KB)

A former Automation Car Design Competition entry, the Eida was a bit let down. Mainly by my absymal ideas of what a hypercar should look like.
However, after a few months of maturity, as well as helpful input by fellow member @machalel, this girl has a better designer dress to impress. It’s part fancy, part scary; there’s that modern stuff like pushrod suspension and active aero, but there’s also a 7-liter V12 right behind your neck, coupled to traction that’s mostly focused on said area…

Here’s hoping you enjoy these two opening shots, let me know how they translated to Beam language!


Thanks a lot for the short review! I’m glad you liked it.
@Holts I’m glad you liked it. Thanks a lot!


@TheAgathaNakai Nice car there! Drives Really well!


This is a Massive muscle car Built by DM for the purpose of cruising around it wasent built to go fast but it can with its massive 8.7 litre V8

The DM super cruiser was the best selling car of dm in the 60s

Engine:8.7 LITRE V8
MPG:5 if hard on it 9-10 if cruising at a constant speed of 60MPH/100KMH
Production years:1959-67
Units produced:103,000
Top speed:105MPH quesed{haven’t messuard it


Engine:1.1 Litre I4
MSRP 8000$
production years:80-88
MPG 36-40


HA Future V8
HA Future - Future Premium V8.car (22.4 KB)

The variant i post here is the V8 variant because when testing the 2.5L Inline 5 (181hp) i found it was a little to “slow”.So this is the 323hp variant of that car.Double clutch 7 speed transmission with manual lock differential.I tried new design.Enjoy :wink:


The 1958 Fenton Everette

In a strange world world where a 1950s American car had FWD, there was the Fenton Everette, the car that started a now renowned brand – Everette.

Apart from the FWD, its the complete 1950s American car experience. Excessive and garish styling, soft suspension, loads of body roll, sketchy brakes, and borderline anemic straight-6.

Fenton Everette - Standard L6.car (65.6 KB)


Can you give us a tutorial on how to pack multiple automation cars into one beamNG drive mod?


here you have it



1988 Enula Mocca. A kei car with great handling. Also including 2 versions tuned by Civetta

KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca by MV Design.car (38.2 KB)
KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca by MV Design Civetta Tuned Clone.car (45.5 KB)
KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca by MV Design Civetta Tuned.car (43.4 KB)


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Sorry, I’ve forgotten of the 24h rule