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Bridgell Motor Company


Here’s BMC’s heritage & releases museum, including every car we made since our start at a post war joint venture between a failed british parts manufacturer and a brazilian design studio (MV Design). MV Design was responsible for most of the design, while the now called Bridgell Motor Company would be producing and selling the vehicles, and also being responsable for the design of the vehicles focused on the transportation/fleet/service market. The vehicles here aren’t in chronological order.

1995 Bridgell Avallante: A small sedan for 3rd world markets, with some european inspiration


1995 Bridgell Cammomilla: A tiny city car focused on young drivers. Unfortunally, the world wasn’t ready for it’s avant garde looks, so it was quickly discontinued.


1978 Bridgell Kengha: The single worst car on automationverse. It was hard to find customers for it, but surprisingly it got more than 120 points on Budget Family in Archana!


Bridgell Kengha - Hatch.car (34.4 KB)

This is the Bridgell Flatt Eco, one of the most boring things you could drive in 1996. Well, this base version at least. It proved to be just what Bridgell needed for a image revamping. By the name, you’ve already might had figured out that it had a flat four engine, one of the few interesting layouts in the brand’s history.


Bridgell Flatt - Eco.car (33.3 KB)

That’s the GT version of the Flatt, now you have more power on the 2.5l Boxer, a sportier tuned suspension and gearbox, bigger brakes, alloy wheels, fog lights, a small spoiler, a sportier front grill and bumper, traction control and a nicer interior.


Bridgell Flatt - GT.car (35.9 KB)

The GTD version of the Flatt. It adds a 4WD drivetrain, better wheels and a recalibrated suspension.Also a sportier hood, even more agressive front bumber, a wing, and a ventilated rear bumper.


Bridgell Flatt - GTD.car (40.1 KB)

And the version everybody was waiting for! The GTT is offered only on a sportier 2 door coupe body, with race bumpers, wing and hood made from our own blend of FRP, a Twin-Turbocharged 2.5 engine, sport interior and suspension, bigger brakes and beautifull golden wheels. This version is a homologation special for our entry at the ARC (Automationverse Rally Championship), so a limited number of cars is certain.


Bridgell Flatt - GTT Coupe.car (37.2 KB)

2 Versions of the Flatt, a wagon and a pickup (with a chrome wrap)


Bridgell Flatt - GTD Pickup.car (39.3 KB)
Bridgell Flatt - Eco Wagon.car (33.9 KB)

1982 Gavril Barstow/Bridgell Omnibus. This car was sold in Gasmea and Fruinia with this respective names. A small coupe with a 2.2 Turbo engine trying to revive an old muscle car image.

'82 Gavril Barstow - Turbo.car (37.1 KB)

This is the Bridgell Go Getter. A small monocoque pickup with a turbo 1.8 engine. I know, all wrong for a truck, but that’s how the new trucks are coming out here in Brasil. Highly based on Fiat Toro’s specs.


Bridgell Go Getter - Turbo.car1 (35.0 KB)

The Bridgell Horizon was a 50’s premium car, with coupe, sedan and wagon variations. A race version was built for promoting the vehicle, but it didn’t had much success.


Bridgell Horizon - Sports Coupe V8.car (49.6 KB)


Bridgell Horizon - Sedan V8.car (50.4 KB)


Bridgell Horizon - Wagon V8.car (61.3 KB)


Bridgell Horizon - Racing Coupe.car (37.3 KB)

For entering a new decade, in 1989 the third generation of the Joy is presented. Boasting a revised version of the known and loved Lamp 1300 engine, on probably it’s last iteration, and driving dynamics sure to surprise even the most exigent driver, bringing, as it’s name inplies, lots of driving joy. Starting at only 8744$, it will sure be able to bring joy and independence to even the thinniest walleted citizen. A new torsion beam rear suspension is presented on this generation, making it the best handling Joy ever. Come feel the Joy at any of the thousands of Bridgell dealerships though Europe!


RLS - Marcus_GT500 - Bridgell Joy MK3.car (39.5 KB)

An always more to come.

Derrickson Parts & Tuning - Get more out of your cars
Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)
Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

The '82 turbo coupe looks awesome. Most designs on that bodyshape end up looking like an AE86 Corolla but you managed to give some American flavour to the front end. Great job very well done!


Thank you. It was mainly inspired by the Dodge Charger of that era.


Orchid is the luxury subsidiary of Bridgell Motors Corp. The new Gisa comes equiped with a state of the art V8 engine, based on our ZART Championship design, Producing 470 hp. Adjustable hidropneumatic suspensions guarantee the most confortable ride ever. Only the best materials are present on the interior. Top quality surround sound system for the most exigent music afficcionado. All that greatness for only 43,300$.


CSR82 - Marcus_GT500 - Orchid Gisa.car (40.6 KB)

Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

One of the first Bridgell automobiles was the Deity. With a tiny, motorcycle derived 800 cc engine, it had just enough power to move our fellow brits to the tea houses and back. A sport version was also made, for the folks that prefer the black coffe houses. And also a tiny truck that didn’t had much success.

Bridgell Deity - Sedan.car (31.4 KB)
Bridgell Deity - Pickup.car (32.0 KB)
Bridgell Deity - Sedan Sport.car (34.5 KB)


The Bridgell Magnum was offered as a luxury SUV proposal, with besides having nice looks, was lackluster on the performance department. A shame I must add.

CSR 85 - MarcusGT500 - Bridgell Magnum.car (66.5 KB)



The Bridgell Talon is the pinnacle of Bridgell’s tecnology development. A no compromisses supersport capable of carring all your worries away with a single throtle smash. There’s two versions , the 1000BX, packing 1000hp of pure enjoyment:

And the 1500BX, presenting you 500hp more, along with exterior revisions, retuned suspension and the ability to pull wheelies! Take easy on this one!

Bridgell Talon - 1500BX.car (37.8 KB)
Bridgell Talon - 1000BX.car (37.3 KB)


Well, there goes your ability to sell it in any market :stuck_out_tongue:


Only using the special key to unlock it’s full potential, sold at a “small” fee.

Also, if the dodge demon exists…


Are you saying “hoon” isn’t a demographic?


This is the Bridgell Commonfolk. Quess whose were the target clients? At least it have a 5 cilinder derived from bridgell’s old group B motor.

Bridgell Commonfolk - L.car (31.6 KB)


This is the Bridgell Supergrass, our standart 13 hp lawn mower. Pretty handy on any terrain. Lock the diffs to simulate a real pulley drive lawn mower.

Bridgell Supergrass - 13 HP.car (24.7 KB)

Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

The Orchid Lilium 8.32 is a premium sedan, great to transport your kids due to the MV Design TG2 sourced engine, a flat plane twin turbo V8 that on this version, received a cross plane crankshaft, and swapped the turbos for a silent exhaust. STILL it’s a TG2 Sourced engine, so BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS. This version had a heavy oversteer at speed problem even being FWD, with had spawned a recall, and was solved on the Phase 2 car released the year after. Have I mentioned that the rear wing is retractable? There’s a slot for it on the tailgate, and it automatcally comes out at 100km/h.

Orchid Lilium - 8.32.car (40.7 KB)


One of the last Bridgell Talons produced is being modified and tested for a possible upcoming challenge. What could it be?


With those dual turbines in the back, it certainly looks like a spiritual successor to the Synthwaver… And ought to be just as fast.


It sure is a inspiration. And faster (and more controlable) than the SBR4 on BeamNG’s cyber city is any good to you?


Here’s a obscure classic, produced only because we could. We partner with Haulers, to bring you the Bridgell-Haulers Roadster, a american take on a european classic. And of course it have a V8, why you ask?

Bridgell-Haulers Roadster - V8.car (24.6 KB)


Fiat Brava :smiley:


I’ve decided to revamp the Kengha with the new parts avaliable and new techniques I’ve learnt.

There’s also a race version now.

Bridgell Kengha - 3.5 Integrale.car (47.9 KB)
Bridgell Kengha - Hatch.car (40.9 KB)


Metamorphosis ocurring…