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Car Company Directory


Radian Car Company
Website or thread: Radian Motor Vehicles
ID: 1940666


Name of the company: Genua-Beneventi Fabbrica S.p.A. (GBF)
Owner: @Rk38
Website or forum thread: GBF Thread
Established: November 12, 1967
The Company ID: #1967121


Name of the company: LinkLuke Autos (LLA)
Owner: @LinkLuke
Website or forum thread: https://priorprods.wixsite.com/llavirtual
Established: March 8, 1950
The Company ID: #1950308


Name of Car Company: Dainz-Polezei Motors
Owner of company: Gradarobett
Website or Forum thread: Dainz Motors
Established: November 19th, 1932
Company ID: 1932372


Name of Car Company: Atom Motors
Owner of Company: macbookacer
Forum Thread: Atom Motors - The Car Company of America
Established: July 17th, 1940
Company ID: #1940891


Name of Car Company: TKZ Autotecnica
Owner of company: @FalseDevz
Website or Forum thread: [COMING SOON]
Established: 2005 (December 7th)
Company ID: #2005037


Name of Car Company: Dillon Motors
Owner of Company: bastormonger
Website or forum page: Dillon Motors
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946354


Name of Car Company: Verais Automobile
Owner of company: ArtyomRanger
Website or Forum thread: Coming soon
Established: 1980
Company ID: 198011


Name of Car Company: Scagliati Motori
Owner of company: MrChips
Website or Forum thread: Scagliati Motori SpA - Serenity and Dominance. Presenting The All-New Scagliati Zoccarato Scoperta. Continuing A Proud Name
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946346


Name of Car Company: Ceder Automobile S.A
Owner of company: @Mythrin
Website or Forum thread: Ceder Automobile Groupe | Ditane S.A | '48 Abeille
Established: 1928 February 8
Company ID: #1928466


Name of Car Company: Rapido Motors (RM)
Owner of company: @findRED19
Website or Forum thread: http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/rapido-motors-official-thread/24949*

Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946030


Name of Car Company: Monarch Motor Company (MMC)
Owner of company: Carl Montag, CEO
Website or Forum thread: Monarch Motor Company (1955 -
The company ID is worked out by: 1965219


Name of Car Company: Albertuni Motor Co.
Owner of company: F.A
Website or Forum thread: Albertuni Motor Co
Established: 2017
Company ID: #2017324


Name of Car Company: Merriam Motor Company (MeMC) GmbH.
Owner of company: FalseDevz
Website or Forum thread: Merriam Motor Company [GmbH] | Kee / UE4 Hybrid
Company ID : 1992037


Name of Car Company: Renegade Automotive
Owner of company: TheEpicRanger6
Website or Forum thread: Renegade Automotive | The Classic American Company
Established: 1943, July 4

Company ID: #1926423


Name of Car Company: GGA - Griffin General Automotive
(previously known also as British Griffin Automotive, British Motors Group and Griffin Automotive; includes such brands as Griffa, Iolar, Orion, Blakesley, Keighley, Augustine, Empress and many others)

Owner of company: @szafirowy01
Website or forum thread: soon? Maybe tomorrow.
Established: 1979 (as Griffin General Automotive, most brands established a lot earlier)
The company ID: #1979823 (does anyone care about these yet?)

Just usual me - making more companies, publishing zero cars in each… This time I have cars before making the company, as they were even published on the forum and entered into competitions.


Name of Car Company: Moshou
Owner of company: carmaster93
Thread; Moshou Motors. Innovation at its peak
Established: 1980 18th September


Name of Car Company: Kasai
Owner of company: goblin95
Website or Forum thread: Kasai Motor Co
Established: 1955, January 2

Company ID: #1955095


Name of Car Company: Pararaxy
Owner of company: PlatinumSolace
Website or Forum thread: My Car Designs and Ideas
Company ID: 1966054


Name of Car Company: Leviathan Motor Company (LMC)
Owner of company: Chickenbiscuit
Website or Forum thread: Leviathan Motor Company (LMC) - 1951 Captain
Established: 1949
Company ID: #1949217