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Car Company Directory


Name of Car Company: FangWeng Ltd.
Owner of company: Flamers
Website or Forum thread: None yet
Established: 1975
Company ID: #1975999


Name of company: Blackbird Tuning
Owner of company: TheAlmightyTwingo
Website or forum thread: Blackbird Tuning
Established: 24th of August 1948
Company ID: 1948865


Name of Company: Velvet Motors Corporation (Cashton and Jedson
Owner of company: Crash77
Website or forum thread: Not up.
Established: 1902 (Cashton) 1923 (Jedson) 1953 (Velvet Motors Corporation)
Company ID: 1916333


Name of company: Romanov Automobiles (Leningradski Avtomobil’ni Zavod)
Owner of company: SeriousSimon
Website or forum thread: Click here
Established: 1955
Company ID: 1955834


Name of company: Daito Motors Japan
Owner of company: MasterDoggo
Website or forum thread: Daito’s models register
Established: 1966
Company ID: 1966674


Name: FG GmbH and subsidiaries
Owner: @asami
Thread: FG GmbH
Established: 1942
Company ID: 1942722


Name of Car Company : KOPO North American Motors
Owner of Company : @pasinenkovarpos
Forum thread : KOPO (North American Motors)
Established : 1946
Company ID : #1946136


Name of Car Company : Canadian Motors

Owner of Company : @benjamintamilia

Forum thread :

Established : 1936

Company ID : #1936256


Name of Car Company: Maxton Motors, Inc.
Owner of company: cardude
Forum Thread: Link
Company ID: 1938002
Year Founded: 1938


Name of Car Company: Stoneleigh Motor Company, Ltd
Owner of company: cardude
Forum Thread: Link
Company ID: 1912002
Year Founded: 1912


Name of Car Company: Troll Plastik & Bilindustri
Owner of company: cardude
Forum Thread: Link
Company ID: 1956002
Year Founded: 1956


Car Brand: Spectre Machines
Owner: m.gibson
Founding: 1946
ID: 2018572

Spectre Machines was founded in 1946 with the goal of providing Gasmea residents with a quality, reliable automobile built in their home country. Their first model, the Spectre 100 was an instant success due to it’s cheap construction. The 1946 Spectre Shadow also became a beloved car among racing enthusiasts. In the late 1950’s Spectre broke ground when they developed the 200 E92, the first automible to break 20 MPG average in Gasmea. The 1960’s brought an exciting time for Spectre. In spring of 1960, PXR, Phantom Experiments and Racing, a performance division for Spectre opened. Just two years later, they’d enter the 300PXR in several rally races. The 214hp 6-cylinder Boxer would not perform well, but it would lead to a rebirth of Spectre’s sales and the call for Spectre Machines outside of Gasmea. The idea that a small company could put up a fight with well established companies sparked interest and sales. The 300 sold well in all variants, but most notably the E92, a carry over engine from the 50’s models. The Shadow received a redesign and a second iteration of a 6-cyl boxer. The boxer configuration would not see the inside of another Spectre Machines production model until the 1980’s, only being reserved for the Shadow model. PXR continued to develop high-performance racing engines and street tuned muscle cars. The 1970’s proved a tough time as gas prices skyrocketed. Spectre quickly abandoned their much beloved muscle car line for the more fuel efficient 100 series. The Shadow would continue on, but with poor gas mileage and a struggling economy, the sales slumped heavily. PXR began to focus less on racing and more on economic engines. This became key in cementing Spectre’s legacy when they built a 55 MPG average engine in 1980. 1982 revived the PXR division from the brink of shutting down when Group B was introduced. Spectre Machines was convinced to allow PXR to develop a racing engine on their 500 AWD model to compete. To say they were successful is an understatement. The 500 PXR rally car went on to dominate 1982, 1983 and 1984 seasons. Spectre pulled out of the 1985 season when their racing driver Launo Essi died in a horrendous accident. The car split in half down the middle allowing his co-driver to survive, but with serious, life-altering injuries. PXR would continue in other racing divisions, but the accident left a sour feeling among the company, so PXR would never receive the same funding again. Spectre enjoyed continued success in the late-80’s and 90’s in both sales and racing. In the early 2000’s, Spectre Machines officially closed their PXR division and pulled from all racing. This would deal a serious blow to the brand as sales figures began to quickly slump. By the time the global 2009 recession hit, Spectre was hemorrhaging money despite quality designs. There was nothing to make them stand from the crowds. They closed door in December of 2009 and the last 700 Spectre 700s to roll off the line were commemorated with a Special Phantom Blue color and the last PXR street engine designed. Most of which remained unsold until 2012. Around that time, Spectre became a cult following around the world. Demand began to increase and with some well timed donations, Spectre opened a new assembly line in 2018. Fittingly, the first model to be produced was the 2019 Shadow, a rework of the 2010 concept. The 100 series returned with the 2019 800 and sported their most fuel efficient engine yet, the E-PXR. They also released a limited edition 800PXR, designed by their new performance division, Spectre Unlimited. Most of their vehicles were sold before rolling off the line and Spectre has recently had trouble filling orders.


Name of Car Company : F.E.A.B. ( Fabbrica Europea Automobili Bergamo)
Owner of Company : @pasinenkovarpos
Forum thread :
Established : 1908
Company ID : #1908136


Name of Car Company: Benson, Softland, GT, Alquet, Keeperson, Trevor, Donalton, Cavail, Gregors, Clarkson, Warnald, or Benson and Yard. (Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s basically like British Leyland, all of the marques will be in the same thread).
Owner of Company: @Crash77
Forum thread: Will be up very soon.
Established: (Benson and Yard): 1949
Company ID: 1949449

(P.S., many of those companies will be sold off. Or discontinued. If you want the names contact me and we’ll strike a deal. In a ‘lore-ish’ way).


Name of Car Company: Hokuto Heavy Industries
Owner of Company: @On3CherryShake
Forum thread: Hokuto Heavy Industries (北斗重工業)
Established: 1963
Company ID: #1963063


Car Company Name: Axel Motor Comapny
Owner: @Holts
Forum Thread: Axel Motor Company
Ceeated: 1988

Company ID: #1988756


Car Company Name: Corsica Motor Company
Owner: @CorsicaUnknown
Forum Thread: Corsica Motor Company - A Division of Sisten
Created: 1981
Company ID: #1981009


Car Company Name: Cadlinn Motors Co.
Owner: @Marcus_GT500
Forum Thread: Not yet
Created: 1897
Company ID: #18971071


Car Company Name: Bridgell Motors Company
Owner: @Marcus_GT500
Forum Thread: http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/bridgell-motor-company
Created: 1911
Company ID: #19111072


Car Company Name: Orchid Unlimited
(Bridgell Motors Company subsidiary)
Owner: @Marcus_GT500
Forum Thread: http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/bridgell-motor-company
Created: 1925
Company ID: #19251078