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(Car Design Competition) The safe pony you can actually drive (FINAL RESULTS ARE IN)


Presenting the Winthorpe Fosse GT. Originally intended as a homologation car for a race series. Unfortunately for Winthorpe, a rule change for the 1968 season rendered their car unusable. Accountants for Winthorpe hope the CEO will decide to put the car into production, without the racing series to advertise it, to make back the money invested in its development. While it bares little resemblance mechanically to the race car on which it was based, it nevertheless sports a race inspired exterior, with side-exit exhaust, a special fiberglass hood with hood pins, and a fiberglass spoiler. It is powered by a 4.8L V8 with twin, two barrel carburetors making 244 horsepower and 302lb-ft of torque.


Time’s up!

There are 10 valid entries and I’ll make a post with all of them in one go pretty soon.

I have sent the beamNG mods of all cars to our designated Stig, @Elizipeazie, who will see how they perform on the Hillclimb #1 of the Automation test track map. He’ll do a few practice runs with all cars and then a few official tries. There is no deadline to this, so when he’s done, he’s done.

I’m going to set a poll for the aesthetics vote as well. It’s an ordering type of poll, so you don’t just vote for the better looking, you have to put them all in order of preference.

During this week, the test drive results from me will also be done.


The Full Lineup:
ordered by automation rating(pony segment, gasmea)

Phi Super 6 by @S31

This green pony was the only car to pass the 200 line for the pony demographic. It did so with a sporty 4.5 liter Inline 6 engine churning out 195hp.

Husar 230 by @ImKaeR

Second place Husar, sports a 5 liter V8 dropping 226hp.

Whaler by @HighOctaneLove

This shiny red pony had almost the same automation rating as the Husar, and comes with a 5.5 liter V8 that surprisingly only outputs 165hp

Mongoose GT by @Maverick74

The fourth placed, gentle styled Mongoose comes equipped with a 4.4 liter V8 with 190hp

Typhoon by @DrPepper2002

This slick lined, shiny blue pony boasts a 4.5 liter V8 with 196hp

Krait by @SenseiB12

This shiny purple pony had almost identical ratings to the Typhoon, and just like the better rated one, also sports an Inline 6 engine with 4.4 liters capacity and 188hp

Meteor by @Barnabyfoxx

This roundy, shiny yellow pony sports a 4.6 liter V8 with 203hp

Hurricane GT by @GassTiresandOil

This dark green pony comes with a 4.4 liter V8 that outputs 189hp

Bandit by @Jaimz

This amazingly looking red pony not only comes with an really well designed interior but also sports a 4 liter V8 with 179hp

Fosse GT by @johnkilo3

The last placed Fosse comes with a 4.8 liter V8 with 244hp. That’s the most of all the participating models, unfortunately, it was not what the pony market segment really wants.

Congrats to @S31 for winning this part of the competition. In the land of the V8’s, it’s the inline 6 that rules.

Link to the aesthetics poll here: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/BeUlatHb#/0


Group photo at the East Coast (personal test drives results coming soon…)


Oops looks like mine had a crash :rofl::rofl:


oh, they all did, badly. I just forgot to reset yours before parking it.


just missing your votes @SenseiB12 and @HighOctaneLove

Link to the aesthetics poll here: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/BeUlatHb#/09




I’m not sure what’s up but I just can’t seem to submit it. Don’t worry about it, it’s weird to vote when I’m competing anyway haha.


Actually, you voted 5 times. ;p Don’t worry, I can fix it. (I’ll keep your first vote)

I’ll close the poll later today and post the results


Results from the Aesthetics voting:

1.71 Krait 10th
3.42 Mongoose GT 8th
3.42 Meteor XT 8th
4.19 Husar 7th
4.87 Bandit 6th
5.28 Typhoon 5th
6.50 Phi Super 4th
6.76 Hurricane GT 2nd
6.76 Fosse GT 2nd
7.09 Whaler 1st

On the left you see the normalized scores on a scale from 0 to 10

Congrats at @HighOctaneLove for winning the aesthetics section with the Whaler


The Top 4 scores are super tight!!


Man, I knew I phoned it in a bit but it looks like EVERYBODY put me in last!


Pretty much dead in the middle, not good but not bad either. Id say that was a decent showing for a more Euro-Style car up against so many… American Ponys.


I liked yours


Wow. I’m stunned. I would have thought that the Hurricane GT would win, since it looks like all the best bits of the glory days of the muscle car era skillfully melded together! Maybe if @GassTiresandOil had painted it bright orange… :thinking:

I have to give a shout out to a couple of peeps who helped me achieve this success; @VicVictory for pointing out USDM specific flaws for me to fix and @Marcus_gt500 for making me learn how to design better!


You also had my vote :grin:
I just loved the fact that you stuck a sliding roof that was a common accessory here in the 70s/80s. Gave it that OEM+ style.


A small update so you don’t think I’ve abandoned you guys :wink:

Our test driver has started doing the track runs with your cars but ‘real life’ stuff is eating into his free time so we’ll have to be a bit more patient with the final results. They will come, sooner or later.

As it stands, here’s a summary of the standings so far:

  • Fighting for 1st: Phi Super and Whaler
  • 3rd: Husar
  • 4th: Mongoose, Typhoon and Hurricane
  • 7th: Meteor
  • 8th: Krait and Bandit
  • 10th: Fosse GT

Quite some interesting fights happening and 26% of the score is still to come.


Ok, it’s 2021, and we finally have a winner!

Our designated driver had to deal with some real life issues and was unable to finish the time trials but in the meantime, @Count_Quackula stepped up and did them all instead!

Before showing the results, here is what out test driver had to say:

The speed of the times depended mainly on three factors: how well I could put the power down, how good the gearbox was and how much confidence I could have in the car. The automatic transmission vehicles were slow because the gearboxes were terrible, while the top 3 cars had shorter gears and therefore a better power band. The actual power figure mattered very little because there was almost no chance to use it. The cars that were more stable also did well due to the icy section, as the speed a car could carry through that had a heavy impact on the times. The biggest impact was definitely the gearbox so, in future, cars will do better with shorter gears and manual transmissions in terms of time. The 6-cylinder cars handled well but lacked torque so their acceleration was compromised, which affected them quite badly.

Mr. Winthorpe himself also decided to try out the cars himself, and as he is not a professional driver, he just took them for a ride on the East Coast. Here’s are some of the things he was heard muttering as he was stepping out of the vehicles:

Oversteers like crazy…Nice speed, no brakes…Nice acceleration…Easy to drive at slow speed; Goes fast too and is loud…Handles like a truck, too slow to 50km/h, Very fast from 50 to 100. Needs gearing work…Can’t turn above 100…1st gear reaches 110? Good power but undrivable above 70km/h…Brakes? What brakes? Great at 120km/h but you’ll probably die after that. Feels like a tank.

(I normalized all the results from 0 to 10. As a rule, if there was no max or min for that part of the challenge, then the best score was a 10 and the lowest a 0. For the automation rating part, 100 was the 0 and the best was the maximum)

Automation Scores:(33%)

Phi Super 10.00
Whaler 8.04
Husar 8.09
Mongoose GT 7.86
Typhoon 5.63
Hurricane GT 3.95
Meteor XT 4.77
Krait 5.50
Bandit 0.04
Fosse GT -2.85


Whaler 10.00
Hurricane GT 9.53
Fosse GT 9.53
Phi Super 9.17
Typhoon 7.45
Bandit 6.87
Husar 5.91
Mongoose GT 4.83
Meteor XT 4.83
Krait 2.41

Mr. Winthorpe test drive(15%) (scored on a 0 to 10 scale)

Bandit 7
Whaler 6
Husar 6
Phi Super 5
Meteor XT 5
Mongoose GT 4
Typhoon 4
Krait 4
Hurricane GT 3
Fosse GT 2

Time Trial(26%)

Meteor XT 10.00
Hurricane GT 8.80
Krait 6.71
Whaler 6.08
Husar 5.13
Mongoose GT 4.81
Fosse GT 4.56
Typhoon 3.35
Bandit 2.59
Phi Super 0.00


Whaler 7.73
Hurricane GT 6.52
Husar 6.44
Phi Super 6.43
Meteor XT 6.18
Mongoose GT 5.70
Typhoon 5.26
Krait 4.79
Bandit 3.52
Fosse GT 3.02

So yes, the Whaler by @HighOctaneLove is the overall winner!

And because it’s so close(much closer I would imagine on a competition with so many parts and variables) I declare the Hurricane, the Husar and the Phi Super joint seconds! Congrats to @GassTiresandOil @ImKaeR @S31

Thanks to everybody who joined and made this challenge super fun!


I was happy to help, thank you for the opportunity! There were so many great cars to test, and I thoroughly enjoyed driving them. Well done to everyone, and I hope to be invited back in the future :smile: