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Car photoshops


Try to do a coupé! Like the Cordoba 3-door.


Since we don’t have the ability to shapeshift a car in BeamNG (until now), I do chops for testing mine and other members mod ideas.


With the new Volvo S60 finally revealed, I thought I’d give it one last MOAR LIFTBACK treatment:

Evolution of my S60 photoshops:

Your Perfect 3 car Garage?

Bonus: Volvo S40


You know, they already made an S40 Liftback. Its called Mitsubishi Carisma.


I thought the new Nissan Altima reminded me of something else…


Hey guys! Let’s play another game of guess the photoshop!

Hint: the original picture this is based on is a prototype version of a production car, so if you think it looks like something but isn’t a perfect match, go ahead and guess it!


Monica 560


Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have posted it the same time as the favorite car tournament…

@JohnWaldock is correct!

I also made this 240Z lookalike


it’s one of my all time faves. too easy :slight_smile:


Chevy Impala 4-door Coupe

Original photo by @kmBlaine


But the question is: what did the owner of the red car behind it think?


Monica 560 Re-proportioned V2!

The proportions are almost identical to a Tesla Model S, but with longer front and rear overhangs.


Great job! I still prefer the original though.


Of course! The original has an unmistakably ‘classic’ style, with its extremely rearward proportions, tall greenhouse, and banana-shaped profile. I think it’s a very interesting exercise to take the classic look and update it with more modern proportions. There’s definitely some tension between the older fixtures and surfacing, and the modern proportions. I love that!


'65 Impala Re-proportioned



That is awesome, I want it I love it I need it :heart_eyes:


This thread has inspired me to try and start photoshopping cars.


Ford Maverick Fastback


Mazda RX-8 Sedan

Rotary-powered BMW 3-series competitor?