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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Here comes round 2!

1997 Ursula R1 700

The R1 GT is Ursula’s first GT ever produced. Launched in 1992 and built until 1998, the car was one of the major forces of the market in the 90s, and it was designed to compete in the high-end GT market at that time. Initially the grand tourer was offered in several engines including a 270 PS 3.6 inline-6, 330 PS 4.8 liter V8 and later, a turbocharged 4.5 liter V8 that produced a whopping 400 PS.

In 1996 Ursula have finally released a new facelift model of the R1. Both the 6 cylinder and the turbo V8 was scrapped in favor of an 460 PS 5.5 liter V12 model, and the new V12, designated as the R1 700, is positioned as the new top-level model of the R1. A small wing was fitted to differentiate against it’s lower-end models.

Thanks to it’s immense power and standard AWD, the car could accelerate to 100 km/h from standstill in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 299 km/h, even beating supercars of that era. Unlike the lower-end models the R1 700 has ESC as an option for more traction control. Despite its capabilities, the R1 700’s launch was unfortunately met with the Asian financial crisis and was therefore halted production after a year and only 1,200 units of the R1 700 were sold in total.

History aside, the car is free to everyone to modify at your own will, whether you want it to be a Le Mans race car, posh luxury cruiser or a mad offroader with an turboed V16. Just don’t make it too crazy enough that even an alien spaceship could mistook it as one of theirs.

R1 - 700.car (47.0 KB)



Zephorus Allez
Some parts of this design is ok, others could be improved. Lets see what you got!
I noticed that there wasn’t many “classic” designs on here, and I know some people really dig that stuff so have a go at this :slight_smile:
Do whatever, I’d prefer that you left the engine but you can change it if you want, mainly interested in design again.

Car - Zephorus - Allez.car (57.9 KB)


I’ve been on the prowl for something like this :cat2::eyes:


2018 Morton Gazelle 3.0 Sport

Powered by a 360-horsepower 3.0L turbocharged inline-six driving the rear wheels, this was adapted from a car originally intended for CSR111 but rejected on cost grounds.

I would like a redesign of its exterior to make it look more like the premium executive sedan that it is.

Morton Gazelle - 3.0 Sport.car (32.7 KB)

Sakai Design Studio

Original Car Link R1 - 700.car (47.0 KB)
Car Name : 1997 Ursula R1 700
Author : BannedByAndroid

Modded car: R1 - 700 TT.car (47.7 KB)

Painted a deeper red, scoop installed, side vents restyled, front lip directing more air through the radiator.

Thicker wing for heavier downforce, slightly wider rear wheels made 18/660 front and rear, AWD bias shifted rearward, fog lights added, rear lights restyled.

Engine has been twin turbocharged to gain noticably higher MPG, power increased to 662PS, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, top speed touching 300km/h.


1985 Innovation Italo Turbo
Innovation - Italo Turbo.car (29.7 KB)
Made this one as a budget sports car in the vein of the Pontiac Fiero or Toyota MR-2. Feel free to redesign the looks, but I want this car to have more power and go faster.


Original Car Link: Innovation - Italo Turbo.car (29.7 KB)
Car Name : 1985 Innovation Italo Turbo
Author : Rise_Comics

Modded car: Innovation - Italo Turbo 132.car (28.1 KB)

Raised to 132hp, lip(s) added, spoiler lowered, suspension softened, brakes larger, wheel biased to rear grip, price identical.

(exhaust was changed just because I don’t have the mod.)


Itachi Mars

You can experiment with the 2020 Itachi Mars yourself!
Itachi Mars - BE.car (38.9 KB)


Original Car Link: Zabruki Vester - Facelift V6 Exclusive.car (55.3 KB)
Car Name: 2020 Zabruki Vester

I’d love to see someone experiment with this SUV, and maybe give me some design tips.


Original Car Link: Huangdou CC - Au.car (102.0 KB)

Author: @yangx2
Car Name (the original car name): Huangdou CC Au
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : I wanted to make a more Sport Oriented Facelift with a Few Simple Tweaks around the Edges And A More PowerFul 3.0L TT V6
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Huangdou CC Au Rouge

Huangdou CC - Au Rouge.car (136.1 KB)


Zephorus X² by LaVelle Studios
Original Zephorus XX by @Sky-High

Download link below.
Zephorus - X-Squared.car


1985 Innovation Italo 1.6 sport

Original design by @Rise_Comics [post]

Re-engineered with a revvy, responsive, naturally aspirated 127 hp 1.6 litre 4 cylinder and improved handling, despite all this the car is still quite extreme for early/mid 1980s. Design heavily inspired by the Fiat X1/9

More Pictures

The .car file: Innovation Italo - 1.6 Sport.car (45.9 KB)


Wow! What a makeover, I love the rear it suits the body much more, and the front has an even more aggressive look to it.

Thanks so much! :grin:


I’ll try to redesign that car but first, what country is it?


Morton is an American brand, although they have manufacturing facilities in Europe, much like Ford does in real life.


Original Car Link: Itachi Mars - BE.car (38.9 KB)
Author: @Holts
Car Name : Itachi Mars
Desc : I liked the base design so I decided to mostly modernize it a little. I also reworked the windows.
It’s not a big redesign, don’t hesitate to redesign it!
New Trim / Variant Name : Spander SuperBerline
The link to the redesign : Itachi Mars - Spander SuperBerline.car (62.0 KB)

Like I said don’t hesitate to redesign it!


New day, another car!

Car: Washington Caribou - 2.2 Manual.car (76.0 KB)

This first generation 1956 Washington Caribou has a relatively short production run between 1956 and 1960. I was hoping that someone could maybe create a 1958 facelift for this little convertible.

Have fun! (:


Bucharesti - Pescăruş.car (44.9 KB)

Car: 1974 Bucharesti Pescărus

It’s my second ever Commie Car, mostly a replica of the GAZ Chaika. I’d love to see what everyone else does with it.


I would like to say, as cool as this concept is for a challenge, atm its a mess. Like we have more cars being entered to be redesigned than cars being redesigned. How about make this a weekly thing where one car is selected for redesigning and you get a week to do so, then have a vote on who redesigned it better and the winner gets to post a car to get redesigned or something. Literally anything other than this.


I think just seperating it into a submission thread, and a redesign thread would be better.
same approach, saying whos car it was, car files etc.