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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」


I don’t have the time for any sort of fancy ad right now so here’s a simple pic
Mondo EB5 Lux First Edition

Chic Mobility. Redefined.

I swear it’s not just a facelift of the previous csr car

The All-New 2013 Mondo EB5 Lux is the perfect commuter car for those who yearn something stylish, comfortable, and economical. First released in Tokyo, Japan, a country known for its compact mobility solutions, a special “First Edition” variant is available for a limited time. The “First Edition” package includes:

  • Upgraded interior
  • Exclusive rims
  • Racing stripes Special livery
  • Dual clutch transmission

Get yours now!


KGB Insanity Prime

40.6 MPG (UK)
Painted by a child with paint by numbers
Is Japanese


Introducing the 2013 Letto TAC:

Powered by our CII4LSE-16DE engine that makes 122.7 hp @ 7100hp & 107 lb-ft of torque @ 4300 RPM, paired with a 5 speed manual transmission it can reach 100 km/h from 0 in 10.1 seconds along with a fuel economy of 7.13 L/100 km (32.98942 US MPG/39.61864 MPG imperial)

This beauty can be yours for just $12300

More Pics

Edit: link to car for people to check out

CSR101 - LordLetto - TAC.car (30.4 KB)


Less than 1 hour left until entries close!

If you have not sent the .car file, your car will not be evaluated (obviously)

Confirmed entrants


Awaiting entries:


Entries are now closed!

Round 1 will follow soon™


Round 1, Part 1 of CSR101!

It is a bright summer day. The door buzzer is heard, as Emily rushes to answer. Turns out, it was Haruki.

E: Oh hi Haruki, wasn’t expecting you! :heart_decoration:
H: Hello, how are you?
E: Fine thanks, and you?
H: A bit tired, came here straight to look at the cars for you.
E: Oh ok, thanks for coming over! :heart:

As they settle down, Emiri notices Haruki has bought a set of magazines.
The first magazine was titled “VEHICLE EXPRESS” in large italic letters.

They opened the first magazine, and decided to take a look at the cars reviewed.

Mikaza C Type-Sb "Mikaza Racing"

by @Mikonp7

Emiri: :Wow, a sporty coupe! And it has the livery similar to that one anime where the protagonist delivers pizza in his Module UR-82, and wins all races, even against more powerful cars, even when his car’s engine failed from over-revving!"

Haruki: “They say it’s not particularly easy to drive though, in fact it’s probably the hardest car to drive out of the list This reviewer said “a real handful to drive”. It is very fun to drive however, owing to it being rear-wheel drive and sporting a 6-speed manual transmission. It also isn’t very practical, but comfort is actually decent considering its intention as being a sports car.”

Emiri: “It does look good, but I’ll skip this one as it might be a handful for me to drive.”

An interesting concept, but hampered by drivability being lowest of the competition. It was not considered.

KGB Insanity Prime

by @Kyuu77

Emiri: “I really do not know what to say, whether it’s the retina searing paint scheme, or the questionable design that looks as if they slapped on some parts from the partsbin onto a cheap SUV. Insanity Prime? Sounds like the nickname of whoever signed this thing off.”


Meguminshi Lagann 1.5 S

by @z2bbgr

Emiri: “This car looks average, a nice change after seeing that SUV.”

Haruki: “Its performance is also average, it drives well, comfortable, safe and compact. It’s generally a solid, average vehicle. The car’s performance is not explosive you could say.”

Emiri: "It does indeed seem a fine machine, but it doesn’t really interest me. I do like the anime references scattered about though.

Haruki: “There is also an “Explosion” model which has a misfiring system, which is much more sporty.”

Emiri: “Sadly the Explosion is too expensive for me, guess I’ll skip this one.”

The Meguminshi Lagann was not considered as the design was considered simplistic, and performance was average.

GEC GC3 1.6T Urban

by @abg7

Emiri: “This car certainly looks like a car.”

Haruki: “This car is indeed a car. Performs like a car, drives like a car, feels like a car and smells like a car.”

Emiri: "I do want something that seems a bit more interesting though.

Design exists, car exists, stats exist. We can assure you it is indeed a car. It was not considered.

MEN A:b:86 Endgame

by @DoctorNarfy

Higher on the street!
AND I KNOW IT’S MY TIME TO GO! to look at the next car.”

Period correctness thrown into the bin, just like this car.

Vento Aureo

by @HPMinecraft

Emiri: “WOW, that paintjob looks exactly like me as I see this car, it’s like a mirror! It looks like it came straight from an anime, with those unique and interesting looks!”

Haruki: “It’s got one of the most reliable drivetrains in its class, a very responsive if slightly bizarrely tuned 1.6 inline-4 turbo, tuned for economy and reliability. The German engineering in this sporty little hatch really shines! While it only has 4 seats, and motorway economy is poor, combined economy is certainly good. It’s somewhat enjoyable to drive, very easy to drive even though it only has ABS, it’s very comfortable and safe too, using the high-technology safety systems! The car itself has very good reliability, and it is undersealed and painted with German precision, providing great protection from the elements. If I were you, this would be on top of my list.”

Emiri: “This car has it all, style, performance, comfort and driving ease, and it really stands out! I will look at this one for sure!!!"

considered, unique, high effort style, high stats overall, some bizarre engineering though

Mňam Dopíč ManyCzechProfanities Edition

presumably by @Venom34

Emiri: “It also is a car. Looks a lot like an oversimplified ripoff of those taxis I see all the time. yawn

Haruki: “It also doesn’t seem any better than most of the cars. Comfortable though. But the company details seem to be missing. Not a sign of quality if you ask me…”

Emiri: "I’ll just skip this one.

The ManyCzechProfanities was not considered, design was far too simplistic in areas.

Permata Aspire ES Turbo Shinjuku Edition

by @BannedByAndroid

Emiri: “This one seems different, a larger hatchback.”

Haruki: "The review reports that handling isn’t great, but the DCT really helps with ease of driving.

Emiri: “I would still prefer it if manual.”

Haruki: searches internet “This review for the manual model seems to have a similar consensus: not the best to drive, nor is it particularly comfortable.”

Emiri: “Maybe this isn’t the car for me.”

Haruki: “Looking at owners reports for the earlier models from 2000, 2002 and 2006, they seem to be a durable and long lasting car, no doubt great in Malaysian market.”

Emiri: "The styling is nice, but I have seen more interesting styling in the other vehicles.

The Permata Aspire Shinjuku was not considered. Styling was a mite bland, and there was no manual transmission option.

Saitama Wanpan

by @strop

Emiri: “This is an interesting car, it has that character from the upcoming manga “Unitary Box Dude” painted on it from the factory! It’s also pretty cute and looks great fun!”

Haruki: “The car seems very good fun to drive! While enjoyable, it is also very easy to drive and also comes with ESC, so it’s safe to drive too. Comfort is good, however it also is limited to only 4 seats. Being a small car, it is also very good around the roads of the city, and also is easy to park. Infotainment is sufficient although it could be better. With a responsive engine, this car is a very great driving car.
However, corrosion issues have been reported, and the drivetrain isn’t the most reliable, although it is still reasonably reliable. Furthermore, brake issues have been reported as a common fault, to the point it has been a safety hazard. I would be careful with this car, as while it’s really cheap and great to drive, it is not built to last long.”

Emiri: “Thanks, they almost had me. I’ll walk away, I don’t want brake failure happening!”

Despite its excellent dynamics, minmax choices such as very poor quality brakes and below-average corrosion resistance have meant the Saitama was not considered.

GMI S412 X-Trek

by @LinkLuke

Haruki: “Looking at more images of used examples of this car, it seems they rust nearly bad as DVL vans.”

Emiri: “Wow, I never knew anything modern would rust like a DVL, my high school had a DVL from 2006 and there were so many rust holes, it was like sitting inside a hollow Swiss cheese.”

The environmental resistance was so bad it made a DVL Planedriver look solid in comparison. It was not considered.

Kinusoka Chisana Eko

by @Centurion_23

Haruki: “This looks like a very solid car. It’s nice to drive, if a little sterile compared to the rest. It’s a comfortable vehicle too, but the electronic stability control is known to be somewhat inconsistent, possibly to save some money. It’s not a deal breaker to me though, as it is also a safe car, with strong fuel economy. But the handling is rather uneventful, and the body roll is a bit higher.”

Emiri: “It seems pretty good, but I think there might be more interesting cars, this one looks like many of the other small hatches I see. It’s a great car it seems, but I’ll leave this one for now.”

Design is somewhat bland to her, as so it was very close, the Chisana was almost considered, but in the end it was not considered.

Yakaza UrbanX SAe Okotta

by @MGR_99

Emiri: "I don’t know what I’m looking at. Is this a spacecraft? Or is it a car? Turns out, it’s an itasha too, one of that character one bizarre anime, I recall seeing a Bssan N-SR getting destroyed by that character who was a Rockhard 1300C Heracles aeroplane, and now they paint her on this bizarre futuristic crossover.”

Haruki:It is actually a subcompact size. Safety is ok, it drives pretty nicely, they also say it’s somewhat enjoyable. One thing I noticed though is that the interior is very small, which maybe an issue. It also has only 4 seats, which means it’s not the most practical. It does have electronic stability control, meaning it’s safe to drive."

Emiri: “This car… it’s still confusing me. It looks very futuristic, almost like it doesn’t belong here. Yet here it is… aaaaand it seems to have below-average motorway cruise fuel efficiency.”

The car is very stylish and looks great, however it does look a bit too ahead of its time, and the average performance and tiny cabin keep it from being a great. It was not considered.

Emiri: "There were some nice cars, but that Gold Wind car was the one that got our eyes truly.
Haruki: This is only the first magazine, don’t rush! There are many more cars to be seen!

As it is late now, they decided to go to sleep, but bizarrely Haruki decided to stay.

Out of the “Vehicle Express” magazine, the Vento Aureo from @HPMinecraft was considered.
But no doubt, there will be many more cars in the next magazine! Part 2 is upcoming!


Ah shame, I was hoping to do [anonymous stylist] more justice and clearly you read into the stats differently than I do. That said I plead guilty to trying to squeeze in DW/multilink on the ET when for that period and that car Mac/Torsion would have been more appropriate, and I would then have used corr. Res. Steel or more likely AHS… And updated brakes :joy: it’s just when comparing suspension setups macphersons and torsion beams are hugely nerfed for nearly everything.

I’ll just have to cop that one on the chin.


Emily must be a picky customer - so far only one of the entries is still in contention. But inevitably, there will be more…


Before today’s update, this body had barely 100Ls of passenger volume, giving a huge comfort penalty. Now it’s actually useful for making a Kei car, stats aren’t great though, even compared to my entry.
That Aureo sure looks like a winner so far!


The highest I was able to get was 11.1 comfort. I had to tweak some sliders to get the bare minimum 45.0 safety, and the drivability kept re-calculating every time I opened it; but at one point I had it to 44.0. It’s probably best though; for a 660 cc i-3 with 63 hp, it only got like 32 U.S. MPG.

Also, my brilliant idea to design the car like a pokeball, isn’t very good, especially compared to the work the finalists did. Are those decals? I know one was bumper bars. I wouldn’t have the patience or the skill to do that.


I’m pretty sure all of those ‘decals’ were layers upon layers of bumper bars. Each liveried car probably had upwards of 400 bumper bars.


Round 1, Part 2 of CSR101!

Sorry, I accidentally prematurely posted part of Round 1, Part 2 of CSR101!

It is now raining very aggressively, as per the nature of British weather.
As the two wake up after a good night’s sleep, Emiri thinks of the last vehicles she saw.

Emiri: “That Vento Aureo was really nice, but I’m hoping to see more!”
Haruki: “That’s why I got more magazines with me.”

Haruki takes another magazine from his bag, this one titled “FULL SHIFT”

Emiri: "Isn’t “Full Shift” that one show where 3 men mess about with cars?
Haruki nods

Toyhatsu Tammy 1.7e Kawai

by @Ludvig

Emiri: “Kawaii this certainly isn’t, I might need eye bleach after seeing this.”

Haruki: shows her some kittens

Emiri: "Thanks :heart:. "

what a bizarre design, it just doesn’t work at all. it was not considered.

Mondo EB5 Lux First Edition

by @Ezdmn

Emiri: “The design on this one is very …interesting. The front is angular and pointy, yet the rear is very blobby and rounded. The bisexual flag stripe is cute though! Haruki, what do you think?”

Haruki: “They say these are pretty easy to drive, whether manual or automatic, but they only have a dual-clutch automatic left. It should be comfortable and reliable, but safety tests show it’s not as safe as the other cars we looked at. It does boat a great fuel efficiency though.”

Emiri: “Anything more on this car?”

Haruki: “After looking at some research, these seem to have a body constructed from untreated steel, meaning rust protection is lacking. Seems these won’t last particularly long.”

Emiri: "This did look bizarre anyway, but turns out it’s not my car.

The Mondo EB5 was not considered as the design was …interesting and the environmental resistance is low.

Reduit Automotive, GSR10, Turbo

by @kobacrashi

Emiri: “This one seems interesting, if a bit bland to look at. Looking through, the automatic transmission means it’s very easy and comfortable to drive, but I would prefer manual… are these reliable?”

Haruki: “These cars are actually very reliable, exceptionally in fact. They consistently get a great grade on reliability lists, which is especially bizarre for a Reduit. The comfort is good, if not particularly outstanding, and it’s all round a solid choice, possibly hampered by a more bland styling.”

Emiri: “The styling isn’t my cup of tea, but it is a very solid car. Shame it’s only available in automatic…”

The Reduit GSR10 was almost considered. Stats were decent, but looks weren’t her type.

Kurokama SC-C

by @ST1Letho

Haruki: “Here we have a coupe. It looks great!”

Emiri: “A coupe? Show me! That last coupe was very stylish, shame it was so hard to drive…”

Haruki: “This coupe may only have four seats, but it’s a highly comfortable yet enjoyable car. It’s also got great safety equipment, including ESC.”

Emiri: “Is it a durable car? I don’t want another Aveanto, or something like that Tianjin PuTao ShaBi thing this guy complained so much about…”

Haruki: “It is reliable, not many issues have been reported by owners, whether mechanical, electrical or general trim quality, and they also report paintwork and bodywork is of high standard. The coupe style does lead to a heavy practicality compromise…”

Emiri: “It’s still practical enough to carry all my manga around.”

Haruki: “The engine of this car is the real highlight, somehow the engineers managed to achieve not just high efficiency, but consistently high efficiency across the rev range!”

Emiri: “Impressive.”

Haruki: “So would you consider this one? I personally really like the design.”

Emiri: “Yes, this car looks great, it looks much fancier than the others with that sleek coupe style!”

The Kurokama SC-C was considered. Stylish coupe with solid stats makes it a more left-field option compared to the hatches.

Nohda Star Convoy

by @Dorifto_Dorito

Haruki: “It has been a while since I last saw a kei car. Yet here it is, a version of the Nohda Star Convoy they sell back in Japan.”

Emiri: “I have always wanted to try a kei car! Being so small they should be very good in the city.”

Haruki: “These little cars last pretty well especially considering what they are, a small cheap city car. This model has a 1.3 turbo I3, so it is not technically a kei car. But while it isn’t very comfortable, it’s a good, if slightly boring car to drive. And while safety is just good enough, ESC should keep it from getting in a crash in the first place, and the quick performance helps with providing a fun small car. Having only four seats is to be expected as these are very small vehicles.”

Emiri: “This one certainly seems interesting, the style is boxy yet modern, and most importantly it’s got an ANIME MECHA paint job.”

Haruki: “Motorway economy is disappointing as it was not designed, in fact it uses a lot of fuel considering the size, weight and engine size. This car won’t be great for longer trips.”

Emiri: “I might move on, this one is certainly not great for the trips to London and even Europe which I have been taking recently. But I do really like kei cars… I might put this one on the list because why not?”

Haruki: “You could just take the train there anyway, that’s how we do it in Japan.”

Emiri: “Fair point, but trains here are expensive.”

it was considered, but low comfort and inferior motorway economy are an issue… but after all, it is a kei car size… who uses a kei car on the motorway anyway? Also very nice Gundam!

Huangdou-Hirasawa PRSONA 88 Edition

by @yangx2

Emiri: “It’s another cute little car! I have a good feeling on this one, it’s got cool quirks such as the rear spare wheel, and features such as those little cubbyholes I can use to store important manga!”

Haruki: “Not only is it practical and stylish, it’s actually very reliable and long lasting, proving wrong the reputation Chinese products have built, with a durable engine, quality construction and even great paintwork. This car is built well, although the crash safety isn’t the greatest we have seen. However, with ESC crashes are much less likely, and having 5 seats certainly helps with carrying friends and ugh dakimakuras.”

Emiri: “The looks are the highlight, but the review also says it has good comfort and is even enjoyable!”

Haruki: “It is also fuel efficient, with great fuel economy combined, and even on long motorway driving!”

Emiri: "This one gets my attention, I’ll put this car on the list.

Huangdou was considered, good stats and great style, safety is a bit low though

Kadett Beat

By @CorsicaUnknown

Emiri: “It certainly is a car indeed. And a very adorable one!”

Haruki: "While the marketing department don’t exactly believe in this car, it actually is a very nice car to drive! The reviewer stated that “Driving the Beat is a joy”, seeing as it is easy to drive and also very enjoyable I don’t see anything wrong with that! These also come with ESC and 5 seats, also giving it great practicality.

Emiri: “I wonder if it’s nice on long trips…”

Haruki: “Comfort is good enough, reports say it’s decently comfortable, if nothing special. However the engine is a great unit, with a smooth and responsive character, while combining high reliability and good refinement. Fuel efficiency is also great, so even though service costs might be higher, the reliability and efficiency do help with keeping it cheap to run…”

Emiri: “I really like the way it looks though, it’s so damn adorable I want one!”

The Kadett Beat was considered for a solid performance characteristic and great design.

Gorge Pine

by @Darkshade-AP_Autos

Emiri: “This… looks like a 4x4.”

Haruki: “Weirdly it actually does not have a 4x4 option, all of these are rear wheel drive. For some reason it’s got a 4 speed manual transmission, rare in the 1990s let alone now. Also the tyres are of different sizes. Yet it has the latest in safety technology, even then it gets lower safety ratings than many of the other cars.”

Emiri: “Nah, not what I want.”

Haruki: “Fair enough.”

The Gorge Pine was not considered due to bland design and low stats.

Basilio Tredici TS 1.6

by @conan

Emiri: “This one’s different, it hails from Italy!”

Haruki: “Italian cars have gained a reputation for poor reliability, but this one bucks the trend with reliability that’s just as good as the other cars here, and corrosion resistance that really confuses those who believe Italian cars are rustbuckets.”

Emiri: “What’s it like to drive though?”

Haruki; “Driving isn’t hugely special, it’s safe enjoyable but most importantly, it’s a comfortable vehicle, the kind that leaves you feeling relaxed after a long drive. However as it only has four seats, it might not be as practical given its larger footprint, as most cars of this size will have 5 seats. One issue for you might be that this model is only available with an automatic transmission…”

Emiri: “Hmmm, the design doesn’t capture my interest though, it’s a tad conservative…”

The Tredici was not considered, it was a comfortable vehicle but the styling was somewhat strange, and it lacked a manual transmission.

Koji Tramo K

by @NiuYorqCiti

Haruki: “This one looks clean and minimal. It’s a sharp looking car.”

Emiri: “Looking at the performance, it doesn’t seem particularly quick.”

Haruki: “With a 0-60 above 12 seconds, this one isn’t exactly a high performance vehicle. Considering the performance, fuel economy isn’t special either. But it drives nicely, is somewhat enjoyable, the interior feels good and most importantly, it’s quite a comfortable vehicle in general.”

Emiri: “Is it reliable by any chance?”

Haruki: “I would say so, these have good reliability, and the quality of paint and undersealing is on par with the competition.”

Emiri: “This car seems decent and all, but it lacks that certain sparkle to me. It’s pretty sharp, if minimal”

The Koji Tramo was not considered. Solid effort, design was decent.

Hoshi Nicco

by @drain

Emiri: “Seems the designers for this car were inexperienced, as this car does look rather bizarre.”

Haruki: “The car is quite comfortable, somewhat enjoyable too. But yeah, the design needs work.”

Emiri: “To whoever designed this, you’ll get there.”

The Hoshi Nicco was not considered, the design was just too bizarre in this example.

Homitsuyota VariousJDMCars

by @HowlerAutomotive

Emiri: “I think this might be the wrong year…? This looks like 1996, not 2013…”

The Toyotsubishissan Imprancerolla Airstrip was not considered. Design is bland and not period-correct at all.

Hansheng Dojyan Isekai Edition

by @Echowaffle8

Emiri: “If I wanted a bus, I might as well take the bus.”

The Hansheng Dajiban was not considered, it was simply the wrong vehicle.

Haruki: “I need to go do more important things, will see you later Em!”
thinks to himself “I should really help her realise sanity, she behaves very strangely over Japan, anime and manga!”

Sakoku Minim

by @bigDave02

Emiri: “Minim…al design. It looks pretty simple, but reading through Haruki’s magazine they say it’s comfortable but not particularly easy to drive. The paint looks very nice and smooth though so it does seem decently built, but it just looks a little simplistic.”

Sakoku Minim was not considered, simplistic design and low drivability.

Emiri: “There’s the second magazine done, now to wait for Haruki… In the meantime I might as well watch something, probably some anime…”


Jesus! That’s over the top!


Considering the file sizes of some of these entries, yeah.


While the bin is not unexpected (she might think the same of the 2013 panamera, and I won’t deny trying to get that body to look modern was a challenge), in the olden days one might still have received a few kind words on 50 comfort and 3.7(?)l/100km.

I guess with unreal engine it’s become more of a beauty contest than before. I guess that’s fair enough.


Wait, what did I leave untreated? Panels or chassis? Pretty sure I rustproofed it early on. Must’ve had a brain fart and changed one midway. :thinking:


I wonder what other cars here are over 150Hp. Or am i only one who took this daring step of putting relatively powerful engine ito into rather cheap car.


I can agree with you on that one - the current trend is to use dozens or even hundreds of fixtures, especially for newer cars. That said, while it is possible to make a good-looking front (or rear) end with less than a dozen fixtures for either, such practices are rarely seen now that the emphasis is firmly on attention to detail in the car’s exterior design.


has 160hp



oof to me! xd