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CSR 110 - Snow It Is


I had great fun with this challenge, making more or less literal shitboxes from previously unexplored era.
So many cute cars in this thread <3

Translated twice for accuracyness:
The Breton is the family car reforged.
With a fresh developed 1.2L SOHC engine, it delivers adequate performance with up to 50% less fuel consumption than competitors.
What this means? Drive Helsinki-Oulu non stop, for instance. Which we will do for our september promotional tour, among other things like rally challenge, humppa dance-off, ice cream and log carrying competions. (September 7-14, check your local newspaper)
With front wheel drive and a comfortable suspension suited for rough roads, it will keep going even in severe conditions.
Efficient packaging of front wheel drive also means surprisingly roomy interior.
The Breton comes reasonably well equipped as standard, with a radio, openable windows, efficient heating and ventilation system, 5 supportive seats, color-coded hubcaps, windscreen washer, excellent high/low headlamps, and high quality Nokia summer/winter tires, at only 11400 FIM.
Want more?
Leather interior 600 mk Premium radio 700 mk Power steering 500 mk
Estate version will be presented during the tour - extra load, no extra cost.
Rally homologation model will be available for christmas!
Sober car, sober driver.
Drive carefully.


Uranus Legacy Hatchback
(collab with @racer126)

Same ad in English

It even has cool window sticker


I’m actually going through one of those times when I can’t sit on photoshop to design a legit poster. So here’s the car. The 1969 Gerade SP120 Oliver


1966 Koskinen Kova 2.7

Made in Finland, for finns. The 1966 Koskinen Kova is a simple yet effective way of getting you and your family home, no matter the conditions. With it's sturdy 2.7 liter powerplant, the Kova will do 0-60 in a nippy 13 seconds, and will accelerate all the way to 100 miles per hour, all for the low price of $13000.

More photos


1969 Albatross Ventura

The American favorite, now available in Europe!


The deadline is in 24 hours!


FM HiWay from under $12,000


The 1969 Earl Eagle Custom Tudor - More Car, Less Money


“Friend, don’t let the good life pass you by!”

In the pursuit of expanding markets, the very Gasmean Earl Motor Company brought its Earl Eagle “compact” car line across the ocean to Europe, re positioning them as affordable family cars for the working man. This mid-level Custom model, shown here in Cornflower Blue, offers unique market features like a 154 cubic inch six cylinder engine producing 115 gross hp (90 net) paired to a three speed automatic transmission. Other appointments include power steering, a standard interior with bucket seats, an AM radio, whitewall radial tires, full wheel covers, bumper guards, reverse lamps, and advanced safety features like shoulder belts. All for the low price of $12,000.

PS. I did have a four cylinder 60hp, 4 speed manual model with better mileage, but I figured it’s better to offer something at least a little different when you come in late like this.


1969 Boulder Oxen Family 1800

One of Boulder’s earlier steps out of its commercial truck niche and into the broader passenger car market.



1966 AAU JY73 sold internationally as the M2266 GS via the Anikatia International Vehicle Export Corporation better known as Chalyang Export. It is was a forward control passenger and cargo van and it was powered by the M2112N-K1B GS– a 2.1-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that made 78hp.

CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star

1965 Free State Auto KRAB 204
by @mcp928 and @mat1476
crappy ad by me.



crappy article by me (not that anybody asked)


Bit late, but entries are closed!

I will post the round 1 today.



March, 1969

Jukka is sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. He bought some car magazines yesterday, and decides to look at them in case there is any interesting car he might want to buy. He takes a magazine and flips it open.

Ardent Sentinel by @VicVictory

Hmm, the design is not good at all in my opinion. The car is also quite large, and i really just want a small car. The 19.6 MPG rating isn’t that great either. It is still quite cheap but i think this car is not for me.

Not a contender in finals

Mikko 1400 GT by @Bmaggiori

This car at least looks nice. The fuel usage is not the best but it isn’t that bad. The interior is a bit confusing, it has really expensive - looking seats and dashboard, but that radio looks like something i would find in my Moskvich. I think im gonna pass on this one.

Not a contender in finals, Premium/Basic minmax

Hessenburg E2000 Touring by @BannedByAndroid

This car looks nice, but the release of this car is going to be delayed because of some engine production problems. I need a new car as soon as possible so this car is out of question for me.

Not a contender in finals, too much engine ET

Mitsushita Royale by @conan


Hmm, the design is a bit bland but it has really good specs. The 23.5 MPG rating is great, and the safety and reliability ratings are good as well. It seems to have some kind of rustproofing in it too. I might try this out later.

A contender in finals

Andes by @Rise_Comics

Oh god, the design is terrifying, and the stats aren’t great either. Wait, does this car even have door handles? i can’t see any at least. This car is definetly not for me.

Not a contender in finals

Courageoux Quinze by @mart1n2005

Wow, i really like the design of this car. The stats aren’t the best though, 22.7 MPG rating is good, but the safety and reliability ratings aren’t that great. Its not really that expensive though, so i might take a look.

A contender in the finals

Znopresk Z213 A by @NormanVauxhall

This thing looks nice, but seems to suffer from some production issues, so i guess this might not be the car for me.

Not a contender in finals, too much trim PU

BAM Bavaria by @Der_Bayer

This thing also has this weird fancy interior - crappy radio thing going on. The fuel efficiency in this thing is great, but the relaibility isn’t great and service costs are a bit higher than in the other cars. I think this car is not what i am looking for.

Not a contender in finals

Quaglia 1600C by @HybridTronny

Well, this car looks nice, but the fuel consumption isn’t that great compared to other cars. The reliability and safety also aren’t the best, but the car is cheap, and has low service costs. There is still many cars left to look at, so maybe i will try to find something better.

Not a contender in finals

FABEL Type 3 1600 by @MrChips

This car is really beautiful, and the price isn’t bad either. The fuel economy is great, but the RR config makes the car quite terrifying to drive, and the service costs are quite high as well. I might pass on this one, because i need a car thats easy to drive.

Not a contender in finals

G160 K by Giusseppe by @undercoverhardwarema

Well this thing isn’t really attractive, and the fuel economy is quite bad as well. The handling isn’t great but it is cheap and service costs are acceptable, but im not really looking for a van anyway so i won’t consider this car.

Not a contender in finals

Pemhall A50 by @Centurion_23 and @goblin95

Another van? Well, this thing actually looks like a nice car. The handling is not great in this van either, and the reliability is lower. The fuel consumption is a bit better but im still really not looking for a vam so i won’t consider this car.

'Not a contender in finals*

ČMZ-GSR Siberia 2.2 by @ST1Letho and @kobacrashi

An offroader? Well this thing is interesting. The fuel consumption is terrible, and the car itself isnt cheap, but it is extremely safe. The reliability is also great and service costs are low. The 4x4 drivetrain might be nice to have in winter. I will definetly try this out.

A contender in finals

Beijing People’s Automotive Group KC755WR by @yangx2

More offroaders? Well the safety is good but not as good as in the Siberia, and the reliability isn’t as good either. the car is also a lot lighter but the fuel consumption is just as bad as in the Siberia. Wait, this thing is FWD? Ok, definetly not going to consider this.

Not a contender in finals

CZA Borovi 1.5 by @balkanski_brat

This car looks good, and is cheap too! Safety and reliability aren’t great, and neither is fuel consumption… The service costs are really cheap, but the other factors make this car undesriable for me.

Not a contender in finals

Buergerfahrzeuge - Kutsche by @Mikonp7

Um, this car is really weird-looking. The fuel consumption, safety and reliability are quite bad too. Not interested.

Not a contender in finals

Dominion Victory Premier by @thecarlover

This thing looks nice. The fuel consumption is also decent, and reliability is acceptable. The car also is really safe, and isn’t that expensive, so i might take a look at it later.

A contender in finals

Jukka is finishing his coffee as the phone starts ringing in the living room. Jukka goes to pick up the phone and it’s Sirkka.
“The car broke down again, it doesnt start up and now i’m stuck in the fuel station, can you come here to help me?”

Jukka says he is there in 15 minutes, hangs up and goes to help Sirkka.



I’m not even mad that I din’t make it into the finals. Tbh I found it hilarious.


Oh well, guess I blew this competition, too. Cheers to the finalists.


Errr… which of the cars above is yours then exactly?


Not in the finals… Again…!!:man_facepalming:


Marvel Mk.3 E70 Sedan


@Mad_Cat I don’t quite know about the case in European and Japanese cars, but I know for a fact in American cars you could easily order a radio totally separately from the trim of the car. Plenty of cars you might say had a “premium” interior like the Ford LTD didn’t come standard with any radio.

@MONARCH I think he was pointing out your car hasn’t been mentioned at all yet; it wasn’t in the first prelim. You aren’t ruled out, yet at least.