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CSR 91 - Five O

2009, Dalluha

Welcome to Dalluha, a country that simply through its abundance of valuable natural resources (mostly oil), has quickly become a place of immense growth and wealth. Even with the global economy having taken a hit just a few years back, the amount of money going into it has kept the country well off. Due to its wealth, a huge variety of vehicles all over the world is imported over to Dalluha. Despite this, as it is with government operations, the vehicles that most represent Dalluha are relatively outdated compared to what the citizens now drive. This of course, are their general police cruisers.

Having been contracted in the late 90s, even if certain newer models have been bought in as replacements once in a while, the cruisers that make up for the bulk of the fleet of the force started production back in 2000, now going out of production and for good reason. It has been relatively reliable, durable, and easy + cheap to repair, thus lending to its long lifespan. However, its based on outdated construction and engine, making it much less safe for the officer than necessary, not to mention its rather mediocre performance. Many regular vehicles are starting to outpace the old cruisers, and if you want to show authority you can’t be outpaced by regular old sedans and SUVs. That’s not even mentioning the multitudes of high-end vehicles that currently reside within the country…but the police force does have more special means to deal with that.

[Limits subject to change until submissions are open]

The Dalluha Government has sent out a request to all manufacturers currently available to sell cars in Dalluha with these requirements on what the new police cruiser should have:

Production ready vehicle by 2011:

  • 2011 trim/ model year
  • 40 ET max engine
  • 40 ET max chassis
  • 95 chassis production units max

Modern performance standards:

  • 13L/100km (~18.1 USMPG / ~21.8 UKMPG / ~7.7Km/L ) or better fuel economy
  • 9 seconds or under 0-60
  • 95 RON unleaded fuel
  • Loudness under 35
  • Catalytic converter mandatory

Modern equipment and build:

  • 55 Safety minimum
  • ABS (or better) mandatory
  • Police equipment (Will use Premium SatNav as stand in) mandatory
  • No limited production parts

Police cruiser standards:

  • Four doors are recommended
  • Seating for at least 5
  • May be submitted as a marked variant (with visible police equipment such as push bars and lights) or unmarked variant.
  • Per unit cost should aim to cost roughly $20000, the government has granted an initial budget of $210000 for an estimated run of 10 cars to test. You can go higher or lower as you like, just keep in mind that affects how many cars they can buy. If you want to have a car over 23.3k for example, the amount they can buy will be 9.

Contract proposals (Ads) will be required to be posted.

Judging criteria

First pass inspection will be based off the spec sheet sent by the manufacturer as well as appearance. Think of this as the contract proposal you are making on what you will provide. This will include things such as price, materials used, standard equipment, drivetrain type, 0-60, top speed, cargo room, engine power, economy, expected maintenance costs, etc. Appearance will play a certain factor in the decision by “budging the score” a bit. Biggest focus on this will be maintenance costs and unit price, as with any department with a budget.

Second pass will be actual vehicle testing. The finalists from the first pass will actually be driven on a police vehicle test course and graded accordingly. This includes drivability, sportiness, acceleration beyond 0-60, test track time, comfort, practicality and offroad ability. Reliability will be factored in here as a mechanical inspection done after the vehicle testing.

General Info

Submissions are open December 14 at 07:00 UTC
Submissions deadline is December 21 at 07:00 UTC

Once done, send me your entries by PM with the following naming scheme:
Car name: “CSR91 - username”
Car trim: name of the car
Engine name: “CSR91 - username”
engine variant: name of the engine

CSR 92 - The Daily Commute Demon [FINAL RESULTS UP!]

This looks neat, haven’t seen something like this recently, I’ll be sure to test around and try to make something.


Last round specifically like this was BobLobLaw’s fleet cop car in a suburban US County. Other examples include Rk38’s Anikatian (communist regime) taxi. They were both in Kee so would be interesting to see how this turns out.


V6 Japanese police car time I think


I had an idea similar to this floating in my head, but for an undercover detective rather than for a whole fleet intended for regular officers.


Could you please add KM/L fuel economy?


I have something in the works, here’s a hint, from my local police:

Only thing I noticed so far that I need to combat before adding fixtures is that it’s about $200ish over the $20k budget/unit, though that may be OK I think if bulk discounts are a thing?


Added a few clarifications to the rules (ET, fuel eco, price, and initial judging criteria). Also added in 5% more overall budget to allow a bit more flexibility.


Why isn’t there a maximum PU limit for the engine? I believe there should be one. And what about top speed? Will that be factored into the scoring as well?


charger time

charger time


I found the ET to be limiting enough to be about where I wanted the engines to be, which is why it doesn’t have a PU limit. Top speed will be factored in, forgot to put it in the post.


So I’ve got most of the engineering done and am working on fixtures.
Are fixture mods allowed? And what’s a good one for police lights?

(Also first forum post, nice)


In the workshop there are only these:
Unfortunately they’re very old style.


Yeah, all fixture mods are allowed. I should have most installed, I will let you know when you submit if I’m missing anything.


Now that there is justification for the absence of engine PU limits, I am currently thinking about going down the XR6 Turbo route (punchy turbo I6 with RWD for a modest outlay). After all, I remember them being used by various Australian police forces, and only now are they finally being replaced by several different models from multiple foreign makes. The challenge for me then is to get that I6 turbo car under budget and under all the PU/ET limits - I’ll do my best to keep it that way. If that proves impossible, I might consider a turbo I4 for propulsion instead.

I’m also expecting this round to have more unmarked cars being submitted due to the absence of modern lightbars in UE4. Those fixtures were present in Kee, though.


I have a sort of solution to that, I’ll post some pics of it on Saturday, but it looks semi-modern

Also it doesn’t include mods of any kind


Just a reminder, MV Design Studio is open for business.
Need a respect enforcing body to your prototype? Call us.


Does Dalluha need an on-road or all-terrain police vehicle? If there is another vehicle for off-road use, than designs would likely be more focused on performance over all-terrain capability.


reads first para
Hell yeah, big boaty cruiser time


I aimed my rules to be for something of an allrounder, so having some offroad capability wouldn’t hurt. That being said, specialization in one way or another would be a good way to stand out… for better or for worse. Just note that Dalluha is a sandy location, that also has nice smooth roads in the city.