CSR 92 - The Daily Commute Demon [FINAL RESULTS UP!]

Jakarta, Indonesia. The year is 2020. Jimmy is just another 23-year-old dude slightly dissatisfied with his life. After finally graduating from architecture school a semester behind his friends, he’s landed a job at a firm through the links he’s amassed from those who preceded him. It pays the bills and all, but it’s not quite what he wanted in life. See, architecture was supposed to only be a jumping point for him to move on to other things, but it seemed like things didn’t go right along the way. Opportunities weren’t found, expectations weren’t met satisfactorily, and now he’s sort of just stuck here.
He has a couple main ways of escaping all the let downs; getting together with his small band of friends, and chucking his 2014 MPV around (one of the bajillions on the road), often with said band of friends inside, to all their joyful dismay. In fact, his aggressive driving has become renowned among those around him. Jimmy loves to drive, and when he does, he does it fast and rough.

Basically this, but in… worse condition, to say the least.

As a result, his poor MPV has passed it’s use by date quite significantly. A couple dampers need replacing, tired of having to hold up with all the abuse it’s had. The crappy power steering has definitely seen better days as Jimmy’s tried (in futility) to modify it for better feel. The clutch has worn out, and the engine feels like it’s lost a dozen horsepower. That’s among the dozens of other things damaged or broken. Jimmy has concluded that it’s now too much of a hassle. Time to throw this sorry hunk out and get a new one.

Usually Jimmy can get a fresh car just by asking his filthy rich parents for one (this current one is already his second), but not this time. His parents have completely let him go since he got his first job, so he’s on is own with this car problem. At least this means he now has complete freedom of choice, enabling him to get something that suits him a little better.

And so, Jimmy wants a car with these aspects:

Drivability and Sportiness: Jimmy wants something he can throw at high speeds, getting air time on speed bumps, yadda yadda yadda. The usual.

Practicality and Capacity: even though Jimmy hates the boringness of an MPV, he’s been quite spoiled by their practical applications, being able to carry a whole lot of stuff and/or all his friends (and annoy them with his driving).

Looks and design: as a guy with a design background, Jimmy does appreciate a good looking car. It should look sporty and unique, distinguished from the sea of crap MPVs around him. Don’t make it an alien though.

Running costs: as in maintenance and fuel economy. Bear in mind Jimmy’s just landed his first job so his salary isn’t large. While the purchase itself can be covered by his sizable savings (his parents are rich after all) he doesn’t wanna pull much more from it for everyday things.

Reliability: gives Jimmy the comfort of knowing his car will do fine as he commits vehicular atrocities.

Comfort: not much of a consideration for Jimmy, just make sure he doesn’t develop back pain. Also bear in mind traffic issues, leaving people sitting in their cars for hours.


  • Trim year 2020. Model year can be older.
  • 91 RON fuel. Jimmy doesn’t wanna pay premium fuel, eww.
  • 50 Safety. A government requirement, let’s just say.
  • 3-liter max engine displacement. Any larger and the taxes eat you alive.
  • 4.60m max car length. Jimmy’s place isn’t large and whatever he’ll buy will need to be able to maneuver.
  • Min. 5 seats. More is good. Jimmy likes the sound of his friends’ heads hitting the headliner as he hops crests. :slight_smile:
  • Variable power steering. No way Jimmy’s gonna settle for those dead feeling ones again.
  • Max 35 loudness. Jimmy’s not interested in sounding like a fart can.
  • Maximum 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 7.5s
  • No race parts
  • No limited production parts
  • Catalytic converter mandatory
  • Engine PU/ET: 35/39.5
  • Trim PU/ET: 90/35
  • Budget of 14.500$ @ 0%

General Info

Submissions are open 29th December 2018, 4.00 UTC
Submissions deadline is 5th January 2019, 4.00 UTC (Happy new year guys!)
General CSR rules: The Car Shopping Round Rules and Stats
Previous Round: CSR 91 - “Five O”
Once done, send me your entries by PM with the following naming scheme:
Car name: “CSR92 - username”
Car trim: Name of the car
Engine name: “CSR92 - username”
engine variant: Name of the engine


Sounds like the perfect CSR for me, making something that shouldn’t be fast, fast.

*stares at my 1000hp 80’s ute hypercar

For lore purposes, what part of the world is this country equal to?

First word

Well I knew that much. I thought it was a made up place like Dalluha. Guess I should’ve googled it

Even a 2-liter turbo straight-four just barely fits within these limits…


My 5.0 V8 would like to disagree

39.5 ET


Are there any modern cars that still use 91 RON?

Most cars in this particular segment in Indonesia can run on 90 RON, so I’m pretty sure that’s a yes.


stares at US of screaming eagles A


As do a huge amount of cars in Australia etc (91)

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Most cars in Canada run on 87 AKI (91 RON)

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ok I understand I’m stupid

i think the wheelbase limit should either be increased or replaced by an actual length limit.

the current wheelbase limit eliminates most MPV/ Minivan choices apart from these:


based on the fact that this kiddo is searching for a (preferably three row) MPV, there really is not much of a choice

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Is he concerned about fuel economy at all?
And is he bothered much if it’s anything else other than an MPV?

Also, that’s mandatory variable PAS right?

I assume variable electric power steering counts as variable power steering and we don’t have to use hydraulic?

Running costs: as in maintenance and FUEL ECONOMY. Bear in mind Jimmy’s just landed his first job so his salary isn’t large.

I would like to know if fuel economy will be weighed highly.

I want to say so much

  1. @Ezdmn but our capacity tax classes are in <1500cc, <2500cc, <3500cc, and >3500cc isn’t it? Why 3L engine limit then?

  2. are we assuming the sedan body tax has been destoyed by 2020? Because the yearly tax for sedan, and wagon is still triple anything else right now, afaik.

  3. @CorsicaUnknown you just don’t know about it. Don’t blame yourself. We run weird fuel standards. The fuels available here are, Ron 88(phasing out tho), ron 90, ron 92, and ron 98. A lot of global cars needed retuning to be sold here. And they do tend to lose power with the shittier fuels available

  4. @GROOV3ST3R @EddyBT i’d like to think so. Even when he likes to drive hard. Typical real life consumption of those kinda cars are 7-10km/l with factory claims of 13-15km/l


Apologies for the late response, I wasn’t feeling well last night.

@koolkei I’ve seen an article saying the taxes are now emission based, and the percentages are related to engine size up to 3L. I’ll send it over to you, maybe I missed something.

@Elizipeazie I’ll switch to a 4.60m length limit. That should allow a couple more bodies. Note that 3 rows are preferred, but 2 rows is not out of the question if all the other stats are worth it.

The aspects are ordered on priority. Actually, I think running costs should be a bit higher up, I’ll switch it around with reliability.

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