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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time


If you don’t mind me asking, which body is this?


He’s using the 3 series coupe body from 2007 iirc


*Audi A4/A5


Is that a mod? I really like the 2 tone effect. I haven’t been able to do that.


Pieces overlaid, then colour change.


Bumpers. Lots and lots of bumpers.


Seems like I’m not the only entrant in this round to have tried this approach… by building a supercar with copious levels of comfort.


Albatross Motors presents the 2018 Albatross Mammoth, the classic SUV that’s still here for some reason. For the low low price of $61,322, you get…

  • A 5.8L DOHC twin turbo V10 producing a whopping 571 hp
  • 9 Speed Automatic Transmission with AWD
  • 4 of the most comfortable seats in the auto industry.
  • Side exhausts, obviously.
  • A panoramic glass sunroof.
  • 24.5 MPG? Really? Oh, that’s the EPA rating? Right, 15 MPG in real world conditions. Got it.

See your local Albatross Motors dealer to learn more.


Enough of the bollocks. Get a taste of real power. Nature-shaping, element-bending, earth-shattering power.

The Erin Super Aventa. The V12 powered, 650hp, 223 mph road-going business jet. Groundbreaking upon its launch back in 2013 and still dominating today.

This is the zenith of unbridled luxury and unhinged performance, decadently packed with a stunning interior, world-leading sound system and more optional extras than you can shake your AMEX Black Card at.

Original Lore Post


So it’s a Merc G53 with a Ford triton V10? Holy recalls batman! Sorry, had to. It actually looks really good, I like the Bronco-esque grille. I may have actually seen this car cruising the hoity-toity neighborhood up the road a bit.

And to the other purists out there, I know the V10 is a 6.8L, but there is just too much Ford going on here not to call out Fords famous V9 engine.


Playing around is cool and all but it’s time to get serious. The new Module UR-15 Targa Top brings the future to our days in the shape of a head-turning, radical targa top coupé. A v8 at the front, powering the rear wheels, and an interior that looks straight out of cyberpunk sci-fi are amongst the many features the UR-15 offers.

Will you stay in the past or will you travel to the future?


The ultimate luxury grand touring machine has returned.

Alkaev presents its revamped Pangea GT for the 2018 model year by introducing a new, higher trim level: the GTS. The 4.2L twin turbo V8 has been replaced by a high revving, twin-turbo 5.5L V10 which produces 824 Nm (609 ft-lb) of torque and 401 kW (538 hp). The hand-built interior has been improved, with an additional one-hundred man hours being spent perfecting it further from the previous generation. Also present to help with your peace of mind and ensuring to maximize your comfort is an all-wheel-drive system and suspension tuning unique to the GTS.

With the Alkaev Pangea GTS, you and your passengers can travel in serene quiet, comfort, and peace. However, should a lovely country road present itself you will not be left wanting. From Serenity (Comfort) to Sport+, the Alkaev Pangea GTS can navigate any road you challenge it with. Any information you need is a presented before you, with a fully realized heads-up-display system in the windshield enabling you to keep your eyes on the road.

The GTS has a fixed price of $89,890. All options can be chosen for no additional cost, each vehicle is customized and coach-built for the customer.

  • Engine: All-aluminum 5509 cc V10 (twin turbo, 609 ft lb, 538 hp)
  • Redline: 7200 RPM
  • Direct-injection / 9.8:1 compression
  • Top speed: 316.5 kph (197 mph)
  • Acceleration: 0-100 kph (0-60 mph) in 3.8s
  • Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch automatic w/ paddle shifters
  • Suspension: Front - Double wishbone, Rear - Multilink
  • Brakes: Front - 6 piston vented (400mm), 4 piston vented (340mm)
  • Seating: 4
  • Weight: 2300 kg (5070 lb)
  • Wheelbase/Length: 3.10m / 5.13m , (10.2ft / 16.8ft)
  • Traction and Stability Systems: Full suite (traction control and ABS), launch control standard
  • Safety: Parking sensors (Front and Rear), Adaptive Cruise with IntelliSafe sensor suite (allows for automatic breaking, lane keep assist, blindspot monitoring, etc. See Owner’s Manual for more).


Looks like it’s the size of Pangea :wink:

Credit tho must be given where credit is due for making a pretty good Bentley clone


True, I built one too.



Extra pics

Weight: Too much
Power/torque: Enough
Engine: V12 Turbocharged
0-100: 3.30 s
Vmax: 355 km/h
Price: Expensive


2018 Ghiroza Dueporte: Nettuno Edizione

600 HP 6L V10



3050 LBS




Do You Have The Guts To Tame The Beast?

2018 GMBK Sesshi. For when you’re feeling a little too safe.

This was a rushed entry so I don’t have high hopes that it does well uwu


Spotlight uh moonlight uh

Modenized by Kazume in 2019, this concept car is a one of one that Logan Paul can fuck up you could own. If you can pay for it.


Let the devil take your soul

but don’t worry, satan will give you a good ride meanwhile. Presenting the devil, a supercar designed to take you to a next level of comfort, luxury and performance, with a V8 turbo heart giving 666 hp, and a 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds

all wheel drive with electronic LSD, sport active suspension, the best driving aids you can get on the market. All of this to make sure you enjoy the best drive a soul can buy

Forget about the Styx river and the boat, modern times require modern rides


The 2018 Rhisuki Radiant