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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time


Well probably had the quickest turn down, so atleast it captured speed in some way. Congrats to all the finalists and MrChips!


Damn bro, my entry got absolutely YOTED by my 2000s GM safety :pensive: either way it was a LIT round with some EP*C (epic) writing!! haha dabs can’t wait for the next host from you


Ha. ha ha ha. ha. Funny.

CSR hosting is the ultimate form of torture


Hahaha that’s pretty cringe bro :grimacing:

CSR84 suffering noises


And for the first time in a long time too! Now Paul Logan can have fun literally crushing all his rivals with his Rebel, which was built to, erm, rebel against the stereotype of trucks not being good enough for him - but this one most certainly was!

I understand why Paul didn’t put a supercar or hypercar on his top 3 shortlist, though; such beasts turned out to be too difficult to drive compared with the pure luxury cars and trucks that dominated this round.

But what will the next round be about? I’m curious about it… Fingers crossed it’s just as hilarious as this one!


Congrats MrChips! I didn’t think my car was as ugly as Mr. Logan did. His loss lol


Lol. Daddy. Hahahahaha!

Wow. Congratulations for @MrChips for getting 1st place and @DeusExMackia for getting 2nd place. I’ll accept 3rd place anyways. This has been a good round for me.


Wow, thank you for choosing my car to win @Cheeseman, though I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I made the best car, or bad that I was able to build something only a complete asshole could love! :joy: And thank you all for your congratulations, I do appreciate it!

Either way, I will be happy to host CSR 97; I have a couple of ideas that I need to test out before I post the thread.


Thank you very much for the 2nd place, I am truly honoured to have been ranked here by Paul Logan’s obnoxious taste for extremity :smirk: looking forward to Chip’s round now!

Very good hosting @Cheeseman :smiley:


Where da CSR!!! :sob:

Me need!