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CSR116 - Big Attitude, Small Appetite


Argent Motors SE250

0 - 100: 3.3s
Fuel Economy: <6l 100k
Top Speed: 311km/h


The deadline for submissions has now past. Thank you all for entering!


Well shit, just finished my entry too late.

Good luck, guys!


Question for @MrChips

Will you extend the window for the rest of the 29th?
There seems to be a clear misunderstanding (counting many users) of what the “Midnight” was supposed to mean. (Based on discussion on discord)


GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is the universal zero for the time keeping of this planet. It is located exactly at the prime meridian, midnight GMT is midnight.


In fact GMT is now just Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), the true metric.


The confusion was not about GMT, it was on what people consider midnight. Because many thought that it was end of the 29th GMT not beginning.


Alright, so here’s the deal.

Something has come up in real life, such that I won’t be able to look at the last group of cars until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest anyway. As such, I am extending the deadline to 23:59 GMT on Sunday (or UTC if you’re a nerd).

You’ve all earned a free pass on this one.


Design complete, name decided.

Introducing the KGB Pintail!


I always considered 00:00 today, so when it becomes tomorrow 1 minute after 23:59 on the 29th its over. I do know some people follow that today starts at 12:01, therefore midnight is on the day of. Makes it hard to count days (ie. does today count in the count down?). Sadly, I actually know some people that think today starts at solar sunrise. They don’t get it when I ask about lunar months.

I just checked the GMT calendar, and due to my failure to correctly add the international date line, I am effectively 24 hours off of UTC (well, ~18 now) in following the convention. In that case I have to side with the forum group here, and say that it is midnight the 29th when it becomes the 30th.

Time coordination should not e this hard…


400 HP
3.2 Seconds to 100 km/h
Sip Fuel on your commute
The Hawker 9K Albedo
By USDMFTW and ST1Letho


The styling on this is drop dead gorgeous. Awesome job @ST1Letho


2020 Kunglig Riddare

More pics


EFI Manbagi.

Designed to bring you to your destination in a fun way.



2020 Montrouge Estoc S340

(2020 Estoc S340 in Bleu Grand Prix, MSRP: $70,000*)

The new Montrouge Estoc, introduced in 2019, brought numerous changes and technological improvements over the last generation, most importantly, replacing the previous aluminium body panels with CFRP parts, thanks to a new production technique lowering overall costs. The interior has been completely redesigned to meet the rising standards in connectivity and safety features. For 2020 the only engine available is the magnesium alloy A04M 2.0L Boxer 4 Turbo, either in pure ICE form, or as a plug-in hybrid.

Tipping the scales at a modest 1201kg, but with features more akin to full-sized supercars, the S340 trim is the perfect choice for those who prefer a sophisticated, yet engaging drive. Advanced active aerodynamics keep the car stable at all speeds, with zero aerodynamic lift, while magnetorheological dampers and semi-active sway bars keep it steady and comfortable despite the road’s imperfections. The 2.0L engine’s 340hp output is handled by a 7 speed dual-clutch sequential transmission and electronic LSD. 0-100 happens in just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 293km/h, yet the Estoc is highly fuel efficient, managing 5.6L/100km in the combined WLTP cycle.

* Excluding purchase tax


Originally launched as a humble MR “Kei sports car” in 2005, the Borsetta evolved into something more ambitious for the 2015 second generation.
It was developed in conjunction with the new Toyhatsu Turner/Caraxes Corsetto, with which it shares several components. The co-development split up eventually, due to “irreconcilable dfferences”.
The mk1 chassis was instead re-engineered, it’s most unusual feature being the pushrod suspension.A wide range of engines and customization options are available, ranging from a 659cc 3-cylinder to the 2.4L Fenris V6.
The JDM base model still conforms to Kei regulations and remains an attractive for well-off city dwellers. There is a dedicated tuner scene for both the mk1 and mk2. In the global market, it has found a successful niche as a budget sports/supercar. Gucci knockoff supercar


The deadline has now passed, for the last time.


Introducing the 2020 Letto Obbiettivo, so super it can spit straight fire:

Yours for just $142,322.97 plus $107.29/year

CSR116_-LordLetto-_Obbiettivo.car (29.8 KB)


Initial Reviews

First off, let’s start with the entries that have been disqualified:

Platinum Mumbai Venture - @Rise_Comics

Disqualified for not following the proper naming convention. Now disqualified from two of the last three CSRs for the stupidest possible reasons, well done!

Calcote S4 - @Tsundere-kun

Did not meet the miniumum safety requirement.

Qualified Entries

MONO PRO2 - @Ryan93, @Elizipeazie and @MGR_99

Even before getting to the tiny meme inline-6 engine, I really, vehemently disliked how this entry looked; like a prop from a bad science fiction movie. Does not qualify for the finals.

Electronic Fuel Injection Manbagi - @Lazar

The engine in this is in a dreadful state of tune, right down to making peak power at the redline (and still climbing hard)…DON’T DO THIS SERIOUSLY!!! Too bad, because it actually looks half-decent. Does not qualify for the finals.

Kunglig Riddare - @Centurion_23

The cheap interior of this car did not match the pricetag, sadly, and its design feels odd; the basic shapes are there to make a good design, but it’s missing all the detail to make something truly exceptional. Does not qualify for the finals.

Hawker 9M Albedo - @USDMFTW and @ST1Letho

A cynical, half-assed copy of a Porsche 911, which achieves below-average stats across the board thanks in no part to its rear-engined, inline-5 layout. Does not qualify for the finals.

Gryphon Gear Kelpie Touring Pack - @strop

Looks the part, is the part; this car, while expensive and being a borderline meme car with its suspension tune - if I was evaluating service cost in this, it would have been in the bin so fast from its camber settings alone - the Kelpie’s performance is absolutely next-level. Qualifies for the finals.

Batz-Borschetta 1498T - @Ludvig


Err, sorry…

VON! VON BINNED CAR, AH-AH-AH! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: This Count von Count-looking motherfucker does not qualify for the finals.

Letto Obbiettivo - @LordLetto

Yikes. Read the brief next time, my dude. Does not qualify for the finals.

KGB Pintail - @Kyuu77

Way off the markin literally everything, to say nothing of its looks. Read the brief next time. Does not qualify for the finals.

Argent Motors SE250 - @CriticalSet9849

Nothing like a nasty suspension tune, an even worse turbo tune, combined with a rear-engined layout to just dampen every key stat in the game. No looker either. Does not qualify for the finals.

Crevan Vantessa SL - @Chickenbiscuit

Just barely over the safety minimum, with an odd suspension tune. Rather pedestrian looks don’t help the cause much either. Does not qualify for the finals.

Montrouge Estoc 340 - @EnryGT5

Turbo boxer-4 is about as good as one can hope at this time, but it does hurt the car’s performance quite a bit. Good thing it looks the part. Qualifies for the finals.

Arkadus SVD Pegasus 300 - @Caine

Never mind the poor engineering and tuning decisions in the brakes and suspension, what on earth were you thinking with the styling here? Does not qualify for the finals.

Spander SP 2020 - @Maxbombe

Really questionable styling; while I appreciate the manual transmission, it kills this car’s performance, among other things. Does not qualify for the finals.

AYO NRone - @kobacrashi

A cast-iron engine? Fine on planet Minmax, but not on planet Earth. Styling doesn’t move the needle either. Does not qualify for the finals.

SSX SC200TT - @george_m997

Cast Iron - good for frying pans, not for performance engines. Does not qualify for the finals.

Kimura Azurai KR/R - @titleguy1

Comfortable and prestigious, sure, but this body is really not very nice, and the styling is kind of incoherent and messy, especially around the rear roofline. Does not qualify for the finals.

Stella Kainen 6S - @On3CherryShake and @ElMenduko

Tiny inline-6 meme engine; presumably this company ran out of money part-way through styling it, as the front looks good and the rear is entirely forgettable. Does not qualify for the finals.

Ultralite Road Sport - @mcp928

This car claims to be a kit car; I can believe it from how it looks. Minmax as hell underneath too at just about every twist and turn. Does not qualify for the finals.

GEC GS2 2.0 - @abg7

Middle of the road stats, middle of the road appearance. Congratulations on being the very picture of mediocrity. Does not qualify for the finals.

Tristella Corvus 420L - @Xepy

Looks good and is very quick, but the interior and comfort levels are way below average, plus the road tax is a bit much to stomach. Does not qualify for the finals.

RetroniX Farbalum - @yurimacs

Sequential gearbox, overkill brakes and dangerous high-speed handling don’t help, while the incoherent styling finishes this one off. Too bad, because there are some very interesting ideas here in the design. Does not qualify for the finals.

Lynx Genet RS275 - @mart1n2005

Simply not powerful enough compared to the rest of the field, and the suspension tune is awful. The dull, incoherent styling doesn’t help either. Does not qualify for the finals.

AMB C220 - @EnCR

This car is a featherweight in a heavyweight boxing match…and its face looks like it too. Does not qualify for the finals.

Xerma Jacinth CR - @BF94387

Confusing retro-modern styling that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going - just like the car in a high-speed bend. Does not qualify for the finals.

Kitanishi SPECTRE Targa - @Ne0

Extremely uncomfortable, and an infotainment system straight out of a stripped-out city car. Not worthy of the price tag. Does not qualify for the finals.

Ausud E11 - @goblin95

High road tax and the performance doesn’t really befit the price tag, but the interior and appearance absolutely do. Qualifies for the finals.

Shromet Levine GTR Sponsored by OPEC - @DoctorNarfy


Independent Micronova Flare - @Admiral_Obvious

Dreadful styling; in spite of the enormous, memey engine (and road tax by extension), this car still has uttely hopeless performance. Does not qualify for the finals.

Jinhe SRE - @yangx2

Comfortable, with a nice interior and easy to drive, but the performance is quite lacking overall. Also, the styling is really awkward in places, especially around that truncated rear roofline. Qualifies for the finals.

Mosport Arrow SuperMile - @thecarlover

Yinzer Hammer CCXLII - @NoahC

A memey engine, yet terrible performance and woeful fuel economy. Styled by packing a shotgun full of fixtures and blasting it at the car body. Does not qualify for the finals.

mensa Solution20 ECO-5 SP-rs - @Niveon

Decent stats overall, but seriously, look at it…this thing is ridiculous. Does not qualify for the finals.

DRD Carbon Futura - @MasterDoggo

This car is a bit on the loud side of things, and the styling is inconsistent and not appropriate for the class and year of car. The performance, especially acceleration, is lacking too. Does not qualify for the finals.

Dragotec Magus - @Dragawn

Fully memey brakes and a very loud engine in comparison with its rivals, which combined with this car’s below-average driveability and the rather ho-hum styling overcome this car’s excellent performance overall. Does not qualify for the finals.

Drivers Luxury Sport Turbo - @A_Harmless_Fly

I mean, just look at it. Does not qualify for the finals.

EcaMobile Broadway Sport - @Mikonp7

This car really doesn’t fit with the rest in terms of performance; it’s more of a GT car than a sports/supercar. Beyond that, the engine is inappropriate for the brief and the styling and body shape is messy and not appealing. Does not qualify for the finals.

Congratulations to @strop, @EnryGT5, @goblin95 and @yangx2 for making the finals!

Wagenmacher H. S. v. Oranje & P. R. Urbino KG

This is what you get when people actually read the brief, specifically the part that says “things not mentioned in the brief will not be judged”.

Also holy fucking nuclear binning :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: love it at least while I can before everybody gets binned in the finals