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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


Well, Good luck in that case :wink:

Hope you’ve got a lively rear end! On your car I mean :rofl:



Is… Is that Mr. Bean with vertigo shot?


With oyster poisoning !


I mean, remember that PDC5 was Police cars, and the winner was a mid transverse something or other.

Besides, she’ll probably go for the KGB V8 hatch.


NP, I have sent you a PM with the inquiry.

RWD Prelude hours


the badge fell off


The Trident Neptune.

1982 Trident Neptune 3200 TT-I
Colour : Starglider Grey Metallic
Interior : dark Grey Leather interior with 8 track player, air conditioning (works) and fully functioning electric windows as well as other items.
17 inch alloy wheels as standard
Pop up lights
Seating for 5
Sunroof model
recently had full yearly service and engine and turbo rebuild.
3 owners from new
No recent mechanical faults.
Very clean car
all non smoker owners.
5 speed manual Gearbox
small amount of age related wear
91 OCTANE fuel only

2300 dollars OBO


Hello everyone,

A quick update: if you are interested in submitting a vehicle that is a 76-80 trim year, and would like to reduce the mileage the calculator is giving you for your car, I will allow this. If you want to do so, please send me your .car file as usual, the mileage you’d like the car at and an explanation on why it was not used regularly for some of it’s life, and I will review it the car and come back to you with a price I decide for it given it’s details and mileage. I’m looking to increase the freedom available for your builds, but if you want to take this option, please understand that it will be done pretty subjectively and on a case by case basis, and please try to get your car to me sooner than later so I can get back to you with the price adjustment and you can make additional adjustments if necessary.

If you have already submitted your car to me but would like to change it to utilize this option, I will allow a resubmission.


I’m working on something. But for now I need to go to sleep. I hope to finish it up tomorrow night after work.

A single owner, all orginal 1976 LHE Listlie GT


Could you make that 76-85 to allow more people to do so. It seems sensible


Sticking with 76-80, to as a way to help out cars that can’t get a regular limited slip differential since they don’t show up in automation until 81.


DVM Cyclone 8T

Almost in the end of the production of the Cyclone, a small utilitarian car based on an outdated RWD platform from the 60s, DVM started the development of a new sports car. Turbo engines were the trend in the moment and so they decided to follow that route too, but there was a little problem, they lacked experience in turbos. So they decided to develop the engine and introduce it firstly on a small production car so they could fix any problem before serious production, this car endend up being the Cyclone 8T.
At first, it proved to be an instant success, despite of it´s improvised nature. All was going perfect untill the engines started to blow up, literally. Almost all of them were retrieved and the company decided to pull back it´s sports car project for good.

The model we have here also suffered this problem, but someone thought it deserved a second chance, and after an engine rebuild and a turbo substitution (for a Garret unit) the car is back and looking for a new owner.
193000 Miles
5 speed
Barely seen model

More pics


1992 SSV Galaxy GT-Apex

a Japanese Pocket Rocket saloon/coupe that went on sale in 1990, this car is the 1992 coupe model and the GT-Apex Version plus semi-competition package options

my car for sale to fellow enthusiast
1992 SSV Galaxy GT-Apex Semi-Competition Package (Forged Internals included in option)
bought at the end of 1992 around November, mileage 131496, in great condition, no known faults, all perishables already replaced, $ 3676 (still negotiable), complete service history and receipt, dealer serviced, sole owner since new.

Specification :
1992 SSV Galaxy GT-Apex
Engine : 1996cc Inline 6
Condition : Pristine Like New
Options :

  • Semi-competition Engine Upgrade plus Turbo
  • Sunroof
  • Semi-competition Aero Kits and Suspension Package
    Color : Arctic Silver
    Transmission : 5 Speed Manual
    0-62MPH : 5.5sec
    Safety : Traction Control, ABS
    Fuel Type : 91 RON compatible
    Mileage : 131496 Miles
    Seating : 5
    Interior : Black with White Stitching Sport Trim with Cassette Head Unit
    Owner : 1
    Modification and Repairs :
  • Lightweight Forged Piston from Competition model of SSV Galaxy
  • Team Dynamics Pro Racer 1.2 17" Rims
  • Michellin Pilot Sport 3 Sport Radial Tires (4 Yrs Old)
  • Automatic Folding Mirrors
  • Sunroof Mechanical Repair and Seal Replacing
  • Windows Regulator Replace
    Price : $3676 (negotiable)

perfect for a first car, daily driving, or even track day racing and drifting when you feel spirited,
this car deserve a good new home since its been a good daily drive partner and friend to me.
interested : call / text on xxxx-xxxx-xxxx or email at : george_m997@automation.csr.com


Enginnering by @Ryan93
Design by @MGR_99


For Sale : 1996’ Kurokama SC-C 2.0 Zenki

Selling my old Kama (Not an import) to all interested car enthusiasists, it is the rare-ish 2.0L (Or as we would say today, iRS) version, painted in the exclusive Danger Yellow colour (Oh how i wish they bring that colour back).
I ask for $4400, but am willing to negotiate the price.
Comes with full service history (Including receipts), never has been crashed, and was kept garaged.
I was the only owner.


Engine : 2000cc Inline Turbo Four-Cylinder INI20RT4, 230Hp/250Nm. The car gets 34Mpg Combined
Condition : Very Good, like new. Also yes, it has Japanese license plates, they are in the papers. DW
Mileage : 126797 miles

Extra :

  • Does 0-60mph in 7.3s (It is not the fastest car around, but fast enough to be fun)
  • Six-speed Gearbox (Exclusive to the 2.0 Models)
  • One of the most powerful two-litre engines of its time. (And still reliable)
  • I had aftermarket radio put into it, clean installation, done by pros.
  • Stock Moonroof
  • Power Windows
  • ABS, Traction Control, Viscous LSD.
  • Custom Japanese-style License plates. (You can get it back on US plates, if you wish)
  • The car is rather cheap to maintain, good for new drivers.


For sale: 1991 Huwonja Sundial GT Turbo
Rare USDM Korean sports coupe, GT Turbo model. Replica Bornett rims, originals were stolen in the dead of night. Asking price: $3400, willing to negotiate.

Engine: 4 cylinder turbocharged EGT4 Sporter engine, all original parts
Mileage: 155400 miles
Condition: All paperwork included, 2 keys, good condition. Exhaust falling at rear, probably a missing clip.
KDM spec bumpers fitted, USDM engine and running gear. Set of new rear all-season tires fitted 2 weeks ago.


Selling: 92’ Alba Spada SLT-R

3970$ Negotiable Price
142256 Miles on the clock

RT23DEF Engine, 5 Seater, Does 0-60 in about 6.8 seconds. 4WD 5-speed Manual.
Oil changed about 2 mo. ago.
95 RON Or more.
Tyrelli P215/50R18 95Z tyres all-round
Original Forged 18 inch wheels
Stock Cassette system
Seats in good state
Will carry your groceries nicely.

Plates are cosmetic, Comes with US plates included (in trunk)
Few scratches on bumpers
Headlights fixed on October 2007
Tyres changed April 2009 (All-Season)
You may or may not find a leaf in the bonnet.

Will lower price by 1$ if you bring an orange. (1$ for 2 tangerines)




yeah cant have shit in detroit