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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


Quite a shame it’s gonna be crushed


Since I’m seeing some comments about it on here, and a lot of people wanted to make imported cars, I want to clarify that I will not be enforcing the USA’s 25 year import restriction here. If it follows the rules and is realistic as a US market vehicle, you’re fine, regardless of what is stated in flavor text in the ad post in this thread.


More Picture on the supra celica thing


Pack it up boys, we have a winner


Aahahah, many thanks on saying that but, when i mean comfort isnt its strong point… it isnt… so it probably wont win the challenge but I think it will have a good chance.


The more people post, the more I find my own car visually lacking. I don’t know if I have the patience to ever turn out a good-looking car at this point.


I mean no one is ever beating MGR lol


Honestly, that’s what CSRs are usually about, post your humble car and enjoy how it’s slaughtered by the design experts


I think it’s less a “humble car” thing, and more a “there’s always someone better” thing.


A wise pervert once said “There will always be someone greater than you. That’s why you always strive to be better.” (not the actual quote, but the message is the same)


Is the fuel economy you write the best you can get or the combined one?

There’s only two possibility: you are a naughty boy OR a wizard!

I can get 28mpg combined but not with 300+hp!

My car's stats for nerds

AlSi 2.7 I5 turbo, 20v, oversquare
Cast internals, hypereutectic pistons
VVT on both cams
MPFI, single throttle, standard intake
High flow cat, double baffled mufflers
91 RON, 270HP at 6k RPM, 6500 max RPM

Partial alu panels, galvanized steel monocoque
Double wishbone suspension front and rear
Longitudinal RWD
6-speed manual transmission
Viscous LSD
Medium Compound tires
18’ alloy rims
256 km/h top speed
5.8 seconds 0-100
1518kg of weight
$27800 when new


For sale: 1990 Kasai A2000 Turbo. A little over 170k miles on clock, serviced regularly, got some surface rust but otherwise it’s still running just like when it’s new. $3999 OBO.



mgr is outright powerful enough to out-pizza the hut


22 hours to go!




Its combined believe it or not xd 8.7L/100km


1985 Bradford Saturite GT 4WD - $2894

The car you see here right now is an example of British ingenuity at work. This Bradford will serve as your daily driver, this car has served me for 182,000 miles. The car has been used as a personal car ever since I bought it in 1985. Lightly used, rarely thrashed about and occasionally went for gravel and dirt driving. Scratches maybe found in the underbody, but that's all to describe.
This car is perfect for any young enthusiast wanting to own a daily classic. This car is equipped with toggle-action 4WD. 2WD for the road, 4WD off the road.
Other notes:
  • This car has done an average of about 20 MPG (US), so it’s not so thirsty for a classic if you are careful.
  • If you add an additional $250, I will throw in a set of slighty-used all-terrain tyres and some snow chains along with the car.

more pictures


Personenfahrzeug Felis V6 EFI

For sale, a 1986 Personenfahrzeug Felis V6 EFI for 2760$!
It’s a true V6 EFI, not a swap, the last gen of Felis in RWD setup!
The car has 197896kms, it works fine, with the whole 190hp! There is also a few mods on it:

  • Short coilovers -30mm
  • Intermediate muffler deleted, and stainless steel sport exhaust
  • Aftermarket 17" alloy wheels (215 tires)
  • Roofrack and Hood Bra
  • Trunk and roof spoiler

The engine is fullstock, never got any tuning!

I make all the maintenance by myself, I’m a mecanic at a Personenfahrzeug garage.

More photos for your souls