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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


1985 Silver-York Accolade Zacspeed Edition by me and ofc @chiefzach2018



Selling cus im getting too old for this shit sorry i cant take a photo for my life on this darn new fangled blueberry smartphone under 175000 miles on the clock yeah full stock only changed the rims put on a bit of chamber total hoot to drive Well maintained this thing is basically bullwtproof as you might know there aren’t many things to break Real handy pocket rocket sips fuel too a total hoot to drive full on analog fun baby ah crap buy it before i think again about this

$3333 lowest i can go i know what i have no lowballers no tire kickers no wheeler dealers

Serious deals only contact me at 555-14045 no prank callers okay thanks

Okay okay here are the competent pics


1991 Avantii Raurus S


1982 Lacam Roizon 185G

Your Lacam local dealer is proud to sale this 1982 Lacam Roizon 185G. This car is a first hand which has been and was maintained by us. This means that all the history of the car is known. This car is full stock.

It is powered by the well-known Tabor II inline-six DOHC EFI : its particularly innovative technology for the time allows this car to still offer good services today.

This car is equipped with an optional origin HiFi system, automatic limited-slip differential and 5-speed manual transmission.

Mileage : 180,000 miles
Price : $ 2,670


Selling Anhultz Dione FlexTape Edition!!! RARE!!!

Meta: this has to suffice tue to me being in sorta a time crunch wiht Generations II… And yes. FLEXTAPE IS BACK!!! (but it will face re-naming soon)

Proof that this is not a stationary shot.


29 minutes remaining.


1989 Letto Cacca $2500 O.B.O

Sadly I have to sell my 1989 Letto Cacca, 2nd owner for the past 9 years, always done regular maintenance & never let me down, almost 162k on the clock, will be checked & necessary maintenance will be done prior to sale, Asking $2500 O.B.O


Submission are now closed

(20 minutes ago)

There are 57 entries, so eliminations will be in multiple tiers. I will get the first wave of eliminations out when I can.


That must be an all-time record in the history of CSR… Especially considering the premise of this round and the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing most of us indoors, leaving us with hardly anything else to do for the next few months.


You would be right actually, the next highest would be CSR 118 with 54 entries. Wow! Must be because of the COVID-19 quarantine :stuck_out_tongue:




here we go bois


Would’ve been at least one more, but I didn’t finish in time.


I’m under the safety requirement by 0.1… I thought it wouldn’t be binnable, but with record entries, he’s gonna have to bin everything he can :joy:


@Watermelon3878 Hate to tell ya, but not meeting requirements is a binnable offense no matter what.

Edit: sorry for the @, I hit the wrong reply button


Yeah it wouldn’t be fair to those who tried following the guidelines set in place to have someone who didn’t follow them survive while we get binned.


There’s been plenty of CSR’s where they won’t sweat 0.1 over or 0.1 under, maybe it’s been a long time since it’s been like that since the community has grown so much and therefore submission numbers have gone up. I’m fully aware I could be binned, what I meant was that I figured he might not worry about it if he didn’t need to bin a lot of people. It’s whatever, I didn’t expect to do well anyways.


57 entries. Binning shall be done on the slightest slight!


im gonna get so binned am i


how to not get binned
step 1: read requirements
step 2: ask for help on the discord
step 3: profit???