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CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise [completed]


You absolute madlad you did it


nice one man, love it a lot


2014 OLSSON 6455 Orkan

Buy the new OLSSON 6455 Orkan* and get access to the Swedish excellency.

Available in 5 colors

*Orkan is the performance trim name of every models of the company, it means hurricane in Swedish


You’re in control, driving and all is calm and luxurious inside your Pompeii but you press the pedal further and suddenly you hear the roar of a 6.1 liter V8 with twin turbos pushing 650hp as the car erupts, going into hyperspeed, you can barely hold your excitement as you put the pedal all the way down to the floor and you speed past the 200km/h mark and it keeps on going, accelerating, soon you’re up to 210, 220, 230, 240 and then you have to brake for the corner, you suddenly become aware that your son is screaming his lungs out and crying and a cop is chasing you, telling you to pull over but you’re still the happiest man alive because you just drove the all new Striscia Pompeii R.


Only 4.5ish hours left to submit!

So y’know, get them in if you haven’t already


Forea Asper GTS


Bardot Scout

So you want you 80K car to look like a 10K crossover but keeping all the luxuries you think you want… Say no more


Introducing the 2014 Letto Scalata, Powered by a 7.5L V12 Twin Turbo mated to a 6 Speed Automatic, it makes 428.9 hp @ 6200 RPM & 650.4 lb-ft @ 2000 RPM & gets 0-100km/h in 6.18 seconds with 10.5L/100km (22.4 US MPG), Get yours today for just $79700

More Pictures


Entries Closed!

Find another way to the bin

(Reviews coming soon)


your hidden images didn’y work


I know that, I don’t know why.
Edit: Just double checked, there’s 2 hide details, each with different code, the 1st one didn’t work but I just tried the other & it worked.


Can’t wait, should be fun to read and get binned instantly. Good luck!


Ooh can’t wait!


I’ve been had.


Lol I have a feeling I’ll be in the auto-bin section.


Can’t wait for the results!!


@xepy, got this ready for my entry…


Im gonna steal that, because there’s no chance I won’t get binned


Last time we entered a Bridgid (joint brand between mat1476 and I), it was insta-binned for “eye watering” maintenance costs (and some divisive looks). If it survives that test, I think it will do ok this round.
.* starts sweating in fuel economy *


I just hope my 5 liter inline 6 isn’t instabin material. It was somewhat inspired by Ford’s 4.9 truck six, a legend in its own right.