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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


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General CSR Rules and Regulations

1991, London, England.

Richard is an important man. He always knows what he’s got to do. His company is successful. His staff are happy, and his wife has finally come back. Now he needs a new car. His old car, a 1974 Sakura Empress, is no longer fitting of his status. Now he needs something that’ll impress his “friends” down at the golf course. He always had a fondness for a garish, fast, but comfortable car, with a big engine, and lots of noise. He’s digging into his personal funds for this now, and he’s ready to start shopping around.

Trim year 1991 or Older
95RON/Premium Fuel. No advantage for lower grade fuels.
At Least four seats total, with at least two front seats
Max Price $43,500 (@ 0% markup)

Important Criteria:
Comfort, Prestige, Safety, Service costs, Driveability
Average Criteria:
Fuel Economy, Reliability, Sportiness, Practicality, Performance, Looks
Not very important:
Everything else.

If you can make it fit, V16s are Allowed.

So, some cars you can look at for “inspiration” to they type of car Richard is wanting are: BMW 850CSi, Jaguar XJS12, Lexus SC400 (Z30), Mercedes 560SEC, Mercedes 500E, BMW M635CSi, Maserati Shamal, Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, Aston Martin Virage

Model: CSR82 - [Username]
Trim: [Free]
Engine: CSR82 - [Username]
Variant: [Free]

Ad required, PM entries to me.

Deadline Friday, September 14, 12:00AM GMT

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Is this a late mid- life crisis car, or is he hitting his golden years?


Late Mid-Life Crisis.


Unlimited PU/ET? Is purchase price a scoring criterion as well?


Purchase price is not scored. Use as much or as little of the budget as you want.

No PU/ET, just price.


Are cats required? I know around the time the transition was still being made in England, from leaded to unleaded fuel. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it would be perfectly within reason for a car in 1991 in the UK to still run on 4 star (98 RON leaded) petrol.


I will require catalytic converters, yes.


This is very interesting. Definitely putting in an entry from my British-based Triton.


In today’s highly competitive grand touring market, customers demand a sumptuous mix of elegance, opulence, comfort and performance. Our latest grand tourer, the DiMarino La Spezia 5.6, delivers all four of those - and then some.

With a high-output V12 under the bonnet delivering 355 horsepower to the rear wheels, the La Spezia 5.6 is capable of reaching 175 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill in just over 6 seconds. Yet with an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission offered as standard, everyday driving is as much of a walk in the park as a cruise down the autostrada. Inside the spacious cabin, you’ll find the finest leather and wood trim, as well as power-adjustable seats and a high-quality sound system, while adaptive air suspension ensures a smooth, comfortable ride in all road conditions without compromising performance. All this and more can be available for $40840, not counting markups.


they stil had it, but all new cars were required to run on 95 after Jan 1st 1986





Introducing the Keika Triumph. It’s mid engine, rear wheel drive, because here at Keika, we do things properly. None of that front engine lots of cabin space crap I’m seeing here…


*c o r r e c
Nice car, although, where are the rear doors?


Luxury Awaits your Arrival

Featuring the same power plant that thrust the Firenza 24 into the limelight, you will cruise along with the finest Scottish Leather & Welsh Pine gracing your surroundings.

Our classical gauge cluster & stitch detail shows the excellent eye of Andrea Parrino at its best, with the glorious V8 pulling you along to a steady 170 miles per hour.

For when the cruising is over and the fun begins, our slick 5 speed gearbox returns, with every gear change executed with silky smooth precision; you will never miss a beat.

Bramhall; the British Automotive Industry at its’ best


Wow. 170 mph? In a luxury car? In the 1990’s? That’s pretty quick! The 1995 Acura NSX could only go up to 169 mph.


Other images: https://imgur.com/a/6s37Q0P


That’s what a Le Mans derived engine will do for you :stuck_out_tongue: Based on the technology developed for the 1985 World Sports Car Championship


First time entering into one of these…and the first time I’ve ever designed a half-decent car that’s at least somewhat realistic.

The 1991 KZNG Comrade 10-4/4 S

*6.2 seconds to 60 mph
*4,050 pounds
*14.4 mpg
*$1,500 maintenance costs
*Runs on 95 RON (90 AKI) fuel