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General CSR Rules and Regulations

5th October 1986
Bangkok, Thailand

Phongbhan Manasak, he is a young student of (redacted) years, has gathered savings from Chinese new year gifts received from his parents is looking for some car to buy for impressing ladies at disco club named “The Palace” but the car must not be damn slow like his mother’s SBA Gracelet 1.4 Silkmatic, as he wants the car that he can express his adrenaline on the street, especially in “Vibhavadi Circuit”.

Let’s ask Phongbhan what he would like for his car.

  • As the nature of “Vibhavadi Circuit” it self, 5 km of long stretch with many jumps from bridge crossing and sharp U turn at “grand stand” area, waving through light traffic, so the handling should be decent as it must absorb the jumps without losing much of control but the priority is performance.
  • I do not mind of any body style, I’ll drive my car to “The Palace” as my self expression to the ladies, but I’ll accept any 2 seaters or 5 seaters with good looks, but I’ll not accept anything in Van, Truck, SUV or Estate body style because it’s not cool. However, I’d prefer 4 or 5 seaters as I can bring more girls.
  • I do want to buy the new car or any used car made in 1980s only, in any drivetrain configuration except of 4x4, that’s for offroading dude, you know?

Please do not forget that one of his main criteria is the design, keep that in mind.


  • Trim year is set minimum of 1980 and maximum at 1986.
  • Drivability, the higher it is, the better it is.
  • Minimum sportiness is 15, one of the high priorities for his consideration.
  • Minimum comfort is 15, don’t forget that he will drive the ladies home.
  • Minimum safety is 30, as he would not want any major accidents ended with his life so easily.
  • Minimum seats are 2 seats for all bodies.
  • Any tire selection as your preferences, vehicles shall have no “semi slick” tire.
  • Engine may use only in 91 RON, or 95 RON unleaded fuel.
  • Any forced induction (as having only in Turbocharged) shall be limited to “Journal Bearing” only.
    But be careful, be very careful of using 95 RON due to high price per unit. (no leaded fuel, due to Enviornment Provision Act and market trends)
  • Engine may have catalytic converter or not as not obligatory.
  • Loudness is doesn’t matter, but not over than 40, or else he will have to face with “The Law”.
  • Fuel economy must be no worse than 6.2 km/l, as he is student, he would not want to spend too much on gas. (converted as, 14.58 US MPG, 17.51 UK MPG, 16.13L/100km)
    Any 95 RON engine is penalised.
  • All vehicles shall have minimum top speed at 180 km/h.
  • Any car with engine capacity higher than 2,500 cc. shall be penalised.
  • Reliability must not lower than 60 in car trim, remember that he is student he has only his savings, and he would not ruin his pocket for that, eating instant noodle for everyday is quite obvious to his parents which is not good for him. (be warned!)
  • All vehicle shall be speed limited at 220 km/h, both electrical limiter or gearing limiter.
  • Maximum budget is not higher than $9000 with 0% mark up price, please keep it reasonable.
    Cost will be considered, any budget saved is a benefit. (For mods)
  • PU/ET restrictions are 90 PU/ 35 ET only applied to car trim only.
    (just keep it reasonable, as he can wait for any parts shipping to Thailand once broken down with necessity of parts replacement.)

Judging criterias

  • Design, as he mentioned above, he will need a car with looks to impress ladies.
  • Power and performance, it doesn’t matter that your product is packed with punches or waving through the corner like knife through butter, he accepts all, but there are sub criteria for considerations;
    Engine power - by judging horsepower, torque and engine response, Braking performance - by judging braking distances, small desicision on brake fading, and brake balance, and Suspension and handling - by judging steering and bump performance. All judging shall reviewed in as he test driven.
  • Reliability and services cost, as mentioned above, he is student, so he would not want to ruin his pocket and eating instant noodle in everyday. by judging from total overall reliability, total service cost penalised by fuel and tax (due to using 95 RON and higher capacity taxes of excess 2,500 cc.), and also some quality sliders eg., tires, brakes, suspension (more quality, more expensive).

FAQS and Tips

  • About the electronic speed limiter, if your car is having for 179.9 km/h, but shows as 180 in test track section, you can put speed limiter to 180, no need for raising your limiter. (as actual indicated speed indicator in the period mostly shows higher than actual velocity, let’s say actual speed is 180km/h but most dialed at 190-200 in reallife, as measure to lower the speed)
  • What about suspension? Shall I use only basic suspension? No worries, I’ve tested with Hydropneumatic suspension, and with good thinking, you can tune it within the restriction as well, within budget as well, so get wild on you creation. (I’ve used BX1.7 and it worked!!!)

Important message

Read carefully, all entries shall be submit via PM, even you have posted your advertisement but not submitting your file to me, there is no such car.

As always, cars must be submitted to me via PM with the following naming format:
Car model: CSR83 - [username].
Car trim: Name of the car I will display
Engine family: CSR83 - [username].
Engine variant: Name of the engine I will display

Any violations resulted as “omae wa mou binneiru” (instabin)

All entries shall be sumitted via PM to me from 17th September until 23rd September at 23:00 (GMT+7)

Details are subjected to any revision with notification prior to entry time. (updated on 16 Sep 2018 by author)

  • revision of clarification to PU/ET applied for car trim only.
  • revision of lowered minimum comfortability to 15.
  • revision to budget bump, as increased to $9000.
  • revision to seats restriction, the limitation to all bodies are 2 seats.

To any person who sent the car file to me, I’d like not to accept your submitted file, as you have sent prior to entry date. So you do have your time for revision of your labor of love. Have fun!

For those who wouldike to entry in this CSR, but still wonder what direction should aimed for…
Here are examples.


Welp, it’s economy boxes packed with punches for speedy speedy boi…


Boi, is it hard to stay within that budget.

But as they say, the bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free :t

I know jack shit about Thailand’s cars, what would be considered a sporty car there?


Is this a legal requirement in Thailand back in '86?

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As examples in period,
Any E30 BMWs mostly 318 or E21 318.
Corolla KE70, mostly equiped with DCOE and came in 2 doors coupe (notchback), 3 doors liftback and 4 doors sedan.
2nd gen TA40 (as we called “Celica Aero”), with exception of outdated TA20.
Mitsubishi Galant Lambda (or Sapporo in some markets), or Mitsubishi Lancer (EX) 2nd Gen 1800.
Austin/Morris Mini Cooper S, Cooper and 1275GT
and more…

No, technically is highly illegal, Thailand’s legal speed is no excess of 120 km/h, but these are for boy racers.

I’ve checked and tested resulted as doable, so please get wild on your creation.

Also, watch out for regulations, any violation will be resulted as…



The limit of 220km/h is not really necessary to be expressed. As it’s virtually impossible to make a car for $8,500 that would go faster than that anyway due to tyre cost.

It’s there to reflect the fact that anything above H rated tyres of the era would be extremely cost prohibitive.


One more thing:

Do these apply only to the trim? If so, does it mean that there will be separate PU/ET limits for the engine variant as well?

Edit: These values are indeed only for the trim.

Only car trim.

Anyway thanks for the examples, I know where I’m at now


Looking forward for see any derrickson thundering on the road as well.

Derricksons are off stats and off budget :stuck_out_tongue:

Derrickson is a third party parts manufacturer and tuner, making conversion kits for already bought cars, low volume conversion of existing cars from the factory, or track focused kit cars.

It’s just gonna be a regular FAAL

*gotta write that Derrickson thread at some point :thinking: *


Take on the challenge of the open road with the 1985 Hanson Harrier. With a punchy yet parsimonious 1.8-liter twin-cam straight-four behind the rear seats, and expertly tuned suspension and brakes, the Harrier is guaranteed to put a smile on your face - even when it’s standing still.

Prices start from $8495 (excluding markups).


uhhh. I could make my '82 Viva VSi work? Or make a new trim level of it, lower down than the hottest spec.


It deosn’t matter, you can make another trim, sending you base level to tuner and market as it is, anything that matched to rules and restriction.

Yea, was just playing it over in my head. Not at my PC right now XD

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I may be doing something wrong, but it’s getting really hard to make a car into the rules without blowing the budget! Specially reaching 180km/h. I’m somehow limited to 160km/h. A real challenge though.

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Yeah, actually I just hit the spot with the car I am currently tweaking just right, but I agree it’s a bit too tight.

Maybe $8600 or $8700 and we will see more variety and less negative sliders(Just my opinion. Your challenge, your rules.).

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I see an opportunity to get you one of the first Farox’s ever…!

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Plenty of people have made cars within $8,500 budget and with great variety though. It’s very much doable.


Its probably just me being a bit inept of making a budget fun car. Although I already made one that just inching to the $8500 limit, I might guess that there are probably better cars for less.

My car is just the bare requirements to pass the restricitions, probably with some advantages on some aspects.
I don’t know, we will just see.


Well, I’ve reached every rule now, but the pesky speed limitation is getting me. 170 now. Any tips for free speed increasing?