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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


The successful Teuvo B10 designed by Findesign.

The same old performance, but with a sleeker design.


I’ll clean this in a sec but mid pack of Doritos and greasy fingers. Please stop for a few minutes while I finish them.

Edit: OK think that’s sorted and pruned, carry on.


Now THERE’S a pretty meme! Ex-quisite.

Truth be told, the Binsou Tensei is one of the most devastating techniques in CSR No Ken. Pretty sure I’ll be killed by it this round, my French-esque design may be too simple for elegant tastes.

Still, that beats my other mental plan of entering a wagon (just because it’s different doesn’t mean it fits, kids)…


The Luxury coupe by Criterion Motor Co.

The Pantheon…

  • 4 seats
  • 185mph top speed
  • Best in class Safety (Traction Control & ABS Standard, Optional AWD)
  • Impeccable Quality & Reliability
  • It isn’t our competition

Need we say more?

-Will upload to Beam after competition


1991 Runspeed Wildcat K330

The 90s had plenty of retro-esque cars (Z3, Miata, PT Cruiser, Chevy HHR, etc) so here goes nothing.

Nothing says success and excess like a classic British convertible, and this one has been retooled by a small Swiss design house to provide modern levels of comfort and convenience. The big quad cam V12 has ITBs and a loud exhaust with snakey headers that will make you the envy of your friends. With 331 hp and 331 lb-ft of torque (available at just 3000 rpm, 260 lb-ft at just 1000 rpm), and a sonorous 7200 rpm redline, applied to all four wheels via an advanced 4 speed automatic, it produces more than enough power for any situation, including getting to the Sunday morning tee times when you’re running late. And the level of craftsmanship is far above anything offered in the “Good Old Days.”

Reward Yourself. Runspeed.

((I should really learn to look things up. Running a fever, brain is not firing on all its cylinders. @JohnWaldock, thanks for the feedback and NP. I was thinking of the Z1 in my head, which looks like an elan to me.
And Chevy’s SSR, not HHR, which wasn’t introduced until '03 so I’m eating crow on that one, too. Ford’s retro Mustang restyle didn’t take place until 1994, so I guess I can’t use that either, heh. And you def got me on the PT Cruiser. Sorry for the misinformation, everyone.
As another justification for the retro car, the late 80’s saw classic car prices go through the roof. I can’t find a good reference on that either atm, so everyone can assume I’m making that up, too, until I can support that claim.))

((2ns edit: Truth be told, I was looking to present something that got an emotional response from the buyer to save it from being instabinned. A lot of good entries here, my stat numbers are not likely in the top five. However, garish? Yep. Big Loud engine? Also yep. Fast? Maybe not so much, but mid 6’s to 100 from almost two tons. Impressive to valet at the club? Here’s hoping. :slightly_smiling_face: ))


not to shit on you or anything, but the Z3 wasn’t really retro styled, the PT Cruiser was introduced in 2000, and the HHR was launched a full 15 years after this comp is meant to take place.

the MX-5 is a half example, but the other 3 are really poor choices in trying to justify the style,


Albatross Motors Presents, the all-new Albatross 500, the luxury grand tourer that won’t break the bank. This car features a smooth 5.0 Liter Twin-Turbo DOHC 60-valve V12, producing 360 horsepower and 403 lb-ft of torque. Power is transferred to all 4 wheels through a computer controlled 4-speed automatic transmission, allowing the 500 to accelerate to 62 MPH in 5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 174 MPH. Even with this incredible performance, the Albatross 500 will still do 38 MPG highway (29 MPG combined), thanks to the ALBERT (Albatross Lean Burn Emissions Reduction Technology) system. Standard equipment includes comfort-oriented active air suspension, driver and passenger airbags, ABS with Traction Control, a full leather interior, electronic climate controls, and a digital stereo system with cassette. Prices start at just $32,289 (AMU). See your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


How…how…just how? How do you manage to make such a cheap and efficient vehicle that’s that powerful and fast? Is it just the turbochargers that make that much of a difference? Or is there something else going on here? I was lucky to break 15 MPG on my revised Comrade, yet you’re doubling that for $10K less.



First off, turbos can cause a huge drop in drivability, so the fuel economy isn’t always a big payoff. Second, they also reduce reliability (more stuff to break, more required cooling, etc.)

If you’re interested in having someone look at your design, though, PM me your file and I’d be glad to take a look at it and make suggestions. (I’ve already long ago submitted my car for this competition, so no worries there)


I’ve taken an intermediate route between all the coupes and the SUVs :


That’s quite bold approach, as seeing the first premium/luxury estate car.

Now the contest is shockful of “Autobahn Stormer” (mine too).


Krish Stunner - V12 DOHC 500.6hp @ 6400 rpm.I hope this one is in specs.

With fuel economy in mind, I had to do some tweaks. So here are the final stats

Top Speed : 280.6 km/h
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 5s
Power : 500.6 hp @ 6400 RPM
Fuel Economy : 16.1L / 100 km
Engine : Turbo Charged V12 5998 CC
Drive Type : AWD
Gearbox : Adv. Automatic
Seats : 4
Interior : Luxury with Luxury Cassette
Safety : Variable hydraulic Power Steering, ABS, Advanced 90s Safety

Priced @ 38500 USD


This car looks… Off.


:slight_smile: your car looks awesome.



First entry for one of these, so hopefully I didn’t do anything wrong :yum:

The new 1990 Mitsuo Cheeter V12 5.6T

The Cheeter is Mitsuo’s first foray into the luxury vehicle market, so it’s no surprise their attitude was go big or go home. With an ultra-smooth 5.6 litre turbocharged V12 producing over 500 BHP the Cheeter will do 0-100km/h in only 5.8 seconds. It’s so quick we had to limit it’s top speed… To 300km/h. With this kind of power and speed the rest of the boys will be hitting bogeys.

Inside, the Cheeter sports genuine Italian leather, hand stitched by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the country. Mituo’s premium upgrade stereo system MiMitsuo luxury cassette deck comes as standard with the Cheeter, as does completely new and advanced safety system including Traction Control and ABS systems for your peace of mind.

All of this is available right now at your nearest Mitsuo dealership for just $39,600 (plus on roads).

三雄. 夢を叶おう
Mitsuo. Let’s make dreams come true.


On the other hand, Nissans late 80s / early 90s retro cars are good enough examples to justify it.


Let me tune this one oooooof


they are, but they weren’t mentioned