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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Let’s have some updates:

Also an unfortunate incident wounded my poor Alfa, she now has a nasty chip in the bumper and a dodgy alloy wheel, thanks to some black ice on a narrow country lane, the one time I drive sensible is the time I crash my pride and joy, my ego took the biggest hit I think.

surprisingly she survived with only cosmetic damage, the suspension and steering work fine with no play anywhere

Today I gave her a proper good clean and tomorrow she will get a good waxing and polish, interior will get a shampoo too.


Oh dear :slightly_frowning_face:
That is upsetting. Glad you both made it out ok though


It’s given me more reason to get those teledials I want, and a new front bumper to mismatch the paint just that little bit more


Ok so I lost my job a few months ago and I had no choice but to take my car off the road, been struggling to find work for a few months now but I may have to sell the car and get something cheaper to insure, I really am devastated but there is light at the end of the tunnel as I have an assessment to be a trainee bus driver in a few weeks, but sadly my fun little Alfa has to go :sob: hardest decision I have ever had to make


That’s rough, I hope that assessment goes well.


Aww no :disappointed:
Still better to have loved and lost, etc, etc.

All the best with the assessment


Yeah, I will never forget her, I have been bitten by the Alfa bug, definately won’t be my last Alfa

Thanks for the luck wishes everyone :grin:


That’s too bad! Hope I can get another Alfa like that soon ish. I wish I could say I’d miss the Jetta

Well hope that bus driver job goes well then.


So, apparently if I do get this bus driver job my insurance will drop dramatically, the problem is I need to sell the 147 to have some cash, so no matter what the 147 has to go :cry:


It’ll be hard to lose the 147, but needs must. I’ve been in a similar situation where I had to let a car I loved driving go for money reasons - although not an Alfa.

I’m really hoping you get taken on, that’s a great side bonus which will help in future. Take time to get back on your feet and it wont be long before you can start building up your Alfa Fund and get another. Who knows maybe a Busso V6 next time :wink:


I got the job, so the Alfa stays :tada:


Again - congratulations. I look forward to seeing the Busso V6 conversion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don’t tempt me :smile: need to get her healthy again before anything


Congrats mate - well done


Update on the Alfa: shopping list

Turns out I need the car sorted ASAP because after training some of my shifts will start at 4am (yay)

She needs a bit of work doing

New battery, new alloy, two new tyres, new front bumper, new air filter, oil change, new oil filter, possibly new brake pads and discs on the front, maybe a few new spark plugs and some new badges for the front and rear

Instead of selling her I will bring her back to life and make her brand new again, after all she is a future classic, in the condition she is in I would be stupid to get something else as all the electronics work (that’s amazing for an Italian car :sweat_smile:)


Looks like you need each other :wink:


That’s one hell of a shopping list man, maybe you should set some priorities and go from there.

Good luck bringing the old girl back!

######Also, good to see you went for the sensible choice, aka not a Lexus :stuck_out_tongue:


@maffc haha I have an Alfa addiction

@Leonardo9613 thank you, yeah one long shopping list, my employer shouldn’t even bother putting my wages in my bank, just transfer them to Alfa part specialists :sweat_smile:


Update -

I was fiddling around with the car and found something deeply unpleasant

*Also dropped a socket in the hole :joy:

Turns out some sloppy oil fills caused that, isn’t too bad really, turns out the second plug in the first cylinder was loose so after plugging it back in the car was running sweeter than it ever has

So MOT in a month, I started my bus driver training yesterday, could have the car on the road by June


I know the feeling, I dropped a cotter pin through an injector bore on a diesel, I don’t recall how I was successful in getting it out. I think it involved needle-nose pliers and extreme persistence.