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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


The Skoda Citygo is a better car than the Twingo in every possible way, but I’ve seen refrigerators that are more interesting.

I love the new Twingo and I would totally consider getting one for myself if boot capacity wasn’t a priority for me. Damn being a musician and constantly hauling amps and drum kits!


That thing looks slower than what you’re on now… are you sure you won’t regret that later?
Have you done a proper test drive that includes flooring it?

The slowness of my 1988 Camry drove me insane after my 1995 Altima was killed. The Camry wasn’t even that slow with 110hp in a car that weighed just 2,300lbs… but it was slower than the 150hp KA in a 2,800lb car.


Last time I actually turned on the radio was probably half a year ago :smiley: I don’t need it ^^ AC is a must have in our climate, I think britain doesn’t have those hot summers though. Might just go without it.

The Sandero really encourages sporty driving though. Easy clutch and shifter, good suspension, steering feels very direct. I’m pushing the 68hp diesel through our hilly countryside at 100kph average :smile:

As for general things to consider, if you can find a diesel in your price range, try it. They feel so much faster than petrol cars of the same hp-rating.


Believe it or not the turbo Twingo does the sprint to 62 in 10 seconds compared to my Leon’s 14 seconds, all cars offered by the finance company are offered for test drives so I’ll test drive a few cars (including the sandero) I do actually like the Sandero more and it would suit the rural setting of where I live but the Twingo just seemed more sensible insurance wise but now maybe the Dacia might be a better option

Having a radio is very important to me because on long motorway journeys I don’t want to hear the engine drone on and air con is nice when we do have summer days because they are extremely humid and it’s nice to get to work without looking like I stopped at a gym on the way :joy:

Im going to do some research into the Dacia, might suit my needs better

Ooh 1.2 Sandero it is, can have insurance without black box for same price as what I’m paying now with black box :open_mouth:


while it may be relatively slow, it’s sure could be fun


Aw I really badly want a new kei sports car but they don’t sell the Honda S660 here :unamused: or the newer Copen


Old topic, but I just want to know if you have definitely settled for the Sandero. What about a Suzuki Swift? A used Volvo C30?


Aww I do love the C30 but it’s out of my price range, I’m still working out my earnings and spendings to see what fits me best but at the moment I fear that if I leave or lose my job I may struggle to keep up with the payments so used and cheap has become my final decision, if I could find a decent car for £1200 that is 05’ or newer and is unique I will have a look, I really want an Alfa and I know I would look after it as if it was my child but I’m not sure how much decent Alfa you can get for near enough a grand here

I would also be interested in a classic-ish German car


[color=red][alpha]DON’T DO IT![/alpha][/color]


I know, low price and Alfa do not mix :grin:
Although the face lifted 147 is tempting me so much, my heart says yes but my brain says no

This is also highly tempting


Ok fuck it I’m buying an Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 from an enthusiast, getting an AA inspection on it and will take it for a service at ‘the Alfa shed’ in Fareham


I had a 147 1.6TS from 2003. Was a great little car, and i had no issues in the 25kkm i drove it.
Well… the previous owner fucked with the gearbox (figured that out by taking the box apart and finding a completely dry set of gears of which some were grinded to death - explains why the gearstick felt sloppy from the day i bought it), and i had to replace it - that was the only issue i had with it.
Seats were nice and good, Radio and Handling were great. In the end i just wished that I would’ve bought either the 2.0TS or 1.9JTD 16V.
Parts can cheaply ordered at “Warsztat Pusz” in Poland - they have a ton of spare parts for italian cars.


I will have a look as parts here can be outrageously expensive, I am already thinking about getting a set of teledials from a 156 for my Alfa when I get it, just need to find a way to get it home.

does anyone know if one day insurance costs an arm and a leg?


If a 1.4 seat costs you 2400 a year to insure what’s a 1.6 Alfa going to hit you for?


SEAT is £2000 but that’s with a black box, double it and I can have an Alfa without a black box installed, no more unrealistic expectations from the insurance company making me drive like a fucking learner


4 grand?! Is that including the car?

Insurance rip offs aside, one day insurance for me on pretty much any “normal” car is about 40 quid, which is the same as adding a temporary car to my current policy for a month. It’ll do to get you home but it ain’t cheap.



Thats… excessive. I pay 800€ full-coverage on my 159 per year - and I just started insuring it on me. Before it was on my dad, which was a lot cheaper.


The monthly payments aren’t as painful (working full time) but yeah £4K is the harsh reality I have to face to own an Alfa :frowning2:

All I need is to get home as I’m not planning on insuring it straight away as I need to sell the Leon first


Damn I wish I didn’t live in England

So I yeah after work tomorrow I will be the owner of a well looked after Alfa enthusiasts Alfa 147 1.6 t.spark Lusso 3dr


How is it then? Did you manage to get sorted with insurance to get it home?